#1 CTT EFMB Jeopardy - NCOsupport.com, army counseling, army ...

#1 CTT EFMB Jeopardy - NCOsupport.com, army counseling, army ...

# 1 SOLDIERS MANUAL COMMON TASKS (STP 21-1-SMCT) Prepared by Expert Field Medical Badge Test Control Office Answer in the form of a question! Next You have 10 seconds to

answer the question. If you cannot answer the question, the other team has a chance to answer. GAME SHOOT


100 100 100 100

100 200 200 200

200 200 300 300

300 300 300 400

400 400 400 400

500 500 500 500

500 Shoot $100 The bore of a weapon has lands and groves called this ANSWER

What is Rifling GAME Shoot $200

The final step of maintaining your weapon ANSWER What is A function check GAME

Shoot $300 Detecting targets can be accomplished by self preservation methods, 50-meter overlapping strip method, and this method. ANSWER

What is Maintaining observation on the area. GAME Shoot $400

Steady position, Aiming, Breath control, and Trigger squeeze ANSWER What is Fundamentals of marksmanship

GAME Shoot $500 Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap, Shoot ANSWER

What is SPORTS Immediate action to eliminate the stoppage so that firing can be resumed GAME Move

$100 This is the basic team formation. It is easy to control, is flexible, allows immediate fires in all directions, and offers all-round local security ANSWER

What is Wedge Formation GAME Move $200 When in file formation maintain proper

distance between team members. The normal distance between Soldiers is 10 meters. When enemy contact is possible, the distance between teams should be ______ meters ANSWER What is

50 GAME Move $300 Before moving around a corner, first observe around the corner. The most

common two mistakes Soldiers make at corners ANSWER What are 1.Exposing head and upper body where it is expected

2.Flagging their weapon GAME Move $400 This formation is most often used in severely restrictive terrain, like inside a building; dense vegetation; limited

visibility; and so forth ANSWER What is File formation GAME

Move $500 These two methods will deny the enemy a good target ANSWER

What are Speed of movement Low silhouette GAME Communicate $100 Line 5 of a MEDEVAC request

ANSWER What is Number of patients by type GAME

Communicate $200 Used to report any change since the last report, to request resupply, and to report the current location of the element; only lines or parts of lines that contain new information will be sent ANSWER

What is SITREP (Situation Report) GAME Communicate $300

Used to report timely intelligence or status regarding events that could have an immediate and significant effect on current and future operations ANSWER What is

SPOTREP (Spot Report) GAME Communicate $400 Must always be transmitted during the initial contact with the evacuation unit

ANSWER What is Line numbers 1 through 5 GAME

Communicate $500 Completed SPOTREP (Spot Report) ANSWER What is

Send to next higher element GAME Survive $100 Stop breathing, and close eyes

ANSWER What is 1st step when donning the mask GAME Survive

$200 RSDL ANSWER What is Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion

GAME Survive $300 M9 detector paper on the MOPP gear (right-handed) ANSWER

What is If you are right-handed, place a strip of M9 detector paper around your right upper arm, left wrist, and right ankle GAME Survive

$400 M8 detector paper indicates a presence of a nerve (V) agent ANSWER What is Dark green color

GAME Survive $500 May be more important to the casualtys survival than the treatment you can provide

ANSWER What is Reducing or eliminating enemy fire GAME

Adapt $100 Directives issued by competent military authority that delineate the circumstances and the limitations under which United States forces will initiate and/or continue combat engagement with other forces encountered

ANSWER What is ROE (Rules of engagement) GAME Adapt

$200 Soldiers do not steal and Soldiers respect private property and possessions ANSWER What is Part of the 10 Soldiers Rules

GAME Adapt $300 Must be based on the situation and according to the local provost marshal office (PMO) policy

ANSWER What is Decision to place handcuffs on the subject before searching GAME

Adapt $400 The set of distinctive features of a society or group, including but not limited to values, beliefs, and norms that ties togther memberrs of that society or group and that drives action and behavior

ANSWER What is Culture GAME Adapt

$500 Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Family (Build Resilience) ANSWER What is Five dimensions of comprehensive

Soldier fitness GAME

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