A Comparison of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

A Comparison of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

A Comparison of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Abrahamic Religions 1 COS 3 Recognize the worlds major religions and their founders (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Moses, Jesus, and

Mohammad) 2 Date and Place founded: Judaism approximately 1300 B.C. in Palestine Some say the date is unknown Christianity approximately 33 A.D. in Palestine

Islam 622 A.D. in Saudi Arabia 3 Founders and Early Leaders Judaism Abraham and Moses Christianity Jesus Islam - Muhammad

4 Followers Called: Judaism Jews Christianity Christians Islam Muslims Clergy Called: Judaism rabbis

Christianity bishop, pastor, ministers, priest Islam - imams 5 House of Worship Judaism synagogue or temple Christianity church, cathedral, chapel Islam mosque Day of Worship

Judaism Saturday Christianity Sunday Islam - Friday 6 Original Language Judaism Hebrew Christianity Aramaic and Greek Islam Arabic

Names of God Judaism Yahweh and Elohim Christianity God, the Trinity Islam - Allah 7 Major Locations TODAY Judaism Europe, Israel, North America

Christianity Europe, North and South America Islam Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia 8 Early Expansion Judaism Little expansion mostly confined to Israel Christianity by the end of the 4th century

Christianity spread across the entire Roman Empire Islam Within 12 years, entire Arabian peninsula; after 100 years stretched from Spain to Southeast Asia 9 Current Worldwide Followers TODAY Judaism 14 million (ranks 12th)

Christianity 2 billion (ranks 1st) Islam 1.3 billion (ranks 2nd) In the USA Judaism 5.6 million Christianity 159 million Islam 1.1 million 10 Sacred Texts

Judaism Hebrew Bible Christianity Old Testament and New Testament Islam Quran (Koran) 11 Ultimate Reality (Type of Theism) Judaism One God Christianity Trinity (God the father, God the Son,

and God the Holy Spirit) Islam One God 12 Divine Revelation How do we know about God? Judaism through prophets recorded in the Hebrew Bible

Christianity through prophets and Jesus as recorded in the Old and New Testament Islam through Gods final prophet Muhammad recorded in the Quran 13 Identity of Jesus Judaism False prophet

Christianity Son of God, the Messiah, Savior Islam prophet of God 14 Death of Jesus Judaism death by Crucifixion Christianity death by Crucifixion Islam Did not die, but ascended into heaven (a

disciple took his place) 15 Resurrection of Jesus Judaism Denied Christianity Affirmed Islam Denied; since he did not die

16 Means of Salvation Judaism Belief in one God; good deeds Christianity correct belief, good deeds; by faith accept Christ as Savior (Protestants) Islam Belief in one God; good deeds and follow Five Pillars of Faith

17 Afterlife Judaism eternal heaven, or no afterlife Christianity eternal heaven Islam eternal paradise (heaven) Judaism - eternal hell, or no afterlife Christianity eternal hell Islam eternal hell

18 Symbols Judaism Star of David Christianity cross Islam crescent with name of Allah in Arabic 19

View of Fellow Abrahamic Religions Judaism Islam and Christianity are false interpretations and extensions of Judaism. Christianity Judaism is a true religion, but with incomplete revelation. Islam is a false religion. Islam Jews and Christians are respected as fellow believers, but with wrong beliefs and only partial revelation. 20

Paragraph Writing Assignment Using your class notes, you will write a one page essay comparing and contrasting the origins, history and beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This is a test grade so make sure you do your best. 21

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