Owner's ManualVacuum CleanerModel116.20512116.21513CAUTION:Read and follow allsafety and operatinginstructions before firstuse of this product,Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, 1L60179 U.S.A.www.sears.comPart No. CO1ZAXV30U O-8175162Printed in U.SoA.

Before Using Your New Vacuum .Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner WarrantyImportantSafety InstructionsParts and Features .AssemblyInstructions.34-5Power-Mate88Vacuuming Tips .Suggested Pile Height Settings .Attachments .Attachment Use Chart .Performance Features .Care.12Bag Changing .Cleaning Exterior and Attachments ,Motor Safety Filter Changing .Exhaust Filter Changing .6-7Use .How to Start .How Your Vacuum WorksCanister22Care.Light Bulb Changing .Belt Changing and Brush CleaningBrush Servicing .Brush Assembly .g9101011TroubleshootingRequesting121313141415, 15-1617!7.AssistanceOr ServiceI8.1912Please read this guide. It will help you assemblethe safest and most effective way.and operate your new Kenmore vacuuminFor more information about vacuum cleaner care and operation, call your nearest Sears stere.You will need the complete modet and serial numbers when requesting information. Your vacuum's model and serial numbers are located on the Model and Serial Number Plate,Use the space below to record the model number and serial number of your new KenmorevacuumModel No.Serial NooDate of PurchaseKeep this book and your sales check (receipt) in a safe place for future reference,LIMITEDONE YEAR WARRANTYON KENMOREVACUUMCLEANERThis warranty is for one year from the date of purchase, and includes only private householdvacuum cleaner use. During the warranty year, when this vacuum cleaner is operated andmaintained according to the owner's manual instructions, Sears will repair any defects inmaterial or workmanship free of charge This warranty excludes vacuum bags, belts, light bulbs, and filters, which are expendaNeand become worn during normal use.For warranty service,the United States.returnthis vacuum cleaner to the nearestpartsSears Service Center inThis warranty applies only while this product is in use in the United States, This warranty givesyou specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state,Sears, Roebuckand Co., D/817 WA, HoffmanEstates,2IL 60179

iWARNING,11,1111.Your safety is important to us. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, injury topersons or damage when using your vacuum cleaner, follow basic safety precautions including the following:Read this manual before assembling orusing your vacuum cleaner.Use your cleaner only as described in thismanual Use only with Sears recommendedattachments.To reduce the risk of electrical shock - Donot use outdoors or on wet surfaces.Disconnect electrical supply before servicing or cleaning out brush area. Failure to doso could result in electricai shock or brushsuddenly startingAlways turn cleaner off before connecting ordisconnecting the hose or Power-Mate .Alwaysturn cfeaner off before unplugging.Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug,grasp the plug, not the cord.Hold plug when rewinding onto cord reel.Do not allow plug to whip when rewindingDo not use with damaged cord or plug. Ifcleaner is not working as it should, has beendropped, damaged, left outdoors, or droppedinto water, return it to a Sears ServiceCenter.Do nothandle,aroundcleanerheatedpull or carry by cord, use cord as aclose door on cord, or pull cordsharp edges or corners. Do not runover cord. Keep cord away fromsurfaces.Do not leave cleaner when plugged in.Unplug from outlet when not in use andbefore servicing.Do not allow to be used as a toy. Closeattention is necessary when used by or nearchildren.Do not handle plug or cleaner with wethands,,Do not put any objects into openings.Do not operate the cleaner with a puncturedhose. The hose contains electrical wires.Replace if cut or worn, Avoid picking upsharp objects.Do not use with any opening blocked; keepfree of dust, iint, hair and anything that mayreduce air flow.Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and allparts of body away from openings and moving parts.Do not use cleaner without dust bag and/orfilters in place.Always change the dust bag after vacuuming carpet cleaners or freshener, powdersand fine dust. These products clog the bag,reduce irflow and can cause the bag toburst Failure to change bag could causepermanent damage to the cleaner.Do not use the cleaner to pick up sharp hardobjects, small toys, pins, paper clips, etcThey may damage the cleaner or dust bag.Do not pick up anything that is burning orsmoking, such as cigarettes, matches, or hotashes.Do not use cleaner to pick up flammable orcombustible liquids (gasoline, cleaning fluids,perfumes, etc .), or use in areas where theymay be presenl. The fumes from these substances can create a fire hazard or explosionUse extra care when cleaning on stairs. Donot put on chairs, tables, etc. Keep on floor.You are responsible for making sure thatyour vacuum cleaner is not used by anyoneunable to operate it properly.Do not operate without exhaustexhaust filter cover installed.filter orSAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSProper assembly and safe use of your vacuum cleaner are your responsibilities. Your cleaneris intended only for household use. Read this Owner's Manual carefulfy for important use andsafety information This guide contains safety statements under warning and caution symbols.Please pay special attention to these boxes and follow any instructions given. WARNINGstatements alert you to such dangers as fire, electrical shock, burns and personal injury CAUTION statements alert you to such dangers as personal injury and/or property 1 i

it is important to know your vacuum cleaner'suse Review these before using your cleaner,parts and featuresto assure its proper and safeCord andPlug HolderUpperWand--Handle QuickRelease(Some Models)Cord andCord Holder-------UpperWandPower.MatePower CordWandSwivelBeltIn UoS, #20-5285In Canada #40110POWER-MATE Pile Height Indicator(Some Models)Headlightand Lens(Some Models)BulbWand QuickRelease Pedal(SomeIn UoS. #20 5240In Canada #596181Models)Light CoverModels)Power.MateModel/SerialNumbers(On Bottom)Cleaner(Not Shown)/Handle/OverloadRelease/Pedal "/(ResetPile Height Pedal(Some Models)ProtectorButton)

HOSEATTACHMENTS3.Way On/Off SwitchOff/Floor/Carpet(Some CombinationHandleBrush --------FloorHandi-Mate(SomeJr.Models)HOTE: All models have one set ofattachments in the canister. Somemodels have an additional set,which can be kept in the accessoryDag for garage use,Hose SwivelCANISTERA ttachmentCoverOn/OffSwitchStorageExhaust Filter Cover(Exha us t Filter odels)HoodReleaseMotor Safety Filter(Behind Dust Bag)BagHolderD st BagInu.s,#2o.5o558IIn Canada #20.50555J5

. WARNJ.GElectricalShock itazardHandleDO NOT plug into electrical supplyuntil assembly is complete, Failureto do so could result in electricalshock or injury,HandleButtotBefore assembling vacuum, check thePACKING LIST on the cover of the separateRepair Parts List. Use this list to verify thatyou have received all the components ofyour new Kenmore vacuum.WANDSSlide wandstogether untilwand buttonsnaps into place.Turn wand buttonto the slotted areaof the wand swivel.The swivel allowsyou to turn thehandfe to the leftside to reach farther under lowfurniture.Swivel -WandCordHolder /WandSwivelPOWER-MATE1. Insert wands into Power-Mate until thewand buttons snaps into place.POWERMATE eWand.Raised- ' " aMate plug andcord as shown,DO NOT force,Raised area oftoward hand,tm'3. Secure cord intolug holdermust beoncordwand swivelTo remove: Disconnect cord and step onwand release pedal, then pull up on wands,Release Pedal

CANISTER2. inserthandle intowand untillock buttonHandle1, Open the canister hood,2. Check to see that the dust bag is properly installed, See BAG CHANGING forinstructions.3. Check to see that the motor safety filter isproperly installed, See MOTOR SAFETYFILTER CLEANING for instructions,snaps inplace Besure hoseis nottwisted.HandleButtolHandleTo remove:(SomePress handie releasebutton andQuickReleaseHOODIt is normal for the canister hood to come offModels)when opened further than needed,, Line upthe hinge slots, insert them, and close thehood to replace iLHOSEpull up onhandle.To store:'1. Line up thehose latch taband notch incanister hoodand insert hoseinto canister untilDisconnecthose from wands andcanister to prevent stress on hose duringstorage Store hose in a loosely coiledposition so the hose covering is notstressed,it snaps in place,LatchTabTo remove: Lifthose latch tabupward and pullup on hose,NotchHoseHoseLatchTabCoverHoodReleaseA ttachmStorageDustBagen t

HOW TO STARTI"ller !81gn[IndicatorWARNi'NGPersonalHazardinjuryand ProductDamage DO NOT plug in if switch is in ONposition. Personal injury ordamage could result, The cord moves rapidly whenrewinding. Keep children awayand provide a clear path whenrewinding the cord to preventpersonal injury. DO NOT use outlets abovecounters. Damage from cord toitems in surroundingareacould occur.1o Pull cord out ofcanister to desiredlength. The cordwilt not rewind untilthe cord rewindbutton is pushed,NOTE: To reduce the risk of electric shock,this vacuum cleaner has a polarized plug,one blade is wider than the other. This plugwill fit in a polarized outlet only one way Ifthe plug does net fit fully in the outlet,reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper outlet. Do not change the plug in anyway. Handle ReleasePedal3. Lower wand from upright position bypressing on the handle release pedal, CAUTION.mul ,,imn i iiDO NOT leave the Power-Mate running in one spot in the uprightposition for any length of time.Damage to carpet may occur,4. Select a pile height setting by pressingthe small pedal on the rear of the PowerMate .The pile height setting shows on theindicator. See SUGGESTED PILE HEIGHTSETTINGS,,Attention:Refer to your carpet manufacturers cleaning recommendations.Somemore delicate carpets may require that theybe vacuumed with the Power-Mate agitatorturned off, to prevent carpet damage.Select a switchposition on thehandle.2. Plug the polarized power cord into a 120Volt outlet located near the floor.,To rewind: Unplug the cleaner Hold theplug while rewinding to prevent damage orinjury from the moving cord, Push cordrewind bar.OFFFLOOR - turns on the canister motor onlyCARPET - turns on both the canister andthe Power-Mate motors,,

SuctionControlForbestcleaningaction,the Power.Mateshouldbe pushedstraightawayfromyouandpulledstraightback.At the endof eachpull stroke,the directionof the Power-Mateeshouldbe changedto pointintothe nextsectionto be cteanedThis patternshouldbe continuedacrossthe rugwithslow,gliding motions.Carpeted stairs need to be vacuumed regularly,, For best cleaning results, fully closethe suction contro!,NOTE:Fast,jerkystrokesdonot providecompletecleaning.WARNING.ii ii Ul iPersonalInjuryHazardUse care if canister is placed onstairs. If it fails, personal injury orproperty damage could result.The hoseswivelallowsthe hosetoturnwithoutmovingthe canister.Thisishelpfulforcleaningin erFor best cleaning results, keep the airflowpassage open, Check each assembly areain HOW YOUR VACUUM WORKS occasionally for clogs Unplug from outlet beforechecking,CAUTION.To prevent tip over, never leavePower-Mate e on or in the uprightposition.Turningthe handle to oneside will make the Power-Mate s morestable and less likely to tip over.For best deep down cleaning, use the XLOsetting. However, you may need to raise theheight to make some jobs easier, such asscatter rugs and some deep pile carpets,and to prevent the vacuum cleaner fromshutting off Suggested settings are:HI - Shag, deep pile, or scatter rugsMED - Medium to deep pile,LO - Low to medium pile,XLO - Most carpets9and bare floors,

ATTACHMENTSON WANDS1. To removewands from, lla!t,,iiI:Power-Mate s,lock wands inATTACHMENTSstraight-uption.ON HANDLEposi-NOTE: If thePower-Mate isattached, turncleaner off2. Press wandrelease pedalwith foot andmbefore removinghandle fromwands.Wand Quickpull the wandsstraight up out ofPower-Mate s1. Press lock 'button, then pullto remove handie from wandaUpperThe Power-Mate ptug and cord do not haveto be removed to use attachments on thewands,If your modelhas the optionai feature of a handie release,press it in similarly2. Slide attachments3. Put attach-ments onwands as needed Seechart belowfirm-ly on handle as neede&See chart below' CLEANINGBetweenFurniture' Cushions* Drapes*ATTACHMENTStairsCombination Brush.(Some Models)(Crevice Tool(Some Models)Floor Brush(Some Models)iPower-Mate s(Some Models)4XHandi-Mate Jr. (Some Models)**Power-Mate Jr2(Some Models)**XX.,z"XXJrand Power-MateB reFloorsCarpetedFloors/RugsWallsxXXXXXX*.*Always clean aitachments before using on fabricsHandI-MataxAREAJrattachment** 3-way On/Off switch should be in FLOOR positioninstructionsare included with the products(Some Models)Power-Mate' switch should be in OFF positionNOTE: When separating wands, depress lock button completely before pultingwandsapart ifwand lock button is aifficul! to aepress push the two wanes more tightly together to line upthe ock button w th the no e uepress ock button and then pul wanas aparL10

EDGE CLEANERPERFORMANCEActive brush edgecleaners are on bothsides of the PowerMate e Guide eitherside of th