Athletic Department Update

Athletic Department Update

NMSU Athletics 2013-17 Revised Strategic Plan Moving forward on our Journey to Excellence 1 Introduction Alignment with Institutional Vision On May 10, 2013 the NMSU Board of Regents passed a resolution in support of NMSU Athletics membership in the Sun Belt Conference. Additionally the Board made the following statements in support of NMSU Athletics: Commitment for NMSU to work to create a strong and respected athletic program that competes at the Division I FBS level; Pride in the overall success that our student-athletes achieve in both the classroom and playing field Pledge to work to provide student-athletes with opportunities to achieve their dreams both in the classroom and on the field Confidence and commitment in the institutional investment in athletics The Athletics Department understands the role it plays in furthering the goals of New Mexico State University, and is proud to have the strong support of the President and Board of Regents in support of the vision for NMSU Athletics. 2 Introduction Major Issues to Address Several key issues were identified through the various planning processes that are critical and are

addressed in this plan. Athletic Department Structure: Communication and Internal Operations The current structure of the Athletic Department was established during extremely challenging economic times as a way to leverage University resources most efficiently while maintaining a commitment to excellence in the athletics department. The structure spreads responsibility for key athletics functions across the campus. This structure, although critical at the time, is no longer the most efficient. This plan outlines a new structure that unifies the core athletics functions under one vision, creating clear lines of responsibility and accountability. 3 Introduction Football Success NMSU has had an excellent track record in Olympic and non-revenue sports and has sent over 450 student-athletes to regional and national championships in the last six years. Our students have made us proud with over a hundred individual and team awards for superior athletic performance. Football, however has struggled to gain momentum and NMSU has not been able to realize the benefits of a winning football program, including building community camaraderie and enhancing the overall reputation of the University. A winning football team helps create a winning culture for the Athletic Department and entire institution. Conference Membership As this planning process was evolving NMSU was in the middle of negotiations to join the Sun Belt Conference. By March 2013 the announcement was made that NMSU will join the Sun Belt as a football-only school for the 2014 season. This plan reflects efforts to maximize competitive opportunities in the Sun Belt, with the ultimate goal of bringing all sports to one Conference. 4

Introduction Community Connection Critical to the success of NMSU is a strong connection to the community, both in Las Cruces and throughout New Mexico and the US. NMSU has over 60,000 alumni residing in the state of New Mexico and another 110,000 across the US. A large part of our marketing efforts focus on building a stronger connection to the community. From developing a common rallying cry to meeting our fans face to face through clinics, we are committed to building connections that lead to strong traditions and a sense of pride in our school and our state. Future Opportunities The decentralized management structure of the department, a struggling football team, and low levels of community engagement and support were identified as the departments biggest challenges. Conversely, membership in the Sun Belt, a new football coach with a clear plan, and a strong commitment to collaboration between the University Community and entities to include the alumni office, University Foundation and other stakeholder groups, are among the greatest opportunities. The student-athletes at NMSU remain the Departments greatest asset, and their continued achievements at the highest competitive level possible, on and off-the-field, are the highest priority for the department. 5 Building on the Journey to Excellence The departments existing strategic plan, Journey to Excellence, set forth a road map with 8 strategic goals: 1. NMSU student-athletes will be successful students, athletes, and citizens. 2. NMSU will maintain its commitment to diversity and gender equity. 3. NMSU will engage the New Mexico community in helping achieve our vision. 4. NMSU will build and maintain competitive athletic teams. 5. NMSU will build and maintain facilities comparable to peer institutions. 6. NMSU will elevate its presence in the local, regional, and national media.

7. NMSU will develop the financial resources required to operate a premier athletic program. 8. NMSU will maintain operations and attitudes that support and promote superior customer service. In the last six years the department has made significant progress; increasing revenue by $8 million, building a culture of responsibility among student-athletes, and winning over 20 Conference championships. We are proud of the work weve accomplished and are poised to raise the bar and focus on higher levels of excellence as we move into the future. 6 Building on the Journey to Excellence 16 WAC Team Championships 33 WAC Individual Championships 15 Team NCAA Tournament Appearances 24 NCAA Individual Tournament Appearances Student-athletes have a 73% graduation rate Student-athletes performed over 5000 community service hours annually for the past fie years supporting the individual student-athlete 15 hour a year obligation. 7

Building on the Journey to Excellence Aggie Up! The NMSU Athletic Journey to Excellence is an internal plan aimed at creating the best mid-major in the country. In an effort to capture the spirit and intent of that goal, the Department established the phrase Aggie Up! This phrase and logo will be included in marketing and engagement efforts. The Aggie nickname is a strong and powerful nickname with NMSU stakeholders. We are proud of our roots and our region. It is a region filled with hard-working people that do not give in when times are tough. Aggies are people from all walks of life that have achieved success despite significant obstacles. Aggies make that extra effort or take that extra step to get things right. The word "Up" indicates an ascension to something better. It is a very simple term to reflect the Journey to Excellence, which is clearly a commitment to ascension amongst the mid-major universities throughout the country. By combining Aggie and Up, we have linked an external rallying cry and marketing tag line with our internal strategy of Journey to Excellence. Aggie Up! 8 Building on the Journey to Excellence NMSU Athletics Mission, Vision & Values NMSU Athletics staff worked with Larry Lujan and Associates from Brush Ranch as part of the strategic planning process to refine our mission statement. In response to the fundamental question, Why do we exist? two themes emerged as the most important: 1) student-athletes, and 2) community. Our vehicle is athletic competition. Our purpose is clear. NMSU Athletics mission: We inspire student-athletes to build strong communities. Similarly, our vision statement is simple and communicates our commitment to continue to strive for excellence. NMSU Athletics vision: We aspire to be the best mid major in the country.

9 Future Focus The Athletics Department, with input from key stakeholders has defined the following as our focus areas for the next three to five years: Athletics Competition Academics and Citizenship Marketing & Community Engagement Revenue Growth Internal Operations 10 Focus Area: Athletic Competition The NMSU Athletics Department has achieved great success with sports across the board with the exception of its football program. Although football is only one program, it represents over 100 student-athletes and is the most high profile team, on a local and national scale, and it is what allows NMSU to compete at the Division 1 BCS level. NMSUs ability to achieve its vision for all students will be enhanced greatly through a winning football program. 11 Focus Area: Athletic Competition Goal: Our teams consistently win conference championships and compete at the national level. Key Driver Activities

A winning football program o o o o Improve facilities to support recruitment and competition: Install artificial turf Refurbish weight room Locker room Build strength and endurance: Continue investments in strength & conditioning Build on core health: Implement nutrition program Ensure summer school opportunities for student-athletes Increase recruiting efforts in NM Key Result

A larger pool of talented student-athletes Stronger and healthier student-athletes Student-athletes continue to improve academically and athletically over the summer. More scholarship and walk-on student-athletes from New Mexico NMSU football team will be bowl-eligible. 12 Focus Area: Athletic Competition Key Driver Activities Broad-based excellence in all sports Key Result Maintain scholarships at the NCAA allowable level Increase summer school aid across all

sports Upgrade facilities to maintain commitment to Title IX Renovate baseball stadium Continue building a strong brand among prospective student-athletes Visible Commitment to Title IX financial aid Consistent individual student-athlete recognition Positioned consistently Conference, Regional, and National championships Key Metrics: Football Bowl Eligibility Won/loss record Increased number of studentathletes from New Mexico Number of Conference Championships Student-athlete recognition at Conference & National level

13 Focus Area: Academics and Citizenship Consistent with the Principles of Student-Athlete Well Being outlined in the NCAAs Principles of Conduct for Intercollegiate Athletics, NMSU will continue to protect and enhance the physical and educational well being of student-athletes. Student-athletes are an active part of the student body and are visible representatives of NMSU in our local community and a national level. 14 Focus Area: Academics and Citizenship Goal: Our student-athletes are high academic achievers and positive contributors to our community. Key Driver Activities Academic excellence Staff and student-athletes are meaningfully engaged with the community. Student-athletes are responsible and

accountable representatives of NMSU. Recruit student-athletes that have high academic expectations and understand academic demands. Provide high quality academic programs and services to enhance educational and career development for student-athletes. Increase support for 5th year aid. Require all student-athletes to fulfill community service commitment Build relationships with local organizations and businesses to provide professional development opportunities for student-athletes. Continue education with staff and coaches on application of University

student code of conduct Diligently enforce rules within our student-athlete handbook Continue work with campus partners to align student-athlete standards with the University student code of conduct Key Result Student-athletes will meet and exceed average graduation rate for NMSU. Teams will meet and exceed NCAA APR standards: All teams will attain a mutli-year APR of 930 per sport. Student-athletes have meaningful experiences. Community organizations benefit from studentathlete service. Student-athletes will be recognized as positive representatives of NMSU. Incidents of social misconduct are minimal. 15 Focus Area: Academics and Citizenship Key Metrics Community service hours APR average of 930 per sport

Increase in partnerships with community organizations and businesses Increase in number of students engaged in internships Decrease in instances of social misconduct 16 Focus Area: Marketing & Community Engagement In all of our marketing and engagement efforts, NMSU Athletics will strive to embody the brand promise of Aggie Up. Aggie Up means to take on the challenge of the day, whether that is the classroom, weight room, or the field of competition. Aggie Up means to do your best, to reach higher than you had before. To Aggie Up means to do the right thing, to be the type of person that people can rely on when times are tough. Aggie Up. 17 Focus Area: Marketing & Community

Engagement Goal: Our community, local, statewide and beyond, is committed to excellence for NMSU and NMSU Athletics. Activities Key Result . Key Driver Student-athletes, staff, and coaches are a visible part of the community. Community members are advocates and champions for NMSU Athletics. Implement Aggie Caravan to reach Aggie fans in Greater NM Develop an Aggie watering hole strategy for community interaction. Promote each instance of community outreach using social media Increase participation in local civic and social service organizations and

other charities Recognize and celebrate critical volunteers. Implement an integrated stewardship process with direct engagement opportunities for donors. Stronger relationships with local community members Stronger fan base in greater New Mexico Effective and strategic use of volunteers Stronger commitment and investment in NMSU Athletics 18 Focus Area: Marketing & Community Engagement Key Driver Activities Broad community support for NMSU Athletics and its mission

A strong Aggie brand Develop community and donor engagement strategy with the alumni association Enhance fan experience from user friendly online ticket sales to special events Secure alcohol license from state Alcohol Commission Grow distribution opportunities through Aggie Vision Partner with the NMSU College of

Business to conduct various marketing research projects, including the effect of live TV on attendance Explore expansion of Aggie Vision to a 24-hour TV network featuring NMSU programs, education, and athletics. Maximize all digital platforms (mobile, social media, email, etc.) to communicate NMSU Athletics successes Develop a segmented communications strategy to inform and engage various constituent groups. Grow distribution of Aggie Vision Incorporate campus driven messaging strategy in Aggie Vision Key Result Greater attendance at home and away games Per-game attendance goals: Football 15,000 Mens Basketball 7,000 Volleyball 1,300 Womens Basketball 1,000

Fans feel a sense of pride and affinity toward NMSU Athletics 19 Focus Area: Marketing & Community Engagement Key Metrics: Increased ticket sales and Aggie Vision subscriptions for targeted Aggie Caravan locations Increase in positive feedback through biannual fan survey Increase in community appearances promoted via social media Number of volunteers engaged in development efforts

20 Focus Area: Internal Operations The NMSU Athletic Department operates in partnership with multiple University departments to achieve a common goal. This team approach requires that everyone understand their roles, and lines of communication are clear and consistent. As stewards of University support we strive to make the best use of campus resources. Our immediate priority is to align all of our institutional partners around the NMSU Athletics Strategic plan, with common standards and expectations for service and communication. 21 Focus Area: Internal Operations Goal: Our internal operations are efficient and embody a spirit of cooperation, integrity, and service. Key Driver Activities A coordinated management structure aligned around a common vision

Staff, coaches, and operating partners embody values and attitudes that support personal and team excellence. Create a unified team approach with a shared vision and clear accountability among the following critical athletic functions: Office of Special Events, Compliance, Sports Information Implement internal communications strategy Develop orientation for new employees that aligns everyone around strategic goals, values, and attitudes. Create new position with Deputy Athletic Director, Internal Operations Launch internal and external marketing campaign around Aggie Up! Establish internal standards for communication and operations focused on superior customer service.

Key Result Clearly defined roles and lines of accountability for all athletics-related functions Increased communication among staff Better use of department resources. Enhanced fan experience Increased sense of pride in personal work output and participation in the NMSU Athletics department. 22 Focus Area: Internal Operations Key Metrics: Increased communication among staff Increased number of joint initiatives among staff members Increased positive peer feedback in employee reviews Decreased negative customer feedback Increased use of Aggie Up! 23

Focus Area: Revenue Generation NMSU Athletics revenue growth will focus on increasing support from corporate sponsors and individual donors. We will also seek to reduce expenses through improved business processes and increased efficiency. NMSU is also participating in two new Conference-generated income strategies that will result in both increased revenue and exposure. 24 Focus Area: Revenue Generation Goal: NMSU Athletics will secure the necessary resources to operate a competitive Division 1 BCS level Athletics program. . Key Driver New internal structure to manage development efforts Activities Increase ticket sales revenue Total Sport Goal: $1.8M Football - $844,000

Mens Basketball - $852,000 Womens Basketball - $26,000 Volleyball - $50,000 Soccer - $8,000 Baseball - $10,000 Softball - $10,000 Develop clear financial goals and metrics Define development related staff positions, roles and responsibilities Establish new role for coaches that reduces the burden of fundraising

Expand staff to include expertise in oil and gas industry Phase in new structure over 18 months Develop a donor stewardship process Establish a clear vision and standards for service with the Office of Special Events Revise management structure with ticket sales operations and special events. Implement new ticket sales software package. Coordinate ticket sale campaigns/ promotions with Alumni Association, NMSU Foundation, and community partners Address current limitations on spending for fan appreciation and promotional items Key Result Department assets are maximized toward common development goals. Coaches spend more time coaching and less time fundraising Donors are recognized and thanked consistently.

A user-friendly and efficient ticket sales system that integrates with donor management software. Improved customer service and increased customer satisfaction. Enhanced game day experience and fan connection. 25 Focus Area: Revenue Generation Key Driver Activities Increase corporate sales and sponsorships revenue

Establish common standard of service for sponsors including expectations of Office of Special Events Ensure that corporate sales and sponsorship structure best serves the constituents and financial goals of NM State athletics Develop naming rights opportunities for athletics facilities (Pan American Center and Aggie Memorial Stadium). Create partnership with beer and wine companies and expand beer/wine sales to the general public Create a partnership with a billboard company to create renewable revenue from existing real estate along I-10 Track all SE partners in common donor database Key Result Meet and exceed expectations in contractual agreements with corporate sponsors Coordinated sponsorship/ development approach. Identify/ explore new sources of revenue through earned income 26

Focus Area: Revenue Generation Key Driver Activities Sustain Broad-Based Institutional Support Maximize Conference Revenue Share Key Result Develop internal communications strategy to share institutional benefits of athletics Engage student body to define institutional commitment to athletics Participate in and host cultivation events with key decision makers

Sustained Central Administrative Support Schedule one less guarantee game Bolster marketing efforts through digital channels. Play active role in Conference and NCAA Leadership Committees Help improve Sun Belt ranking among non BCS Conference schools to gain additional revenue share Grow student-fee support for broad-based excellence and commitment to gender equity Grow support from NM Legislature Launch WAC Digital platform to participate in shared revenue model Ensure NMSU is actively engaged in defining the Conference Agenda 27 Focus Area: Revenue Generation Key Metrics

Increase in ticket sales revenue by 15% growth over the next three years with FY14 actual used as the baseline. Increase in student-fee support to support inflationary cost and critical expansion of operational needs. Increase in individual donations ($1.5M in FY17) Increase in corporate sponsorships to $1.0 million in FY17 Conference revenue share to gross to $1.0 million in FY17 28 29

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