Applying to Post Secondary Programs

Applying to Post Secondary Programs

Applying to Post Secondary Programs University and College Applying to University Checklist Before you apply you need: a PIN (Personal Identification Number) a school number a student number a list of your researched options Step 1: Your OUAC Access Code The Guidance office will provide your access codes in late fall (November). Listen for

announcement of when to pick them up. Follow us on twitter @TFSSGuidance These access codes are CONFIDENTIAL. Do not share your code with others. Your codes include: PIN School Number Student Number Step 2: Research Your University Options Visit eINFO (, to see what each university has to offer. Check out university websites and booklets Ask questions at the school destination fair Talk to counsellors, teachers, and community members Write down your program choices and codes, and keep them handy for your application

You can use the Fast Track option when you know the OUAC program code. Step 3: Mark your calendars September-November 2014: eINFO begin your research choose your program September 19-21, 2014: Ontario Universities Fair September 25, 2014: Turner Fenton S.S. Destination Fair January 14, 2015 - Final date to apply online through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) February 3, 2015 Recommended last date to submit all information to

OUAC to be considered for admission (program changes, additional choices) May 28, 2015 you can expect an admission response from an Ontario university by this date. June 1, 2015 The earliest date you may be required to respond to an offer of admission Early June to August 2015 Use the Admission Information Service (AIS) to find possible openings at Ontario universities Step 4: Apply You will apply using the Ontario University Application Centre Go to

You will need: Your codes (PIN, School, student) A method of payment Program of interest Paying for you Application $130 for 3 program options $44 for each additional school/program Mark Upload Dates

The school board uploads your marks directly to OUAC. Uploads happen: A. End of semester 1(Beginning of February) B. Semester 2 midterm (April) C. End of semester 2 (Beginning of July) D. August (Beginning of August)

What you need to go to university Ontario Universities look at your top 6 grade 12 university/mixed courses (4U or 4M). It is a big BIG grades. Some schools ask for supplemental applications. These are school and program specific. In these cases you may need to write an essay, provide evidence of extra-curricular activities, or show community involvement BIG myth that Universities look at your grade 9-11 If you require a teacher/counsellor/VP endorsement, you must provide a minimum of 2 weeks (1 month is better) advance notice please provide all relevant information to the school staff person, along with a resume,

and any other pertinent information Applying to College Step 1: Research Visit and search programs across Ontario colleges. You can search by region, program, or specific school Take NOTE: Admission requirements (some schools/programs require college level courses and some require university level courses or even a mix) be sure that you have the requirements for the programs for which you are applying Watch this application video for more details:

Step 2: Applying You will apply to college through You will need: An email address Your Ontario Education Number (OEN) $95 (credit card) for 5 school/programs - with a maximum of 3 applications to one college

Mark your calendars The equal consideration date is February 1, 2015. This means that you can apply after, but your application will be placed at the bottom of the pile. If you apply before this date, you will be considered equally with applicants that were submitted by the Feb. 1 date. Applying out of Province Each application is a separate process You will need to do the research to find out how to apply

Quebec universities will download from our system (transcripts, etc) BC you need to set up a personal profile Scholarships and Bursaries You will need to get researching. This is your responsibility. While the school shares some information about scholarships, there are thousands that we are unaware of. THIS CAN BE A FULL TIME JOB!!! GET ON IT!! Scholarships can be granted for a variety of reasons: Grades

Culture Extra-curriculars Etc. Visit or

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