Anchor Packaging Celebrates First 50 Years

Anchor Packaging Celebrates First 50 Years

New Embraceable Platter and Dome Embraceable Platter and Dome Holds Food and Paper Food Container in Place No Flat Lid on 8oz Paper Food Container

Dome does double duty! Unique Design Locator ring in platter holds paper food container in place Popular 8 ounce serving size used by many chains for chili, oatmeal, grits, mac & cheese and much more Ring in lid helps keep solid or dense foods in paper container Reduces costs with elimination of lid on paper container Promotes combo meals to increase food sales

Versatility Oval 11 x 8 platter offers a table-ready presentation in an easy-to-eat low profile Shallow platter provides side visibility to food contents when in grab n go display Multiple food uses with or without paper container Polypropylene base and lid can be used for hot or cold food or a combination of both hot and cold Works well under heat lamps, warming units, and microwave Perfect for hot food to 230F

Use in any day-part: breakfast, lunch, or dinner Performance Features Closure design of platter and dome is leak resistant to prevent messy spills and easyopening tabs maintain the food presentation Clear anti-fog, vented lids keep food looking fresh and appealing and eliminates order errors Platter and dome lid are made with recyclable polypropylene Durable, cut-resistant bases are made with renewable mineral additives to reduce use of petroleum

based polypropylene resin up to 40% to keep costs to a minimum Dishwasher safe providing consumer convenient reusability Natures Best Embraceable Platter and Dome

Oval PP Platter and PP Dome Lid Part of 1100 Series Same shape and size as one2four products Straight packs: 250 per case; no combo pack Paper food container is not sold by Anchor; white containers and various stock prints readily available in the market Many chains use branded paper food containers and custom prints Dome lid does not allow use of plastic or paper lid on paper food container Paper

Food Container Embraceable platter holds 8 oz. SQUAT Paper Food Container o Industry terms squat and food container define the correct product o Standard size is 3 diameter x 2 3/8 depth Dont confuse with other 8 oz. Paper Food Containers o Taller paper containers originally designed for ice cream with a higher set bottom to prevent sag from heavy load o Higher bottom requires deeper part for similar capacity o Solo (Dart) Flexstyle is tall version and will not fit Embraceable platter & dome Dont confuse with 8 oz. Paper Cup (angled sides)

o Paper cup is for beverages not chili, oatmeal, soup, etc. o Paper cups are offered in single poly lined paper (inside) or PLA (inside) for hot and double poly (2-sides) for cold applications o Paper FOOD CONTAINERS are also available in single poly, PLA, and double poly Paper Food Containers Polyethylene lined paper is not intended for use in microwave; PLA coated containers can be used in some food applications in the microwave All food applications should be tested by the operator

for use with the Embraceable platter and dome Anchor cannot warrant the use of any specific paper food container or a specific food in our plastic packages Not recommended for some soups as the ring in the dome does not provide a leak resistant seal on the paper container and some liquid may drip into the platter Store test to determine effectiveness with various foods Popular 8 oz. Paper Food Container Part # Huhtamaki 6/8 oz. 1,000 pack o White 71273

o Streetside print 70308 o Bioware print (PLA) 76841 International Paper (IP) 1,000 pack (50/sleeve) o White (Carte Blanc) DFR-8 o Champagne print DFRC-8 o Ecotainer print (PLA) DFRE-8 Pactiv 500 pack (25 per sleeve) o White (Dopaco) DP15686 o Earth Choice print (PLA) PHSC-8EC Solo (Dart) 1,000 pack (50/sleeve)

o White VS508-2050 (single poly), VS608-2050 (double poly) o Symphony print VS508-J8000 (single poly), VS608-J8000 (double poly) o Bare print (PLA) V508-JF522 Sales Tools Samples and Literature will ship wk. of 3/17/14 to Anchor Sales Team and Brokers Press Release: Monday, March 17, 2014 to all trade publications in key market segments Advertisements: o QSR February 2014

Website Update: o Products added to on-line catalog o Sell sheet PDF and Ads added Embraceable Platter and Dome

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