Agenda - USAASC

Agenda - USAASC

DAU Fulfillment Army Process 1. The purpose of the Fulfillment Program is to enable AT&L and non-AT&L workforce members under the AT&L Workforce recruiting consideration, to receive credit for completion of mandatory DAU training courses for which they are able to demonstrate they have performed the required competencies. AT&L workforce member may fulfill for any course that has competencies. Dept of the Army may approve a fulfillment request of a workforce member thereby certifying that the workforce member possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities that would otherwise have been gained by attending the DAU course. Army Implementing Instructions: Army Supplement to the DoD Desk Guide (Appendix K) at Fulfillment requests must be processed through employees supervisor and submitted through the Help Request link located in CAMP. Package must include the following: 1) Completed and signed DD Form 2518 form available at 2) Self-Assessment Competency form filled out for the specific course(s) for which you are requesting fulfillment. The competency self-assessment forms are available on the DAU Blackboard . Steps to access self-assessment forms: a) Click on the desire DAU course/s link located under the Public Use Course List. b) On the left side of the screen, select the blue rectangle "Fulfillment Guide." c) In the middle of the page, again select the underlined phrase, "Fulfillment Guide." d) Select open to open the "employee self-assessment guide". Save this document to your computer. When completing this assessment, every competency must be addressed. Competencies can be addressed on the self-assessment form or completed on a word document. Do not provide textbook answers or See Resume in the Work Description/Justification section. 3) Current resume. 4) Any other documentation to establish that careerist meets the course competencies (college transcripts, training certificates, etc.). 5) Briefing or power point presentations are not valid documentation for self-assessments. Apr 2013 For help click on the For HELP ASK An ACM link located in CAMP: Example of Two very well written Competencies PMT 250 Competency Yes 1 Produce appropriately tailored program and contract WBSs based upon information provided on a Defense Acquisition Program.

X As a contractor task manager providing program management support to the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) Program Office, I oversee the preparation of monthly financial reports that include the detailed costs for my teams monthly efforts allocated to the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the tasks on my contract. The WBS identifies our organizational structure responsible for accomplishing the tasks in the Statement of Work for our effort. I highlight the burn-rate against expected hours and provide written explanation of any variances as required. While I have never produced a program or contract WBS, I have experience using them and the knowledge and skills necessary to produce them. I am familiar with the WBS guidance provided in the Defense Acquisition Guidebook and MILHDBK-881 guidance as well. 2 Conduct risk assessments as part of the risk management process. X In my work with the DMLSS Program Office, I am responsible for the DMLSS Management Internal Control (MIC) Program, including risk assessment for sixty Acquisition Category I and Acquisition III activities. These risk assessments includes: an identification of the risk (s), an evaluation of whether the risk is high, medium, or low; the objective for which the risk mitigation strategy is to achieve; and the control technique used to determine the risk. In addition, I developed risk statements, mitigation plans, and likelihood/impact assessment for senior level briefings for nine different DMLSS projects (including one ACAT I program and three ACAT III projects). I am familiar with DoD risk management guidance contained in the DoD 5000 series of document and with the Risk Management Guide for DoD Acquisition (Version 2.0). Apr 2013 No Work Description/ Justification

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