BEFC-STL Operations

BEFC-STL Operations

General Membership Meeting 15JUN06 Picture of the Month New Economy Class Flights BEFC Membership Status Twenty Five (25) Current Members Three (3) Members on LOA

Four new members joined in May Derek Schmitz Jan Jensen & Jan Jr Photos by Kip McKullin Romeo Ali

BEFCs Fledging Aviators Congrats Nate Rone BEFCs Newest Private Pilot Nate Rone successfully completed his flight training and passed his PST on 08JUN06

Nate is our very first pilot to transition from Student to Private Pilot Dave Pogo Pogorzelski was Nates instructor Nate started his flight traning at St. Charles Muni and transitioned to the BEFC Nate is now entitled to a $1000 rebate from Boeings Learning Together Program

Look at that Smile St. Charles Muni (3SQ) New Pattern Runway 27 is Now a Right Hand Pattern Teresa Camps house was destroyed by

a oak tree. Everyone was in the house when it happen and got out safely. Rear View Front View Shadeport

Tom Bad Luck Harmon gets the Schwarzenegger Award Gas Pump Tom had to hand tow 7766G from the gas pump back to distance of over a mile

flying doesnt get you in not once but twice, the shadeport. A !!! You says that shape. BEFC Next Aircraft

Next Aircraft is targeted to be a Cessna 182 Aircraft financing in place We plan to have a two tiered membership Existing membership will remain same for 172 access 182 access will require: Monthly dues = $95

Hourly rate = $25 Share Price = $1000 ($250 / $300 delta if you are already in the club) Targeting 15 members for this aircraft Taking Share Price deposits now. Checks will not be cashed until plane acquisition Cessna 182 (Reference) Club continues to grow and aircraft usage remains

around 55% Meet The BEFC Board of Directors : Narvaez Safety Jose As far as he can remember, Jose has been fascinated by airplanes. No doubt the mechanical inclinations of his family (trains on his mothers side, airplanes on his fathers) influenced him. At about the age of four he discovered afterburners, thanks to the F-104s of the Puerto Rico ANG. Feeling the noise on my chest, the earth shaking, and seeing fire coming out of the exhaust

like a rocket; I was hooked. My parents had to take me to San Juan International Airport (KSJU) almost every weekend to watch the airplanes take off and land for hours. He also has been a big follower of the space program. After high school, Jose attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach for two years, and began his flight training there, before enlisting in the Air Force and completing his Bachelors degree through the military. He served as a crew chief and maintenance instructor for six years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-5) in less than four years. He was stationed at Nellis AFB, working on F-4, F-15, F-5, F-16, and A-10; RAF Alconbury, working on U-2; and Randolph AFB, working on T-37. While at Randolph AFB, he applied for Officer Training School and Undergraduate Pilot Training, but the medical exam discovered a gastrointestinal disorder that grounded him and disqualified him for military service. Jose has continued to work in the aerospace field since separating from the military, primarily as a civilian contractor supporting military contracts. He also has been involved in other aviation activities on his spare time, such as the

Commemorative Air Force, Experimental Aircraft Association, National Association of Rocketry, and the Civil Air Patrol. Jose holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate with Inspection Authorization and has worked on over twenty different types of aircraft, from an Airbike homebuilt to a C-5 Galaxy. He moved from Lockheed Martin to Boeing seven years ago. He started as an aircraft mechanic on the C-17 aerospace support program at San Antonio, Texas. Currently, he is a Quality Specialist (Planning) on the weapons programs at St. Charles, Missouri. Four years ago, he was able to obtain a special-issuance medical from the FAA, and has been slowly working towards his private certificate. He has logged 58 hours single engine land time, several winch-launched and aerotow sailplane flights and 1.3 hours as observer in the back seat of an F-4. Young Jose

7766G Maintenance New Left Mag Rebuilt New Alternator

Repaired Starter Oil Change Left Brake Pad Replaced Spinner, prop & nose cowling repair Still required hanks go out to Frank Doerr, Jose Narvaez & Barb Lo

Prop Strike Prop Removed Packed & Shipped Under review at Prop Shop Back in one week (if repairable)

7766G Annual Scheduled for 14-23JUL06 TBD Jose is looking for volunteers to help with the aircraft Any problems with the plane will be addressed at this time New VOR with Glideslope will be added

Plastic instrument panels will be replaced Balance Sheet Clubs current assets adequately cover allocations

Transactions (1 of 3) Transactions (2 of 3) Transactions (3 of 3) Assessment of Fees w/ C-182 Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

Paul Pillar

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