6.E.1 Earth in the Universe

6.E.1 Earth in the Universe

6.E.1 Earth in the Universe Look at the pile of pictures given to you. Try your best to put them in order.

What do these pictures represent? Moon Key Ideas to Remember Gibbous Moon is more than half lit

Crescent Moon is less than half lit Waning Light on the left side Waxing Light on the right side

What makes the moon light The Moon does not create its own light up? The Moon is visible only because it reflects sunlight. As the Moon orbit Earth, the half of the Moon facing the Sun is in the sunlight, and the half facing away is in shadow.

As the Moon orbit it seems to change shape, but it doesnt. The shapes are phases of the moon. It takes 29.5 days for the moon to orbit the earth. Whats the Phase? Solar Eclipses Only occur during the new moon phase During a solar eclipse,

a small part of the Earth is in the Moons shadow. The Moon appears to completely or partially cover the sun. Cannot look directly at the eclipse Earth Moon Sun Lunar Eclipses

Only occur during the full moon phase During a lunar eclipse, Earths shadow completely or partially covers the moon. The Moon is visible during a total lunar eclipse because light changes direction as it passes through Earths

atmosphere. Looks orange/red because the moon is receiving indirect sunlight from earth Sun Earth Moon Solar VS Lunar Eclips e Tides

Periodic rise and fall of the oceans surface caused by the gravitational force between Earth, Moon, and Sun. The Moon has twice as much influence on tides because it is much closer to Earth. Locations on Earth closest to and farthest from the Moon have the greatest tidal effect.

Cycles of a Tide Tides cycle as the Moon rotates around the Earth and as the position of the Sun changes. Throughout the day the sea level is constantly rising or falling. 1. The sea level rises 2. High tide is reached 3. The sea level falls 4. Low tide is reached 5. Back to number 1

This cycle can happen once or twice a day depending on the location of the area to the Moon. Types of Tides Neap Tide - happens during 1st and 3rd quarter moons when the earth, sun and moon form a right angle. - This causes the sun and

moon to pull the water in two different directions. -High tides are lower than usual. -Low tides are higher than usual. Spring Tide - when the Earth and Moon are in line with Sun. - Spring tides occur during

the full moon and new moon, every two weeks. -High tides are higher than usual high tides. -Low tides are lower than usual low tides. Low Tide High Tide While the Sun and the rotation of the Earth both

have some tidal impact, the location of the Moon has the biggest affect on the tide. Tides Why is the moon the main reason for the cause of tides? It is closest to the earth What pulls the earth and water toward the moon? Gravitational pull What are the four types of tides? High tides, low tides, neap tides, spring tides

What causes spring tides? When the earth, moon, sun are aligned What angle are the sun, moon, and earth during a neap tide? Right angle

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