Bienvenue! (Welcome!) -

Bienvenue! (Welcome!) -

Bienvenue! (Welcome!) French 2 1) Please find the desk with your last name on a notecard. If you do not see one, please let me know! 2) All youll need today is: a) a pen or pencil b) your brain Please put your phone in your backpack, and place your backpack

Course Goals: To strengthen spoken, auditory and written knowledge of the French language To explore the cultures of France and other French-speaking countries ***If you are not interested in learning to speak French, please let me know today so that we can correct your

schedule. What will we learn? Review of French I Daily Routine Past Tense Food House

Sports Health Activities Movies Materials: 1) Your book 2) A folder or notebook with prongs and pockets

3) Paper 4) Pens or pencils Further Materials: We will sometimes create in-class projects over a variety of concepts. Also, I like for students to have supplies like Kleenex available in class when needed. For those reasons I would like to ask everyone who can

to bring in one of the following supplies for classroom use: markers scissors glue tape construction paper printer paper Kleenex

disinfectant wipes paper towels or napkins other craft supplies Homework: You will have homework between one and four times a week. Students who successfully use class time can often finish assignments during class and will not have to

complete as many assignments at home; however, if you really want to learn the language, you should review your notes for at least 5-10 minutes nearly every night. Late work due to absence: Absences are very difficult to overcome in a language class. For most people this is the hardest class to miss. You will learn new words and concepts basically

every day. It is crucial that you attend regularly. To have late work accepted for a full grade, you must: 1) Have an excused absence. 2) Put the assignment in the correct make-up work folder on time. I will give you the number of days you missed plus one. For example, if you miss two days, you have three days to turn in your make-up work. Make-up work will be available on the online classroom. You can

take work that you missed out of the folders. If you are unclear on what you missed, please talk to me the day you return. Late work not due to an absence: Students are encouraged to turn in work on time so that they do not fall behind. I will accept a students work late once or twice for a late grade because I

understand that mistakes happen. However, beyond one or two instances of late work, I will contact home and stop accepting late assignments from that student. I will not accept late work more than a week past the original due date. Please do not expect to turn in a stack of late work right before a grading period ends. It will not be accepted.

Plagiarism will result in a zero. In the event of plagiarism, students will be allowed one re-do opportunity with the teacher. A student can earn up to 50% on the re-do. Plagiarism also results in a disciplinary referral. Absences on test days:

If you are absent on a test day, you need to schedule a make-up time within 3 days after the test. Tests are scheduled in advance. If you miss the day before or even 2 days before a test, you will be expected to take the test unless new material was covered while you were out. Review does not count as new material. Tardies:

This class will follow the high schools tardy policy. Beginning of class Most days you will see something (a bellringer, speaking assignment, etc.) on the board when you walk in. You should begin that work right when the bell rings. I should not have to say to do it. Thats

the expectation. Cell phonesa grade killer Lets face it, phones are awesome and addictive. Its great carrying around a device that gives us instant access to anything we want at the moment. Academically, though, phones are a massive distraction and disastrous to grades. Phones are no longer allowed out in my class unless its for

an academic purpose directed by me. Each day, you will take out the supplies you need for my class and then place your phone in your book bag. Your book bag will then be stored in a section of the room. If you do not have a book bag, your phone will be placed in my desk drawer. Noncompliance will result in disciplinary action. Basic Rules:

1. Show respect to other students and to me. Class time is much more productive and useful when people can express an opinion without being teased. 2. Bring necessary materials daily. 3. Have assignments completed on time. 4. Come to class on time. Class will begin right after the bell rings. 5. Ask pertinent questions.

6. Speak in French every day. Youll mess up sometimes. Everyone does. That is part of learning any language. 7. Use practice time to improve your speaking, listening, writing and reading in French. 8. Pack up materials only after the teacher has ended the lesson.

How difficult is it to learn the language? How difficult is it to learn the language? How difficult is it to learn the language? I look forward to a great school year with you all.

French is a fantastic class! Your job as a student is to learn the material required each year. My job is to help make that happen. I expect that we will all work hard and learn together. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope that, by the end of the school year, you will be able to tell how much you have learned. Throughout the year, please make me aware of suggestions or concerns

that you have. Cest moi!

Je mappelle Jennifer Beckett. Jhabite Cynthiana. Jadore les chats! Mon chat sappelle Kallie. Voici ma famille Please number your notecard and answer the following: 1) the name you prefer to be called

2) what you did in French 1 that helped you learn (in class and out of class) 3) what you enjoyed most about French 1 4) your goals for the year (in school and out of school) 5) what you think makes a good teacher 6) what you think makes a good student 7) 2 (or more) things I need to know about you 8) what questions you have for me, if any

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