2019-2020 Choice Programs Open House November 27, 2018

2019-2020 Choice Programs Open House November 27, 2018

2019-2020 Choice Programs Open House November 27, 2018 Principal Cara Hayden PROUD TO BE A WOLVERINE!!! Principal Cara Hayden PROUD TO BE A WOLVERINE!!! Principal Cara Hayden PROUD TO BE A WOLVERINE!!!


Our Wolverines have won $4, 894, 136 in Scholarships 17 Pathfinder Nominees 1 National Merit Finalist 139 AICE Diplomas Earned 2017-2018 82 Cambridge AICE Scholars 8 Cambridge Scholar for Merit 1 Cambridge Scholar with Distinction In service to the Childrens Miracle Network and the University of Florida Dance Marathon, our students raised over $100,000 this year alone. Our Band program earned Straight Superior ratings in

all large ensemble categories this year Marching, Concert and Jazz Our Choir earned a Superior rating this year, including one that earned the highest honor awarded in the state of Florida, Superior with Distinction. 2017-2018 DISTRICT CHAMPS CHAMPS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 2017-2018 REGIONAL Girls Golf 1. BOYS BASKETBALL Boys Basketball 2. GIRLS WEIGHTLIFTING Girls Weightlifting 3. WRESTLING Wrestling 4. GIRLS TRACK Girls Soccer Softball

Girls Track 2017-2018 State Championships Runner Up-Boys Basketball 2017-2018 National Championship Runner Up-Competitive Cheerleading In our Academies, we the following completers 2017-2018: 29 in Technical Design 22 in Communications Technology 4 in Fashion Design 6 in Culinary Arts 7 in Early Childhood Education 37 in Equine Pre-Veterinary 85 in Marketing

Wellington High School FAQ School Hours: 7:30 am to 2:50 pm 7 Class Periods per Day, 50 Minutes each Full Offerings of Athletics & Activities AP & AICE (Cambridge) Courses for Accelerated Learning Student Conduct: The Wellington Way Dress Code: Tasteful & Contemporary Academy Coordinator Erik Wilkinson Program Requirements & Availability Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Requirements Equine/Pre-Veterinary: Higher Standards 3.0 GPA, Must be enrolled in Algebra I or Algebra I Honors Marketing/Fine Arts/Fire Science: District Standards 2.5 GPA Overall Submission Process for Verifying Grades Public Schools: Report Card Upload via Online Application Private & Virtual School: Due ASAP after 2nd Nine Weeks ends Out of Boundary (OOB) Students District will allot our school a number of seats for 2019-2020 That number has NOT been assigned yet

The total number of seats is allocated by Academy Anywhere from 20-50 seats per Academy in past years Description of Lottery Process (March 2019) All qualified students are entered into the computer-based lottery Sorted by Grade Level & 1st/2nd Choice on Application Application Process Applications are open NOW at District site: mypbchoiceapp.com/apply Deadline to submit all materials online is:

Friday, January 25th, 2019 Paper applications are also available through PBCSD How Random is the Lottery Process? Though the process is done by computer, a handful of groups have built-in preferences Siblings of Existing Students or Children of WHS Employees Students who completed Middle School Strand programs Principals Top 20%: Candidates selected for this list based on GPA, Highest Math Course taken, and corresponding grade in that class. Expectations for Academy Students

3.0 GPA in your Choice Program courses 2.0 Overall GPA Conduct Grades of 4 or 3 in all courses Full Participation in co-curricular activities and/or volunteer efforts that are part of your Academy Contracts (Ex: Equine/Pre-Vet Volunteer Hours, DECA Points) Transportation Map & Resources Full PBCSD map of transportation options and bus stops available at palmbeachschools.org Every effort is made to find a route that is accessible to Choice students Admission to a Choice Program

does NOT guarantee a Bus Stop will be created for you What Questions Should You Be Asking? Have you had a family conversation about your students academic goals and aspirations? Based on what you know and learn tonight, is WHS the right fit for your student? What are your expectations for our faculty, staff, and students? Where Can You Find More Information?

Web Page: welh.palmbeachschools.org Twitter: @WellingtonHSFL Instagram: @WellingtonHSFL Facebook: https://facebook.com/WellingtonHSFL/ Academy Tours led by Student Guides Equine/Pre-Vet Students: Marketing Students:

Group 1: Room 3-105 Group 1: Room 1-149 Group 2: Room 3-104 Group 2: Room 1-143 Group 3: Room 2-153 Group 3: Room 1-148 Fire Science Students: Room 4-110

Fine Arts Students: Please remain in the Theatre

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