3/3 Geometry Bell Ringer - Mr. Chrischilles's Class

3/3 Geometry Bell Ringer - Mr. Chrischilles's Class

3/3 Geometry Bell Ringer Jasper wants to measure the altitude of his kite. He uses similar triangles to create a smaller triangle using stakes and his string (image below). How high up is his kite? Homework: Due TOMORROW pg 481 (1-6, 12) & pg 486 (1-8) BONUS Qs: pg 481 #13-16 News and Notes Perfection Award: 1st, 7th & 8th Period When are test corrections due?

QUIZ TOMORROW Perfection Competition Daily Results 6 5 4 4 4

2nd 4th 4.5 5 2 0

1st 7th 8th How should I study for the quiz? Do the textbook homework!!!! Look over all independent practice problems and key questions from M-Th Cover up problems, try to solve them

again, and check your work! Today! 2 Big Questions to Consider when working: How does the Pythagorean Theorem apply to similar triangles? How can we save time on the ACT? Group Presentations The groups will be split up into thirds (alphabetically).

Group 1: The 30-60-90 (angle measurements) Triangle! Group 2: The 45-45-90 (angle measurements) Triangle! Group 3: The 3-4-5 (side lengths) Triangle Process 10 minutes: Work through guiding questions 10 minutes: Create poster that addresses the questions that youll be responsible for

presenting 10 minutes: Each group takes 3 minutes to present to the class 5 minutes: Exit Slip based using your notes! Period 1 Groups Group 1: Erik, Nijee, Tasha, Joseph, Katherine, Alberto, Kenneth, Sinatu, Conrad, Teia Group 2: Teiara, Mari, Amina, Tracia,

LaFontae, Khamyra, Brian, Kecia, Erick, Valeria Group 3: Breniah, Mercedes, DeAndra, ShaQuilla, Miguel, Karla, Trenita, Brandey, Johnny, Brishanika Period 7 Groups Group 1: Kristina, Alyeyah, Gilbert, Kaneisha, DAntoinette, Tiffany, Bryan, Julian, Selena Group 2: Aaron, Juwan, Raven, Dalia,

Yakeema, Emmanuel, Tatyana, Barbara, Leslie Group 3: Katie, Jasmine S, Jasmine R, Mercedes, Chelsea, Jovanny, Nicole, Niesha Period 8 Groups Group 1: April, Allan, Daniela, Yanet, Jasmin C, Lavitchi, Desirae, Vanessa, Cristian E, Arely, Angela, Jasmine Z Group 2: Coraima, Lucia, Ida, Cristian

H, Daniel, Stephanie, Erandi, Diego, Juan, China, Manolito Group 3: Lorena, Scottie, Mohhammad, Sanjae, Nicole, Jasmine T, Rosendo, Ariana, LaTyra, Kristy, Brittany Exit Slip ACT Question A rectangular garden is 30 ft wide and 40 feet long. How long is the diagonal?

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