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Important Customer InformationBefore you begin using your new phoneIncluded in the box with your phone are separate information leaflets. Theseleaflets provide you with important information regarding your new device.Please read all of the information provided. This information will help you toget the most out of your phone, reduce the risk of injury, avoid damage toyour device, and make you aware of legal regulations regarding the use ofthis device.It’s important to review the Product Safety and Warranty Information guidebefore you begin using your new phone. Please follow all of the productsafety and operating instructions and retain them for future reference.Observe all warnings to reduce the risk of injury, damage, and legalliabilities.1

2Table of ContentsImportant Customer Information.1Table of Contents.2Feature Highlight.5Using the Stylus Pen. 5Camera features. 6Google Assistant.7Fingerprint recognition. 8Multi-tasking feature.12The Basics. 14Phone Overview.14Installing the SIM card and memory card.18Removing the memory card.19Charging Your Phone.20Turning Your Phone On and Off.22Touch Screen.23Getting to Know the Home Screen. 27Setting Your Lock Screen.36Memory card encryption.38Entering text.39Capturing a Screenshot.44Content sharing.44Useful App. 45App Shortcuts.45Audio Recorder.46Calculator.46Camera. 47Clock.58Contacts.60Gallery.63Game Launcher.64Messaging.65Music.68Phone. 70QuickMemo . 75

Table of ContentsVoicemail. 77Google Apps. 78Settings. 80Settings.80Network & internet.80Connected per & theme.92Lock screen & security.93Privacy.96Location. 97Extensions.98Application manager. 100Battery. 100Storage. 101Accounts. 102Digital Wellbeing & parental controls. 102Google. 102System. 103System updates. 105Accessibility. 105User guide. 108Appendix.109Phone software update. 109Anti-Theft Guide. 110Open Source Software Notice Information. 110Regulatory Information (FCC ID number, etc.). 111Trademarks. 111Laser Safety Statement. 112More information. 1123

4Table of ContentsSafety.114Safety Information. 114Consumer Information about Radio Frequency Emissions. 115Consumer Information on SAR. 118FCC Hearing-Aid Compatibility (HAC) Regulations for Wireless Devices. 120Caution! Avoid Potential Hearing Loss. 122TIA Safety Information. 123Part 15.19 Statement. 126Part 15.21 Statement. 126Part 15.105 Statement. 126Safety Information.127FDA Consumer Update. 132LIMITED WARRANTY - USA .144

Feature HighlightUsing the Stylus PenYou can create a memo using the stylus. With the Pen Pop feature, you canquickly access Memo apps when you pull the stylus pen out.: Hides/displays the Pen Pop options. Touch and hold the icon todelete or move it. New memo: Opens the new memo feature to allow you to write amemo. GIF Capture: Opens the screen recorder to create an animated GIFfile. After adjusting the size and location of the frame, tapRecord. Youcan record up to 15 seconds. Draw chat: Opens Draw chat to allow you to draw and share withothers. When you start drawing, it automatically records. TapSave tosave your drawing. Then, tapShare to share it. The drawing chat filewill be saved as a GIF in Gallery. Swift Text: On a screen where you are entering text, you can enterthe text using the pen. (Network connection is required.) Screen Memo: You can instantly take notes using the stylus pen.5

6Feature HighlightCamera featuresPortraitYou can create an artistic portrait photo, whereby the subject is in focus andthe background is blurred. You can also edit the image by applying lightingor color effect to the background.NOTES While taking a photo, keep the distance to your subject to 1.3 5 feet. This feature is not available if the surroundings are too dark.1. On the home screen, tapCamera, and tap Portrait.2. Drag the slide bar to the left or right to adjust the blur strength.Adjust blur strength.3. When Portrait is available. appears on the screen, taptake a photo.Capture to The Portrait feature may not work if the camera cannot recognize thesubject.

Feature HighlightDTS:X 3D SurroundThe 3D surround sound feature allows you to enjoy stereophonic andimmersive sound while playing or video. TapSettings Sound Sound quality and effects DTS:X 3DSurround and tapON/OFF to activate it.You must connect an external audio device by wire to use this feature, which doesnot support wireless devices or Bluetooth devices.NOTEGoogle AssistantGoogle Assistant overviewYour device has the built-in Google Assistant feature. Find answers and getthings done while on-the-go.To use this feature, first connect to the network and sign in to your Google Account.NOTESign in1. Press the Google Assistant key on the left side of the device.orSwipe diagonally from a bottom edge of the screen.2. Follow the on-screen instructions. The device saves your voice data for recognition.3. Set whether to use the voice match unlock function. If you use the voice match unlock function, you can unlock the deviceeven when the device screen is turned off or the device is charging bysaying “OK Google” or “Hey Google”.NOTES This feature may be more vulnerable to security than the other screen locks, such asPattern, PIN, and Password. When a similar voice or your recorded voice is used, the screen may be unlocked. To use this feature, tapSettings Lock screen & security Secure lock settings Smart Lock, and then use the screen lock method you set to unlock the device. TapON/OFF, then enter theVoice Match Unlock with Voice Match, and tapcurrently used unlock method again. Note that Swipe is excluded. You need to unlock the device by using the specified method if you fail to unlock thedevice with voice recognition. See Setting a Screen Lock for details.4. Tap Save.7

8Feature HighlightAccessing by Voice1. When the home screen is turned off or locked, say “OK Google” or“Hey Google”.2. When the Google Assistant screen appears, say a command or ask aquestion.Accessing from Home Screen or Any Other Screen1. Press the Google Assistant key on the left side of the device.orSwipe diagonally from a bottom edge of the screen.2. Say a command or question when you seescreen.NOTEon the bottom of theVoice recognition accuracy may decrease if you speak with an unclear voice or in anoisy place. When you use the voice recognition feature, increase its accuracy byspeaking with a clear voice in a quiet place.Fingerprint recognitionFingerprint recognition overviewYou must register your fingerprint on your device first before using thefingerprint recognition function.You can use the fingerprint recognition function in the following cases: To unlock the screen. To view locked contents in Gallery or QuickMemo . Confirm a purchase by signing