Compare and contrast the two paintings below. The left is an eastern landscape and the right is a western rendition. Please answer in complete sentences

Explain how the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism influence the architecture and sculpture of India. How does meditation impact Chinese art?

What has influenced the art of Japan? Choose one Japanese art style and identify its major characteristics. ANCIENT GREECE The Three Periods

Archaic Period (650-490b.c.e.)-natural beauty of the human form Classical Period (480-323b.c.e.)-sought realism then moved toward the universal ideal of beauty

The Hellenistic Age (323-145b.c.e.)-art achieved a new ideal and emotional directness. Archaic Period (650 to 490 b.c.e.)

Focus on the natural beauty of the human form. Characteristicsarms held stiffly at the sides, fists

clenched, the left foot in front of the right, and a slight smile The Egyptian influence Classical Sculpture (480323bce)

Spear-bearer (Roman copy) 440 b.c.e. Kritios Boy 490

b.c.e. ______ figures, usually an athlete or a god, yet approachably human

Discus Thrower by Myron, 450 b.c.e. Complex and expressive motion, while maintaining harmony and balance.

Riace Warrior, 450 b.c.e. Torso S-Curve created by placing the figures weight on the right foot. Contrapposto Pose The Parthenon (447-432 b.c.e.)

Dedicated to Athena Proportions are based on the Golden Rectangle The Golden Rectangle Three Goddesses, from the Parthenons east pediment, c. 438-432 b.c.e.

The Hellenistic Age (323145b.c.e.) These sculptures

explored new techniques to show __________ in light Bold display of movement The artists broadened the range of subject matter

Greek Vase Painting These vases offer the best examples of how the Greeks

drew and painted. Few wall paintings survived. The Doric Order Used in the Parthenon

The Ionic Order The Corinthian Order

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