Art History Slides 32- - Manatee School for the Arts

Art History Slides 32- - Manatee School for the Arts

Art History Slides 32-40 Post Impressionism Post-Impressionism refers to an artistic style that followed Impressionism at the end of the 1800s. Most Post-Impressionist artists began as

Impressionists, but then decided to try new ideas. Seurat was Post-Impressionist because he did not paint like artists before him, but invented the Pointillist style. Other artists like Vincent van Gogh wanted to add emotion and symbolic meaning to their art

through color and line. Van Goghs work often contained bold color and expressive brushstrokes! Georges Seurat Georges Seurat was a French painter who founded a painting style called

pointillism. He began painting in the style of Impressionism but soon became more interested in scientific color theory. He is famous for using little dabs or points of pure bright color to paint. When viewed from a distance,

the eye mixes the colors together. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Georges Seurat 1884-86

Slide 32 Bathers at Asnieres Georges Seurat

The Circus Georges Seurat Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Goghs application of paint was indisputably direct, for he often squeezed

paint straight from the tube onto the canvas! His restlessness registered in his art, animating skies and trees into a swirling embroidery of line and color. There is an emotional quality in Van Goghs art that seems to always evoke response.

The Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh 1889 Slide 33

Paul Gauguin If a place has a spirit, Tahitis soul has been forever cast into the art of Gaughin. He has arrested the bright tropical colors in his exotic beaches, filled with splashy sarong patterns

and powerful carvings. Tahitian Women on the Beach Paul Gauguin 1891

Slide 34 Henri Toulouse-Lautrec Lautrecs fascination with Parisian night life is documented in his paintings, drawings, and prints. Characters and performers-can-can

dancer June Avril and the famous La Goluecontinue to make their appearances in Lautrecs art to this very day. His sense of design, advertising graphics, and fine craftsmanship converged to form ToulouseLautrecs witty and unforgettable posters. At the Moulin Rouge

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec 1891 Slide 35 Expressionism

After Gauguin and van Gogh showed the way, art abandoned its traditional goal of depicting nature and exploded into the twentieth century with violent colors, abstract forms, and emotional subjects in an attempt to express the contemporary mind.

Henri Rousseau The Sleeping Gypsy Henri Rousseau

1897 Slide 36 Dance I Henri Matisse

1909 Slide 37 Wassily Kandinsky Kandinsky took his cue from music and sought to distribute geometrical elements across the

canvas the way tones and motifs are distributed through a musical score. To Kandinsky, circles and triangles were evocations of the spiritual, inner life of man. In painting, he strives to impose pictorial reason on emotional experience.

Composition 8 Wassily Kandinsky 1923 Slide 38

The Scream 1893 Edvard Munch

Slide 39 Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt, whose incredibly ornamental works, addressed romantic themes of love and life. During his golden period, the artist makes much

use of gold in his choice of colors, even to the extent of applying real gold leaf to his canvases. Gold is in fact a non-color and its shimmering vibrations suggest associations with the mystical, the religious, and the magical, as well as reflecting the preciousness of the subject.

The Kiss 1907 Gustav Klimt

Slide 40

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