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Why study verbs prepositions?Prepositions are one of the most difficult things to master in the Englishlanguage. They provide the “links” between the main words (nouns, verbs,and adjectives), but many English students have a hard time knowing whichpreposition to use in each situation.This uncertainty can lead to lack of confidence and being afraid to speak – orspeaking with lots of pauses as you try to think of the correct preposition.Unfortunately, it’s not easy to give specific rules for when to use eachpreposition – but most verbs have a preposition that usually goes together.Some verbs can go with multiple prepositions, and sometimes the prepositionmakes a difference in the meaning of the phrase.You can use this dictionary for learning typical verb-prepositioncombinations, as well as for reference. Each entry has an example sentenceand any notes or explanations that could help you understand better.The best way to remember these combinations of verbs and prepositions isnot only to study the list but also to create your own example sentences!Putting the verb preposition combination into practice immediately helpsyou memorize it more easily.If you have questions, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] luck with your English studies!English net Shayna Oliveira, 2012

Verb Prepositionaccount forExample SentenceNotesHow do you account for To "account for" is to explain orthe differences betweenprovide a reasonthe two financial reports?accuse (someone) ofDan accused Henry ofTo “accuse” is to say that someone(something)stealing money from the did something badcompany.adapt toWhen I moved to a different country, it was hard for me to adaptto the new culture.add (something) toI added some salt to the(something)soup to give it moreflavor.adjust toAfter I got divorced, I hadto adjust to life as asingle man.admire (someone)I admire Joanne for herfor (something)dedication.agree on (topic)My teacher and I agreeYou agree ON a noun: We agree onon the importance ofpolitics. We don't agree on religion.listening practice.agree to (doShe agreed to makeYou agree TO a verbsomething)cookies for the party.agree with (someone) I agree with you.You agree WITH a personapologize toBarbara apologized to(someone) for (doing her boss for being late tosomething)the meeting.apply to (a university I applied to the top/ program)university in the country- but I didn't get in.apply for (a job /Sandra applied for ascholarship)marketing job at amultinational company.approve ofMy parents don'tapprove of my newboyfriend.argue withI argued with myTo argue is to have a verbal conflict.(someone) aboutbusiness partner aboutThe noun form is "argument" and we(something)how much to invest inalso say "have an argument withadvertising.(someone)"arrange forWe'll arrange for a(someone) (to dobabysitter to take care ofsomething)the kids.arrest (someone) for Pat was arrested forTo "arrest" is when the police take a(something)driving without a license. person into the police station becausethey are suspected of some Shayna Oliveira, 2012

arrive at (a place)arrive in (a city,country)ask (someone) about(someone/topic)ask (someone) for(something)ask (someone) to (dosomething)base onbe accustomed tobe/get acquaintedwithbe addicted to(something)be afraid ofbe angry at/with(someone) for(something)be annoyed at/with(someone) for(something)be anxious about(something)be associated withbe aware ofbe blessed withbe bored withThis is often in the passive voice:"(Someone) was arrested for "By the time we arrived at the train station, our train had alreadyleft.I'll be arriving in Berlinon Thursday.She asked them aboutYou ask someone ABOUT (a topic)their plans for theholiday.I asked my classmate for You ask someone FOR (a noun)a pencil.The teacher asked me to You ask someone TO (a verb).make copies of theNever say "I asked to him "worksheet.Our conclusions arebased on scientificresearch.I'm from Ecuador, so I'm "I'm accustomed to" is the same asnot accustomed to the"I'm used to"cold weather!At the conference, I got acquainted with various leaders in theindustry.The rock star wasYou can also say you're "addicted to"addicted to heroin.interests (like music or sports) - it'snot only for drugs and alcohol!My 5-year-old daughter"Afraid of" is the same as "scared of"is afraid of the dark.Bob is angry at his son for driving his car without permission and crashing it.I'm annoyed at myhusband for forgetting towash the dishes.Everyone in the class isanxious about the finalexam.There are a number ofrisks associated withthe surgery.I'm not aware of anyproblems.We've been blessed withgood health and stablejobs.I'm bored with theNotice that after “annoyed/angry atsomeone for ” the verb is in the –INGform.To be “blessed with” something is tohave received something good /positive, which you’re thankful Shayna Oliveira, 2012

be capable of(something)be cluttered with(something)be committed tobe composed ofbe concerned aboutbe connected to/withbe content withbe dedicated tobe devoted tobe disappointedin/with (someone/something)be discouraged bybe done with(something)be dressed inbe engaged in(something)be engaged to(someone)be envious ofclasses I'm currentlytaking.This technology iscapable of changing theworld.The spare room is"Cluttered" means there are too manycluttered with myobjects in the space, and it'ssister's half-finished artdisorganized.projects.Our organization is committed to improving education in thecommunity.The group is composedof doctors and lawyers.I'm concerned about theincreasing violence inthis neighborhood.Less education isconnected with higherunemployment.The employees weren't content with the salary adjustments they wanted a bigger raise.Veronica is very dedicated to her job. She always does her bestwork.Frank is a great father;he's so devoted to hisfamily.We were disappointedin our son when he failedthree classes.I'm discouraged by thepoor results of themarketing campaign.I'm done with my work time to go home.The robbers weredressed in black.The company is engaged "Engaged in" is like "involved in"in a legal battle with oneof their competitors.My brother is engagedIf you are "engaged to" someone, itto a woman he met while means you are going to get marriedtraveling. They're getting to that personmarried next month.I'm envious of mysister's Shayna Oliveira, 2012

be equipped with(something)be excited aboutbe exposed tobe faced with(problem / dilemma/ decision)be faithful tobe familiar withbe famous forbe filled withbe finished withbe fond ofbe frightened bybe frightened ofbe grateful to(someone) for(something)be guilty of (a crime)be happy about(something)be innocent of(something)be interested in(something)be interested inThis building isequipped with a solarpower system.We're excited about ourupcoming trip aroundthe world.The children of smokersare exposed tosecondhand smoke.My family didn't have health insurance, and we were faced withenormous medical bills after my father got sick.He's faithful to his wife - he wouldn't get involved with anotherwoman.Sorry, I'm not familiar with that computer program. I've onlyused it once.That musician is famousfor her poetic song lyrics.The stores were filled with shoppers during the week beforeChristmas.Don't throw away thenewspaper - I'm notfinished with it yet.I'm quite fond ofTo be “fond of” something means youpeppermint tea. I drink it especially like it, you have analmost every day.emotional connection to it.My dog was frightenedby the fireworks, and hidunder the bed.Alex never talks to women because he’s too frightened ofrejection.I'm grateful to Sally forhelping me find a newapartment.The director was found"Guilty" is the opposite of "innocent"guilty of sexualharassment.My family wasn't happyabout my decision todrop out of college.I believe she's innocent of the charges - she doesn't seem like acriminal.I'm interested inphotography.Kevin keeps asking meIf you are "interested in" someone, Shayna Oliveira, 2012

(someone)out to lunch, but I'm notusually means you have romanticreally interested in him. interest in that personbe involved inTen politicians were(something)involved in the involved withSorry, I don't have any information - I'm not involved with jealous ofAll my colleagues are jealous of me because I have the known forThailand is known for its(something)beautiful limited toThis scholarship islimited to applicantsfrom made fromWine is made fromWe use "made from" when there is a(something)grapes.transformation in the process ofmaking the final productbe made of (material) This table is made ofWe use "made of" when talking aboutwood.the material (wood, metal, plastic,etc.)be married toMy cousin is married to(someone)a opposed toMany of the students areopposed to the newschool patient withThe teacher was very patient with me when I couldn't(someone)understand the pleased withAre you pleased withthe results of the project?be polite toThe woman wasn't very polite to me when I asked her for(someone) prepared forI didn't study, so I wasn'tprepared for the proud ofI'm proud of my daughter - she graduated with the highestgrades in her relevant toWhy are you talkingabout that? It's notrelevant to responsible forI'm responsible fortraining new satisfied withI wasn't satisfied withthe quality of scared ofMy wife is scared Shayna Oliveira, 2012

be terrified ofbe thankful forbe tired of (doingsomething)beg forbelieve inbelong tobenefit fromblame (someone) for(something)blame (something)on (someone)boast aboutborrow (something)from (someone)care about (someone/ something)care for (someone)don't care for(something)cater to (group ofpeople)charge (someone) for(something)spiders.I'm terrified of enclosed "Terrified" means EXTREMELYspaces - I can get panicscared or afraidattacks in an elevator.We're thankful for everyone who volunteered to help with theprogram.I want to buy a car. I'mtired of taking the bus.My ex-boyfriend begged To "beg" is to ask repeatedly with ame for another chance,lot of emotionbut I said therelationship was over.Do you believe in magic?No, that motorcycle's notmine. It belongs to mybrother.The local population willbenefit from the newhospital.He blamed the otherdriver for the caraccident.She blamed the mistakesin the article on theeditors.I hate talking to Ronald"Boasting" means to talk aboutbecause he's alwayssomething arrogantlyboasting about howmuch money he makes.I borrowed a dress from "Borrow" is the opposite of "lend"my sister.(when you borrow, you receive theobject temporarily)Our company caresabout the environment.Rachel is caring for herIt's also common to say "taking care95-year-oldof" a persongrandmother.I don't care for Mexican "I don't care for it" means "I don't likefood. It's too spicy for me. it very much."Most of the restaurants"Cater to" means to be specializedin this area cater totowards that group of peopletourists.The restaurant chargedIn this case, "charge" means tous for the water - Irequire money for a product orthought it Shayna Oliveira, 2012

charge (someone)with (something)choose between(someone/something) and(someone/something)collide withcome fromcomment oncommunicate with(someone)compare (someone/something) to/with(someone/something)compete withcomplain aboutcomplain to(someone) about(something)compliment(someone) on(something)concentrate onconfess toconfuse (someone/something) with(someone/complimentary!He was charged withIn this case, "charge" means whenassault with a deadlysomeone is formally accused of aweapon.crimeI'm trying to choose between Australia and New Zealand for mynext vacation.Eight people wereinjured when a buscollided with a car.The world's bestchocolate comes fromBelgium.A number of peoplecommented on my newhaircut.The company needs tocommunicate withcustomers.Organic food is expensivecompared to nonorganic food.Pepsi launched a newtype of soda to competewith Coca-Cola.We complained aboutthe slow service in therestaurant.We complained to the manager about the slow service in therestaurant.George complimentedErica on her ability tospeak French.We're trying to do too many things; we need to concentrate onone project at a time.The scientist confessedTo "confess" is to admit that you didto lying about the results something wrong, or reveal a secretof his research.You're confusing a laptop with a netbook - they're two differenttypes of Shayna Oliveira, 2012

something)congratulate(someone) for/on([doing] something)consent to(something)consist ofcontribute to(something)convict (someone) of(something)convince (someone)tocope withcount oncover in/withcrash intocure (someone) of(something)deal withdecide againstdecide between(someone/something) and(someone/something)decide onWe congratulatedVanessa on herpromotion.The director consentedto the employees'proposal.My CD collectionconsists of jazz andclassic rock music.Stress can contribute tovarious health problems.He was convicted ofchild abuse.My wife convinced meto take dance lessons.Psychologists can helppeople cope withtragedies.I'm counting on you tofinish the work bytomorrow.The mountains arecovered with snow.A drunk driver crashedinto a tree near myhouse.The antibiotics cured herof the infection.When someone is "convicted," itmeans they are found guilty of acrime"Cope with" means to deal withsomething and emotionally process it- usually a negative thing"Count on" is like "depend on""Cure of" is used with diseases, butcan also be used with bad habits "Working as a journalist cured me