Bellringer Think of a moment in one of your favorite films, books, video games, songs, etc. that involves weather. Describe the scene then take a stab at WHY the author of the scene chose to use this particular kind of weather. Weather

It was a dark and stormy night.- Edward Butler-Lytton The terribly clich beginning to a pretty dull novel Why would an author choose to start a novel in this fashion? What is he up to? Weather

We dont often ask questions of the weather. Why is it raining? isnt a question that usually gets us a very satisfying answer because the weather is controlled by forces beyond my comprehension at least. So why should we ask why of the weather in literature? Weather

Because now its a choice The author has complete control over the weather in his/her writing Asking why he/she decided to make it rain is a question that will likely yield some answers; sometimes a lot of them Weather

In literature weather is an important part of setting, but its also good to keep in mind that its never (or at least rarely) JUST weather What are some possible significances of the following: rain, snow, sun, warmth, cold, sleet, etc.? Weather Weve talked abour rain and how its

often biblically significant (Baptism, the Flood and subsequent rainbow, etc.), but what other possible meanings could it have? Lets think about Thomas Hardys story The Three Strangers Weather A condemned man (escaped), a hangman, and the escapees brother all converge on a shepherds house during a christening. The hangman doesnt

recognize his quarry (nor do the members of the party), but the brother does, and runs away, leading to a manhunt, all of which happens on a dark stormy night. But why? Weather

Plot Device Forces men to be uncomfortably together Atmosphere Rain is mysterious, murky, hard to deal with (see also fog) Misery Everything usually sucks a little more when youre getting rained on Democratic element Rain falls on everyone one; free and condemned, rich and poor Weather

Elizabeth Bishops poem The Fish What does the poem seem to be trying to communicate and how does weather (particularly rainbows) play in to that meaning? Weather How does Dickens use weather in chapter two of A Tale of Two Cites? Weather

What about snow? Look at this excerpt from Russell Bankss novel Continental Drift: The half foot of old crusty snow has covered the ground since the first week of the month, followed by days and nights of dry cold, so that the snow has merely aged, turning slowly gray in yards and on rooftops and in heaps alongside the streets, pitted and spotted along sidewalks and pathways by dogs and mottled everywhere with candy wrappers, beer cans and crumpled cigarette packs. The parking lots and sidewalks, plowed and salted weeks

ago, are the color of ash, so that the new snow gently falling comes as a cleansing fresh coat of paint, a whitewash that hides the old, stained and tainted world underneath. Weather SNOW Wallace Stevenss The Snow Man James Joyces The Dead Always check the weather!

Weather Of course, seasons can be lumped into this conversation as well What sort of symbolism comes to mind when we think of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter? Think about one of your favorite films and

how seasons might be used to push forth some sort of message Weather Spring Childhood, Youth, Rebirth, Life Summer Adulthood, freedom, fulfillment of passion, romance

Fall Decay/Decline, Middle age, tiredness, harvest Winter Old Age, Death Weather Consider the following four songs: Simon and Garfunkels Hazy Shade of Winter Bryan Adams Summer of 69 Arcade Fires Month of May Joanna Newsoms Autumn

The Swift Passage of the Animals by T.C. Boyle Write three questions you have about the story. In what way does Boyle use weather or seasons to expand the message of the story? What other interesting devices do you

see Boyle using? How? Where?

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