Ancient Middle East - Mr Jones'Class

Ancient Middle East - Mr Jones'Class

Ancient Middle East Test Review 1. Belief in many gods a) Polytheism c) Polygamy b) Monotheism d) Monogamy

2) This Semetic language speaking group invaded and settled the area that became Babylon. a) Philistines b) Amorites c) Midianites d) Malachites

3) What term is used to describe the shift of early man from a hunter/gatherer lifestyle to systematic agriculture? a) Systematic agriculture b) Neolithic revolution

c) paleolithic revolution d) the stone age 4) The writing system of the Sumerians, the first ever, was called what? a) Heiroglyphics b) Cuneiform

c) Heiratic d) Papyrus 5) Many animals were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians, especially these, associated with the goddess Bast a) Wolves b) Adders

c) Birds d) Cats 6) This most famous of Babylonian rulers created the first written code of laws that included ideas such as "an eye for an eye," and "let the buyer beware."

a) Sargon b) Khufu c) Cyrus the Great d) Hammurabi 7) The change toward systematic agriculture falls under which of the five themes of geography?

a) Movement b) Location c) Human/Environment interaction d) Region 8) The first example of written literature, it is the story of a

babylonian King who faces many challenges. a) The Illiad b) The Odyssey c) The Epic of Gilgamesh d) The Aenied 9) What does Mesopotamia mean?

a) Land between the rivers b) Fertile crescent c) Land of God d) Land of Plenty 10) A society in which men have the power is called...

a) Matriarchal b) Patriarchal c) Justified d) Midianite 11) Semetic language speakers who settled in the northern Tigris valley around 3000 BCE

a) Assyrians b) Babylonians c) Israelites d) Sumerians 12) which is not one of the ways in which humans interact with their environment?

a) Destroy b) Adapt c) Modify d) Depend 13) Open horse-drawn carriages used in Warfare by many ancient civilizations but associated primarily with

the Assyrians. a) Wagon b) coach c) fiacre d) chariot 14) Assyrians were known for their ____________ in battle

a) Mercy b) Prowess c) Brutality d) Armor 15) The fundamental base for the Egyptian economy was... a) Industry

b) Agriculture c) trade d) slavery 16) The only Empire of Mesopotamia that submitted to a queen a) Babylon b) Assyria

c) Persia d) Sumer 17) This empire developed a sophisticated and effective military that included a Corps of Engineers a) Persians b) Babylonians

c) Assyrians d) Sumerians 18) What is the Jewish name for God a) Megiddo b) Ma'at c) Allah

d) Yahweh 19) What is the name for the Egyptian concept truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. a) Megiddo b) Cronos c) ma'at

d) Yathrib 20) Which civilization was the first to develop city-states a) Babylon b) Sumer c) Assyria d) Greece

21) Which Homonid emerged after Neanderthals (Homo Neanderthalensis)? a) Cro-Magnon man b) Homo Sapiens Sapiens c) Homo

Heidelbergensis d) Homo Erectus 22) which was NOT a reason for the stability of ancient Egypt? a) Militaristic society b) Strong leadership c) Freedom from

invasion d) intellectual and cultural activities 23) The longest river in the world, this river was a central aspect of life in ancient Egypt. a) Tigris b) Euphrates

c) Nile d) Niger 24) which is not a division of Egyptian political history? a) Ancient Kingdom b) Old Kingdom

c) Middle Kingdom d) New Kingdom 25) This is the name of high, mountain like temples built by the ancient Sumerians a) Pyramids b) Mosques

c) Synagogues d) Ziggurats 26) The archaic period is marked by what event? a) The building of the Great Pyramid b) The unification of Egypt under the first

Pharaoh c) The Hyksos invasion d) The Exodus of the Israelites 27) This "great" ruler was known for his mercy. a) Darius

b) Cyrus c) Solomon d) Sargon 28) Which civilization was not located in Mesopotamia? a) Babylon b) Sumer

c) Assyria d) Greece 29) A type of region that is based entirely on what people think is a... a) Formal region b) functional region

c) official region d) perceptual region 30) Israel eventually divided, the north remained Israel, while the south became known as what? a) Yeshua b) Judah

c) Nineveh d) Babylon 31) A society in which women have the power is called... a) Patriarchal b) Matriarchal c) Justified

d) Midianite 32) The Persians were eventually conquered by whom? a) Sargon of Akkad b) Julius Caesar c) Augustus Caesar d) Alexander the Great

33) What leader eventually conquered the Sumerians? a) Sargon of Akkad b) Alexander the Great c) Hammurabi d) Cyrus the Great

34) Belief in one God a) Polytheism b) Monotheism c) Polygamy d) Monogamy 35) The Capital city of the Assyrian Empire. a) Nineveh

b) Babylon c) Ur d) Jerusalem 36) Egyptian god, associated with the Nile a) Amon b) Ra

c) Isis d) Osiris 37) These Egyptians God-Kings were at the top of the socio-political pyramid. a) Emperor b) Pharaoh c) Consul

d) Czar 38) The language of the Persians, it was also the language spoken by Christ and early Christians. a) Aramaic b) Hebrew c) Greek

d) Latin 39) This process of preserving the dead was common among the wealthy of ancient Egypt a) Embalming b) Cremation c) Mummification

d) sarcophogus 40) this reed was used to make paper by the Egyptians a) Papyrus b) Bamboo c) Cattail d) cotton

41) Branch of Mathematics concerning the calculation of volume and area, advanced heavily by the Egyptians. a) Geometry b) Calculus c) Algebra

d) Trigonometry 42) King of Israel who expanded the government, trade, and army of the Israelites. a) Saul b) David c) Solomon

d) Cyrus 43) The first written law of the Israelites was known as what? a) The Hammurabic code b) The Ten Commandments

c) The Rosetta Stone d) The Burning Bush 44) This empire was known to allow subjugated peoples to retain their own identity. a) The Assyrians b) The Persians

c) The Israelites d) The Babylonians 45) The Persian Road system that stretched all over the empire was known as... a) The silk road b) the Persian road

c) the royal road d) the empirial road 46) This word means to train plants and animals to be useful to humans. a) Human/Environment interaction b) Systematic agriculture

c) Neolithic revolution d) Domestication 47) Persian Kings eventually lost favor with their people by doing what? a) Invading more territory b) Raising taxes

c) Making military service mandatory d) allowing outside rule 48) Hieroglyphics means... a) religious writings b) Sacred Writings

c) Beautiful Writings d) important writings 49) Which is NOT one of the five themes of Geography? a) Human/environment interaction b) culture

c) movement d) place 50) Combined god of the Egyptians that represented the sun a) Amon-Ra b) Osiris c) Isis

d) Sekmet Good luck

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