Abraham's Journey To The Promised Land

Abraham's Journey To The Promised Land

Abrahams Journey To The Promised Land Abraham and his wife Sarah, lived in a place called Ur. Abraham was a faithful man of God. One day God told Abraham to take all his family and belongings and leave Ur and settle in a new land called and start a new nation of people.

God made a promise with Abraham. He said to Abraham, "Trust me, leave everything that is familiar behind, and go to a land which I will show you. Do this and I will give you this land and make you a great nation. And you shall become a blessing to all the families of the earth." So Abraham and Sarah travelled many months, till they came to the land

of Canaan which God had promised them. When Abraham first saw the new land, he built an altar to glorify God. They settled and beacame the Jewish nation of Israel.

Time Line 2000 BC Abrahams Journey 0 Jesus Birth

2005 AD Now Discussion

How would you feel if you were told to move house? How do you think they travelled? What would they need and see around them?

Have you ever been camping? What was it like? Task Draw a picture of Abraham and his family camping in the desert. Can you label it with the sorts of things they would take with them (animals, food, water, bedding, wood, tents) and what things theyd see around

them (stars, sand, desert, rocks, hills, oases, palm trees).

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