ASRH Site Visit Opening Presentation Template

ASRH Site Visit Opening Presentation Template

Acute Stroke Ready Hospital (ASRH) Designation Site Visit Opening Presentation Template Use this template to build your presentation for the opening conference of your ASRH designation site visit. Use as many or as few of the slides as you like. The more you use, the better the reviewer will understand your program. Contact the stroke system designation coordinator with questions about your

presentation. Stroke Program Leadership Stroke Coordinator Stroke Medical Director Abstractor (who submits stroke data to the MN Stroke Portal/MN Stroke Registry)

Stroke Program Leadership Networking Outline Participation In: MDH stroke program opportunities (I.E. webinars, workshops, other) MDH stroke program partnerships (I.E. public awareness, transitions of care, other) Any other hospital, community or statewide stroke networking, learning, or partnerships

About [HOSPITAL] (1) Approximate population of catchment area Cities and towns within the catchment area About [HOSPITAL] (2) Insert map of catchment area

About [HOSPITAL] (3) EMS agencies within the catchment area Differentiate: ALS? BLS? Pre-hospital transport? Inter-facility transfer? Comment on relationship with each EMS agency:

Do they provide pre-notification of stroke? Do you provide feedback on process/stroke care? About [HOSPITAL] (4) # of physician and/or provider staff (hospital based vs locum composition) and specialty composition # and composition (RN, LPN) of nursing staff

About [HOSPITAL] (5) List hospital team members (in addition to stroke program leadership) that support the stroke program and how (e.g., Administration, key department leaders (Radiology, Lab, Pharmacy), EMS, Quality) About [HOSPITAL] (6)

List other specialties available at your hospital (i.e. Critical Care, Surgery, Radiology) About [HOSPITAL] (7) Please describe your typical stroke patient(s) Age Gender

Common risk factors (lifestyle and medical) Other About [HOSPITAL] (8) Stroke Volumes by year By type (ischemic, types of hemorrhagic, TIA)

Number of strokes admitted By type (ischemic, types of hemorrhagic, TIA) Discharge disposition Number transferred Where transferred to By type (ischemic, types of hemorrhagic, TIA)

Stroke Registry Data Door to Action reports (utilize the Reports feature in the MN Stroke Portal) Door to CT / Door to Image initiated Door to Image read Door to Needle

how many patients received alteplase in last three calendar years Telestroke relationship Who do you have a contract with Number of Acute Stroke Team activations (stroke code activations) Number of Telestroke activations

Case Review How do you perform/implement case review (what is the process)? What forum do you use to review as a team? What elements do you review? *just broad talking points about case review here we ask you to discuss in more detail in the data presentation see data presentation slide deck

Performance Improvement PI Initiatives and plan List current or past PI initiatives that have been successfully resolved, or your plan to address this in the future. *just broad talking points about performance improvement here we ask you to discuss in more detail in the data presentation see data presentation slide deck

Follow up on ASRH Designation Immediate Recommended Actions Immediate Recommended Actions Actions taken to address Recommendations Actions taken to address

Safety issues If you have identified any safety issues, how have you addressed it and worked to remedy the process so it wont happen again. Example: order sets do not match protocol for Acute Stroke in the ED. 17

Additional info Anything else you would like the review team to know

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