AQSSD FY 2004 Operating Plan - WESTAR

AQSSD FY 2004 Operating Plan - WESTAR

AQSSD FY 2004 WESTAR Meeting April 8, 2004 AIR QUALITY STRATEGIES AND STANDARDS DIVISION Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Immediate Office Nyasha Anderson+ Barbara Bess (Admin Officer) Tricia Crabtree (Reg Pkgs) Laura McKelvey (Tribal Pgms) Nancy Riley (Contracts Liaison) David Solomon (Senior Adv) Gail Whitfield (Prgm Analyst) Health & Ecosystem Effects Group (C539-01) Karen Martin, Group Leader 5274 Dani Dixon, Secretary 5655 Doris Couch (SP) 5611 Nellie Thompson (SP) 5611 fax 0237 John Langstaff Scott Mathias David McKee Harvey Richmond Mary Ross Vicki Sandiford Susan Stone SP SEEP

+ Intern IPA to NC ^ IPA from NTEC # on rotation to another Division * rotation to AQSSD Revised 2/5/04 1449 5310 5288 5271 5170 2629 1146 Lydia N. Wegman, Director 5505 Margaret Morrison, Exec. Asst. 5507 Robin Dunkins, Act. Assoc. Dir. 2625 1008 5688 5497 5353 5375 1451 5335 Linda Lassiter, Act. Exec. Secy. Ruth Choate (SP) Mail Code (C504-01)

Innovative Strategies & Econ Group (C339-01) Ron Evans, Group Leader 5488 Kim Paylor, Secretary 5543 Mary Lynch (SP) 5253 fax 0839 Allen Basala Lillian Bradley Janet Cakir Linda Chappell Lisa Conner Eric Crump Sara Hannon + Bryan Hubbell Aaiysha Khursheed Nancy Mayer Dan Mussati Arturo Rios Zach Pekar John Peng + Juan Carlos Rodriguez + Larry Sorrels Elizabeth Swartz # Alison Waske + Darryl Weatherhead 5622 5694 4853 2864 5060 4719 0514 0621

4815 5390 0032 4883 3704 5699 5328 5041 5309 2270 5551 5218 fax 0804 Innovative Policy & Strategies Group (C504-02) Joe Paisie, Group Leader 5556 Nancy Perry, Secretary 5628 Bernice Peterson (SP) 5585 Betty Mosely (SP) 3753 fax 5489 Ozone Policy & Strategies Group (C539-02) Tom Helms, Group Leader 5527 Linda Lassiter, Secretary 5526 Ann Haskin (SP) 4219 Marie Williams (SP) 3871 fax 0824

Bill Beal Gary Blais # Lee Byrd * Shao-Hang Chu Rich Damberg Bill Grantham^ Todd Hawes Kathy Kaufman Tom Rosendahl Tim Smith Charlene Spells Amy Vasu Larry Wallace JoAnn Allman Tom Coda David Cole Valerie Broadwell Natalie Garrison + Denise Gerth Barry Gilbert Doug Grano Bill Johnson Jan King Julie McClintock Annie Nikbakht Bill Neuffer Carla Oldham Sharon Reinders David Sanders John Silvasi Bob Stallings David Stonefield 5667 3223 5367

5382 5592 5591 0102 5314 4718 5255 0107 0906 1815 0520 5565 3310 1892 5550 5238 3292 5245 5665 5339 5246 5435 3347 5284 3356 5666 7649 5350 Existing Priorities

NAAQS reviews for PM and ozone 8-hour ozone and PM-2.5 designations 8-hour ozone implementation rule PM-2.5 implementation rule Interstate Air Quality Rule BART proposal Innovative approaches to emission reductions Basic economic analysis support for rules Uncertainty framework: pilot & influence analysis Support RPO efforts NAAQS Reviews November 12-13, 2003 CASAC review of draft PM Staff Paper Expecting delay to April 2004 for PM Criteria Document Delay in 1st Draft Ozone Criteria Document; work toward completion of 1st Draft Ozone Staff Paper for release first of next fiscal year PM Implementation Program Propose PM-2.5 implementation

rule PM-2.5 designations Governors recommendations February 2004 Final designations December 2004 Ozone Implementation Program Final 8-hour implementation rule Final 8-hour designations Final designations April 15, 2004 Final Phase II NOx SIP Call ANPR Reactivity policy Propose General Conformity revisions (covers ozone and PM) Support for completion of 1-hour ozone SIPs in most polluted areas like New York, Houston, Atlanta, LA, etc. Work with and track actions in EAC areas; Rapid Response Team

Interstate Transport Rule Accelerated schedule December 15, 2003 signature Supplemental proposal April 2004 Regional Haze BART proposal (4/2004) WRAP SIP submittals RPO technical meetings to review progress RPO funding decisions; guidance Meeting coordination and annual grant allocation and progress reviews Economic Analysis

Support for all major OAQPS rulemakings (PM, ozone Implementation, interstate transport, BART, PM NAAQS, MACT & residual risk, NSR) Economic analysis support for other rules and reports (812 report to Congress, OTAQ final Non-Road, R10 Tribal, Clear Skies) Improving characterization of uncertainty in benefits estimates Development, peer review, and distribution of economic analysis tools (BenMAP, AirControlNET, FAST, EMPAX, PHOENIX) Innovative Approaches Policy Guidance on quantifying and crediting emission reductions SIP Credit for Non-traditional Emissions Control Programs; combines draft Innovative Measures and existing Voluntary Measures Policy Truck idling

Switchyard locomotive idling SIP credit for energy efficiency & renewables Working with others on fostering innovation Texas SIP credit for energy efficiency Maryland and Pennsylvania SIP credit for renewables SEQL participation Early Action Compacts Local reduction incentive pilot program Rapid Response Team Lead for Innovations Workshop 2004 OAQPS Tribal Activities Complete NSR rule for Indian country NAAQS implementation activities Coordination with ITEP, TAMS, NTAA Training and guidance to support tribes developing their air programs Collaboration with Other Offices EMAD

ESD New Source Review Air Quality Index EMAD, ESD, ITPID, OAR Agriculture issues Economic support ITPID PM implementation Ozone implementation Interstate transport rule BART rule RPOs Air quality data for designations and NAAQS reviews Tribal issues Benefits OAP, CAMD

Utilities emissions, rules Interstate Transport rule BART rule AQSSD Resources by Program Area FTE Toxics, 3.5 Other Pollutants, 0.2 NAAQS Review s, 8.8 Regional Haze, 5.1 PM im plem entation /transport, 9.1 Integrated analysis, 12.3 Ozone im plem entation, 10.1 Typical AQSSD Travel DC briefings Administrator, OAR, OMB, Congressional staff Transport rule Designations 8 hour rule PM rule BART

Uncertainty, cost & benefits Public hearings, coordination on rules Interstate Transport rule PM implementation rule 8-hour implementation rule BART proposal Designation workshops, consistency meetings, ozone & PM National leadership for NAAQS and RH implementation APM, ADD, STAPPA, ECOS meetings Regional Planning Organizations Trade associations Regional Offices Support tribal air programs AQI outreach to medical community Training OPM, USDA, other courses Workshops, professional conferences IPA support (Grantham)

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