A Happy, Healthier You… Harvesting Your Potential MAHAP Fall ...

A Happy, Healthier You… Harvesting Your Potential MAHAP Fall ...

A Happy, Healthier You Harvesting Your Potential MAHAP Fall Conference & Business Meeting November 14-15, 2019 A Happy, Healthier YouHarvesting Your Potential Conference Sponsored and hosted by: Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital, 140 Academy Street, Presque Isle Registrations Due by Wednesday, October 30th Conference Registration Thursday, November 14th Meet & Greet Reception/Dinner Name: Title: Organization: Address: Phone: Email: MAHAP Non-Members $75 Conference $130 Conference $110 Dinner and Conference $165 Dinner & Conference $35 Thursday Dinner Only $45 Thursday Dinner Only $50 MAHAP Membership Dues Become a member today and pay your dues to take advantage of the discounted MAHAP membership rate above. $10 Contribution to Education Fund (Optional) Total Enclosed: Caf Sopressso, 415 Main St., Presque Isle 5:00 PM Meet & Greet (cash bar)./Dinner 6 P.M. 5:30 PM Realizing Your Worth - In order for us to Harvest Our Potential, we must realize our full worth and feel confident articulating the value we bring to the table. Join us as Sandy Geroux shares inspiring stories and concepts to help us prepare to get the most out

of our time together at our conference on November 15th. 6 PM Dinner Dress attire: Casual Dress Thursday evening and Business Casual for Friday Please select your Thursday Evening Meal Choice **Please note any food allergies** ____ Scallops/Lobster _____ Chicken/Pasta ____ Filet Mignon _____ Vegetable Curry Hotel Accommodations Rooms must be booked by October 30th in order to receive the discount rate Reference MAHAP Sure Stay by Best Western Hampton Inn $94.95 Single/$104.95 Double $111 Single/$122 Double 71 Main Street, Presque Isle Phone: (207) 769-0111 768 Main St, Presque Isle Phone: (207) 760-9292 Make Checks Payable to MAHAP and mail to: Conference aide is available to members experiencing budgetary constraints. Confidentially Julie Bernier, Co-Treasurer, MAHAP contact Julie Bernier([email protected]) to inquire c/o Stephens Memorial Hospital 181 Main Street, Norway, ME 04268 or Cancellation policy: Full refund, minus a $30 administrative fee, if cancelled more than 15 days prior to conference. Pay by credit card www.mahap.net If cancelled less than 15 days prior to conference, 50% of registration fee paid will be refunded. Contact Julie Bernier, Co-Treasurer [email protected] November 15, 2019 MAHAP Meeting Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital McCain Conference Rooms 7:30 am Registration/Coffee/Lite Breakfast

8 am MAHAP Welcome/Introductions Kristen Grondin, President, MAHAP * Fall Business Meeting * AHCAP Trip Award Recap Tina Turgeon * Voting for New Officers 9 am The Invaluable Assistant: Harvesting Your Potential to Become Happier, Healthier and More Influential Sandy Geroux, WOWplace International, LLC 11 am Break 1115 am Social Media, Your Personal Brand, and Why it Matters Seth Poplaski, Social Media Specialist, Northern Light Health 12 pm Lunch 12:45 pm Welcome/AR Gould History and Tour Greg LaFrancois, President, AR Gould Hospital 1:30 pm Utilizing Strengths to Harvest Potential Joe Siddiqui, VP HR AR Gould & Employee Experience 2:30 pm Break- Announcement of New Officers 2:45 pm Hows and Whys to Chemical Free Skin Care Dawn Poitras, AR Gould Manager of Imaging 3:30 pm Aroostook County More than Just Potatoes LaNiece Sirois, Executive Director of the Central Aroostok Chamber of Commerce 4 pm Closing remarks/conference evaluations Keynote Speaker Sandy Geroux

International speaker, trainer and author Sandy Geroux, M.S. has more than 30 years of administrative, business and leadership experience. Since 2000, she has conducted over 250 motivational keynotes, training programs and workshops for 30,000+ administrative professionals, helping them become invaluable, create career opportunities and achieve their personal and professional dreams. Her clients include industry associations, Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies. Author of three books, Sandy is a contributor to business publications, including Entrepreneur, ASAP, and Executive Secretary magazine. She is also the recipient of sales, professional and community service awards. She has served in leadership roles for the National Speakers Associations Central Florida Chapter and two Central Florida childrens charities. Sandy combines corporate, entrepreneurial, entertainment and training experience and her programs overflow with practical ideas and tips to help attendees succeed. Her dynamic speaking style has been described as enthusiastic, energetic and extremely motivating! As the key note speaker, Sandy will deliver an upbeat and exciting topic of: The Invaluable Assistant: Harvesting Your Potential to Become Happier, Healthier and More Influential As dedicated professionals and busy family members, we want to serve our leaders, our organizations and our families at the highest levels. But as we juggle and balance everyone elses needs, our own needs (including our personal dreams) often get lost along the way and although we all know that if we dont take care of ourselves, we wont be effective in serving others, its hard to accomplish it all! Well, its time to take back control of our lives, our time and our personal and professional dreams! In this program, Sandy will share stories and examples to help us find ways to serve our leaders and our organizations, while articulating our full value, advancing our careers and reaching the personal dreams we hold dear. You will leave this program with a renewed spirit, re-energized and ready to harvest your highest potential and serve as a role model to inspire others to do the same. Speakers Joseph S. Siddiqui is the Vice President, Human Resources, AR Gould Hospital & Employment Experience for Northern Light Health. He received his Bachelors Degree in Applied Mathematics with a Minor in Music Composition from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his Master of Arts in Teaching from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Prior to joining Northern Light Health, Joe spent twelve years as a mathematics instructor at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) in Limestone. He is a Caribou native who is active in church ministry. He, his wife,

and two children, now live in Easton. Seth Poplaski is the Social Media Specialist for Northern Light Health. He is a native Mainer who resides in Hampden with his wife and two daughter. Before coming to Northern Light Health, he worked in credit unions throughout the state in marketing and communications, and also worked for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine. Seth is a runner, photographer, Red Sox fanatic, and self-proclaimed coffee snob. Dawn M. Poitras is the Manager of Imaging Services at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital. She has been employed by AR Gould since 2000, serving in various leadership roles. She is a graduate of Husson University where she received her bachelors degree in Business Administration. Dawn has always had a passion for physical fitness and preventive health and was a certified personal trainer and certified Spinning instructor for many years. She is a Reiki Master and has studied herbal remedies, aromatherapy and the importance vitamin and minerals to the body. Dawn owns a small business called Simple Living by Dawn, LLC where she has been able to share her love and knowledge of organic ingredients and essential oils in body care. Dawn is also the spokesperson for Graves Shop n Saves Guiding Stars program where she has a 60 second TV spot sharing healthy Guiding Stars Nutritious Choices made Simple recipes. LaNiece Sirois is the Executive Director of the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce which serves 21 communities. Prior to her coming to the Chamber, Ms. Sirois was the workforce coordinator in Presque Isle with Northeastern Workforce Development Board. She is also a member of the Presque Isle Kiwanis Club, president of the Northeast Society for Human Resource Managers, and runs a small business, MaineSimple, selling all natural soaps, bugs sprays, lupine seeds and other craft products .

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