2017 SATs

2017 SATs

2019 SATs timetable After the tests, we will have a short, focussed revision session for the next day, followed by calm activities. Preparing for SATs In order to keep momentum going over the Easter holidays, you could try these things: - SPaG sheets (already given out) Easter booklet Maths group reasoning Look online satspapers.org /BBC Bitesize SATs revision books W.H. Smith/Waterstones/Other shops! Easter school

INSET booster day Dont panic! You do not need to do hours of revision a day, a little and often would be the best approach. SATs week All year 6s are invited to join us for breakfast in school from 8:30. Children do not need to bring in extra water for the tests we will provide drinks if they need it. Children do not need to bring their own stationery; everything they need is provided. Most children will be working in their home classrooms or another area within the yr 5/6 block. DONT PANIC! Belchamps

Whos going? Mr Rix Mrs Rowland Mr Plowman Mrs Bark Mrs Higgins TBA TBA

+ 64 children! The Accommodation Vincent Lodge We will arrange roommates closer to the time and will ask the children who they want to share with and try to meet their requirements. In case you were wondering, boys and girls will not share rooms! Kath Betts Lodge (approx. 8 per room)

Camp Fox Activities Theres a lot of challenges. Climbing wall (outdoor) Team Building Fire lighting Archery Fencing (with swords!) Assault Course Abseiling Traversing Elements Pedal Karts Crate Stacking Caving Simulator Ladder Challenge Target Shooting (air

rifles) Shelter Building Pond Dipping Leap of Faith Evening Hike Mini-Olympics Wide Game Singing around the Campfire Some free time (after dinner) POCKET MONEY

No more than 10! Coins rather than notes. All money handed to staff before we leave. Children are given 2 each evening to spend on tuck. If children behave inappropriately (see behaviour contract) they may be fined some or all of that evenings pocket money (which will be returned to them eventually) Return change to adults Children are allowed to spend the balance of their pocket money on the last day. Children can buy sweets, drinks, ice-cream, ice

lollies, toys, gifts from the shop. Breakfast at 08:00 Lunch at 12:15 Dinner at 17:15 Hot Chocolate & Biscuit 20:30 The Food Vegetarian Options Available Questions? Important points about clothing for protection against mossie bites. Long cotton trousers

Football kits Long track pants Cut off jeans Jeans Leggings Long sleeves T shirts/ shirts/hoodies Shorts Long socks Trainer socks

Cap/ beanie hat Vest tops/ crop tops/ short sleeves Insect repellent is essential. Clothes that you dont want to get ruined! Clothes that are not very valuable to you. Kit List

You dont need to bring a camera. If you bring a digital camera you wont be allowed to charge it. Any cameras are bought at your own risk. No electronic devices. No mobile phones Books, colouring books, comics, travel games, cards or similar small things to occupy you are fine. You dont need to bring footballs, any sports equipment. Dont bring piles of sweets, canned drinks, crisps, gum, food. Maybe a few sweets for the journey. Water bottle very important. Torch not important

Flip-flops, crocs (useful at shower time not daywear). Trainers/ boots may need 2 pairs of shoes for daytime. Activities. Any questions about kit? Anything else to worry about besides the mossies? If the weather is dry or there is a good breeze, mossies wont be much of a problem. Ditches/streams not very clean They are for land drainage so depending on the weather they may be muddy or dried out. Stay out of them! Tree climbing not allowed. Site is secure. Very little chance of any stranger threat. Dormitories are locked at night. Fire drill when we arrive. Dont charge around in the wooded area tree roots, trip hazards. All activities are carried out with strict safety rules. Any questions about worries?

MONDAY MORNING Children need to arrive at school at 8:30 am. Weather permitting, we will assemble on the back field. Give medication to a member of staff. Make sure its in a named bag. Give pocket money to a member of staff. Please bring it in a clear polythene money bag (like the banks have) if you can.

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