Academic Coordinator's Luncheon

Academic Coordinator's Luncheon

Academic Coordinators Luncheon March 21, 2005 Gerry Brown, Dawn Tarzia and Rita Gray Medicine Ruth Brown and Joanne Pask OB/GYN Dr. Maureen Connelly

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs Harvard Medical School Jennifer Covino, Psychiatry Beverly Mahfuz, Neurology and Kay Obrock, Neurology Lisa Dean, Pediatrics and Diane Sheehan, Orthopaedics Beverly Mahfuz

and Kay Obrock, Neurology Katrina Mintz, Phys Med and Rehab and Christie Whitcomb, Gastrointestinal Unit Doreen McNally, Radiology and Cindy Murphy, Urology Lynn Moulton, Endocrine

and Rita Gray, Medicine Kay Obrock, Neurology and Natalya Webb, Molecular Biology Diane Sheehan, Orthopaedics, Cheryl Reif, Surgery and Rebecca Starr, Office for Womens Careers

Christie Whitcomb, Gastrointestinal Unit and Joan Carriere, Pathology This years raffle winners! Rita Gray Winner of gift certificate Kay Obrock Winner of Coffee Central gift certificates

Names of the Coordinators that did not attend but are very appreciated: Dottie Binford Marilyn Cassidy Anne Collins Florence Cordovano Jennifer Ferguson Ellen Fitzgerald Anita Fusco Helen Garcia Mary Gervino

Karen Graham Barbara Grzybek Diane Kovacev Caitlin Mahoney Kate McDermott Mary Piggott Diane Plemenos Jeanne Ryan Barbara Shepard Nancy Stark Maryanne Walls Harriet Cookie Weinstein

Medicine - Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Pathology Anesthesia Oral & Max Surgery Molecular Biology Medicine - Renal Unit Orthopaedics Anesthesia Pathology Medicine - Cancer Center

Dermatology Medicine - Emergency Medicine - Lab of Computer Science Neurosurgery Medicine - Allergy/Immunology Psychiatry Pediatrics Pathology Surgery Medicine - Cardiology

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