A Conservative Resurgence

A Conservative Resurgence

A Conservative Resurgence The United States from 19802000 The Rise of Conservatism Political Figures: Barry Goldwater 1964 defeated Nixon & Ford steady shift from liberalism of the 1960s Response/Opposition to: Big Government New Deal Liberalism Feminism Gay Rights Welfare Affirmative Action Sexual Permissiveness Drug Use Gun Control

Liberal SCOTUS Decisions All were seen as undermining family and religious values, week ethic, and national security Taxpayers Revolt CAs Prop 13 sharp cut in property taxes Laffer Curve The Televangelists

60-100 million viewers weekly Moral Majority financed campaigns to unseat liberal members of Congress Campaign for return of prayers and teaching of creation in public schools Pro-Life Movement in response to Roe v. Wade Elimination of Racial Preferences Inspiration for tax cuts increase govt revenues

Conservative Religious Revival Moral decay Leading Issues U.C. Regents v. Bakke (1978) Affirmative Action no setting quotas starts campaign to end all preferences based on race and ethnicity De-Regulation of Business Ronald Reagan and the Election of 1980 Background: Actor, SAG President, Governor of California

Campaign Democratic Squabbles: E. Kennedy vs. Carter Memories of Chappaquiddick Republican Attacks Are you better off now than four years ago? Results: Reagan: 51% popular, 91% Electoral The Reagan Revolution Demographic shift to Republican party The Reagan Revolution Iranian Hostage Crisis Ends (Jan. 20, 1981) Supply Side Economics Reaganomics Trickle Down Theory

Tax cuts, reduction in govt spending, more investments = more jobs and increase in production Federal Tax Reduction Economic Recovery Act (1981) 25 % , invest in IRAs, Spending Cuts $40 billion food stamps, student loans, mass transporation increase in military spending Deregulation PATCO Strike decline in labor unions Recession & Recovery The Reagan Recession Bank failures 11% Unemployment Reaganomics ends recession, but increases wealth gap

Yuppies- young, urban professionals Social Issues SCOTUS Nominations conservative judges Sandra Day OConnor, Scalia, Kennedy Rehnquist = Chief Justice Restrict Affirmative Action & Limit Scope of Roe - restrictions on abortion The Election of 1984 Republicans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= Vx2Ik1Rckss Democrats Jesse Jackson & the Rainbow Coalition Walter Mondale & Geraldine Ferraro Only two groups still voting Democrat

African Americans and those earning less than $12,500 a year Results: - every state except Minnesota Electoral Tally: 525 to 13 Economic Legacy Budget & Trade Deficits $200 billion deficit per year Debt: $900 billion (1980) $2.7 trillion (1988) Tax cuts increased consumption Of foreign goods Trade deficit = $150 billion per year 1985 US debtor nation 1985 Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Balanced Budget Act (1985) Impact of Reaganomics

Legacy of social spending cuts and increased military spending Proliferation of the national debt Foreign Policy Renewing the Cold War spending for defense and aid to anticommunist forces Military Buildup B1 program, SDI lasers and particle beams, Pershing II Central America Nicaragua (1979-1985) aid to contras Boland Amendment cut off aid El Salvador (1979-1985) 40,000 civilians died

Grenada (1983) pro-Cuban to pro-American Iran-Contra Scandal selling of US antitank and anti-aircraft missiles Iran-Iraq War (1979) Reagan denial use of funds diversion Lebanon, Israel, and the PLO Israeli invasion (1982) of Lebanaon to stop PLO Beirut Bombing (1983) suicide squad hit embassy 63 dead Improved U.S.-Soviet Relations Mikhail Gorbachev (1985) Glasnost openness end political

repression Perestroika restructure the Soviet economy by introducing some freemarket practices Wanted to end arms race & deal with the deteriorating economy INF Treaty (1987) remove and destroy all intermediate range missiles 1988 start pullout of troops from Afghanistan Pressure on Iraq and Iran to stop fighting tear down this wall! Assessing Reagans Policy Military Buildup Pro: Ended Cold War Con: Debt End of the Cold War Most responsible?

Kennan Nixon Reagan Gorbachev The Reagan Revolution Extreme Popularity Changed the face of politics The Election of 1988 Background: 1986 midterms saw Democrats take control of both houses Massive deficits and debt gave Democrats strength Candidates: Michael Dukakis & Lloyd Bentsen George H.W. Bush & Dan Quayle

Impact of the Campaign: Bush attacks Dukakis on Foreign Policy & Crime Read my lipsNo new taxes The End of the Cold War Tiananmen Square (1989) Prodemocracy demonstration Collapse of Satellites (1989-1992) Gorbachev no longer supports communist governments in E. Europe

Poland (Walesa) Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, & Romania East Germany Collapse of Berlin Wall (1990) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK1Mw hEDjHg Yugoslavia, Bosnia & Herzegovina End of the Soviet Union

START I (1991) reduction of nuclear warheads to under 10,000 Gorbachev Yeltsin (1991) START II (1992) reduction to 3000 each as Foreign Policy Panama Operation Just Cause (1989) Manuel Noriega put a stop to the drug pipeline to the US Persian Gulf War (1990-91) Operation Desert Storm Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait (oil) Threat to Western oil sources 500,000 Americans with 28 other nations

5 weeks of air strikes and invasion of Iraq 100 hours on ground Iraq concedes Domestic Issues Nomination of Clarence Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall Taxes and the Economy Democratic Congress proposes tax hikes $133 billion Political Inertia Struggles w/Congress ADA (1990) Election of 1992 Background: Anti-incumbent mood 27th Amendment (1992) Partisan Politics on Capitol Hill

Democrats: William Jefferson Clinton An Independent Billionaire: H. Ross Perot Results: Clinton wins w/less than 43% of the popular vote Electoral tally: 370 to 168 Clintons First Term (1993-1997) Goals: Economic Stimulus Campaign Finance Reform Environmental Legislation Health Care Reform Results: Senate Republicans use filibuster against all

proposals Compromise: Dont ask, dont tell. Accomplishments: Family Medical Leave Act Motor-Voter Law Brady Bill 5 day waiting period for handguns Spending Cuts and Tax Increases - $255 b in spending cuts; $241 b in tax increases NAFTA- free trade with Canada & Mexico A Republican Revolution 1994 Midterms Contract with America Newt Gingrich Results/Reactions: Gridlock: 1995 shutdown Oklahoma City Bombing

(1995) Balanced Budget (1998) Impact of tech boom, Babyboomer income, spending cuts, and tax increases first federal surplus since 1969 Election of 1996 Republicans: Bob Dole/Jack Kemp 15% tax cut proposal Reform: Ross Perot Results: Less than 50% voter turnout Electoral tally: 379 to 159 Clintons Second Term Economic Prosperity (1997-2001)

Tech & Stock Boom 3.9% Unemployment The Politics of Impeachment Divided Government Allegations, Investigation, and Impeachment Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate Lewinsky Independent prosecutor: Kenneth Starr Clintons possible perjury 1998 Midterms Dems gain House Clinton escapes removal by Senate Foreign Policy Secretary of State: Madeleine Albright Peacekeeping:

Somalia (1993) civil warhumanitarian efforts Haiti (1994) restore elected president Northern Ireland (1998) free from British power Europe Formation of EU (2002) 15 countries establish usage of the euro by 2007, 27 European nations Russia Yeltsin Putin Assessing Clintons Legacy Partisanship Struggles w/Congress Impeachment Globalization WTO trade agreements, trade rules enforced, settle disputes

IMF International Monetary Fund loans and supervise the economic policies of poorer nations with debt troubles G8 Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, US largest industrial powers American Society in 2000 Demographics Nearly 300 million Expansion in West and South Political shift Suburban expansion Immigration Immigration Reform and Control Act (1986) Illegal immigration

27% of population growth of the 90s Largest growing population: Hispanic Aging and the Family The Graying of America Decline of Traditional Family Income and Wealth Home ownership 67% Huge increase in per capita income Extreme Wealth Gap: 5% control half of all income

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