2018 and Beyond Capitol Maintenance Improvement Projects

2018 and Beyond Capitol Maintenance Improvement Projects

CAPITAL MAINTENANCE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Overview Priority and Structure in the CMIP Capital Projects

Maintenance activities Legal mandates (ADA, and EPA) Grants, Economic Development, or Special Assessment Funds Citizen and Community State/Federal Aid Funded Transportation Projects Projects with Federal Funds: o Leavenworth Road Improvements, 63rd St to 38th St. (2017-2019)

o Leavenworth Road Improvements, (78th St. to 63th St. (20192021) o Metropolitan Ave. Bikeways (2019) o Safe Routes to Schools, Phase F (W.A. State Aid Projects: o Hutton Road Reconstruction (2018) o Safe Routes to Schools, Phase E (T.A. Edison, W.A. White, Noble Prentis) (2018)

Potential Federal/State Aid Project: o I-70 and Turner Diagonal Interchange Reconstruction (2021) Locally Funded Transportation Projects Corridor Maintenance Projects: o Parallel Parkway Resurfacing, 82nd St. to 89th St. (2018) o 57th St. Resurfacing, Kaw Dr. to State Ave. (2019)

o 47th St. and Orville Ave. Resurfacing (2020) Traffic Signal Project: o Priority Traffic Signal Annual Street Projects: o Annual Street Preservation Projects o Annual ADA Ramp Projects o Fairfax Industrial Area Improvements Economic Development Driven Project: o 11th St./McDowell Ln.

Improvements (2021) Future Misc. Transportation Projects Trails Projects (Annual) K-32 Whistle Free/Quiet Zone (2017-2021) Park Road Resurfacing (2017-2020) Pedestrian Access to Transit (2019) New Engineering Projects

Fiber Connectivity Projects Public Works Asset Management Systems Integrations 131st and Leavenworth Road Intersection Reconstruction Holiday Drive Bridge Replacements WYCO Lake and Park Road Repairs Lombardy Drive Sanitary Sewer

Improvements Trail Network Development Program Sidewalk Gap Program MS4 Program Minimum Controls and Performance Measures: o Public Education & Outreach o Public Involvement & Participation o Illicit Discharge Detection & o o o o o o Elimination

Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control Post-Construction Stormwater Management Program Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Industrial Activity Stormwater Runoff Management TMDL & Principal Pollutants of Concern BMPs Sanitary Sewer/Water Pollution Control (Past) (Present) (Future)

8 5-Yr Capital Improvements Projects Combined Sewer Operations: $14 M ($28 M 10Yr) o CSO 19 Green Infrastructure Sanitary Sewer Operations: $34 M ($43 M 10Yr) o Wolcott WWTP and Excess Flow Holding Basin o Plant 20 Capacity Upgrade System Renewal and Other Capital Needs: $69 M ($129 M 10-Yr) o System-Wide SCADA Improvements

o Collection System Investigation and Repair o Pump Station and Force Main Investigation and Repair o Treatment Plant Investigation and Repair Wolcott Treatment Plant Expansion Plant 20 Screening and UV Disinfection S. 88th St. Gibbs Road Condition Assessment Collection & Conveyance Existing Buildings and Logistics Projects

Existing Location Specific Projects: o Memorial Hall HVAC o o o o o Upgrades ($2.75M) Juvenile Detention Center ($22.0M) Jail Renovations ($2.42M) Police Tow Lot ($5.0M) Reardon Center Improvements ($1.0M) Reardon Center Parking Lot Improvements ($500k)

Juvenile Detention Center New Buildings and Logistics Projects Location Specific Projects: o Memorial Hall Window Replacements ($400k) o Health Department Building Upgrades ($1.3M) o Justice Complex Cooling Tower ($850k) o Courthouse Upgrades ($8.52M) HVAC System Roof Replacement Fire Alarm Systems Upgrades

o 5440 Kansas Ave. Maintenance Facility ($800k over 5 years) o Buildings and Logistics Asset Management and Inventory ($350k) Annual Buildings and Logistics Projects Parking Lot Improvements: ($1.0M) o Guardrail o Painting o Resurfacings o Structural Evaluations and Improvements o Ticketing Systems

Building Upgrades: ($325k) o Elevators o ADA Accessibility o Remodels o Police and Fire Facility Upgrades o Roofs Memorial Hall HVAC System Upgrades Upgrades to include: o Air Conditioning o o o o

o o o Compressors, Chillers and Condensers Chilled Water Pump Chilled Water "Spray Booth" Cooling Tower Pump Cooling Tower Steam Bank Blower Fan and Motor Boilers and Support Equipment Estimated Project Cost of $2.75 Million

Courthouse Parking Lot D Security Upgrades Improvements to include: o Four card reader access only garage doors Two Entrance Two Exit o Enclosing open air portions of the lower level with fence. o Three secure

walkout doors for emergency exit purposes. Lot D Fire Stations (New and Upgrades) Three new fire stations budgeted: o 2017 - $4.2M o 2019 - $4.2M o 2021 - $4.7M Remodels and Renovations: o Annual R&R - $600k/year o Headquarters Remodel:

2017 - $70k 2018 - $95k Questions??

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