Standard Operating ProcedureSOP-HR-004: Employee Personal FileDate of Issue01/10/2014Issued ByGeneral ManagerRev. No. & DateNewReview AuthorityAGMValid Up to30/09/2015Implemented ByHR ManagerDepartmentHRIntended AudienceHR Department1. Purpose:The purpose of this SOP is to maintain all the relevant documents of an employee thatgoverns the employment condition within World Class Resorts Private Limited. Thedocuments can be classified as below: Documents related to previous employment Documents related to the employee qualifications Documents related to the conduct of the employee Documents related to the disciplinary proceedings Documents related to benefits and perks and performance review etc.This SOP also authorises the Human Resources Manager to open an individual file peremployee on the first day of his employment and collect the relevant documents within 7days of his / her joining the organization. The employee personal files should be maintainedby World Class Resorts Private Limited for a period of 10 years from the last day of workingof the employee.2. SOP In Nut EmployeePersonal FilePerformanceReviewLeaveRecordsPay andBenefitsSOP-HR-004Employee Personal FilePage 1 of 6

Standard Operating ProcedureSOP-HR-004: Employee Personal FileThe important aspects of this SOP are summarized below: Collect the necessary documents from the employee HR is the custodian of the personal file Open a personal file for each employee and the following documents shall be filed inthe personal file with the help of department heads. Training documents Disciplinary proceeding documents Awards and recognition Legal related issues Resignation letter or termination letter3. Procedure:a) As soon as the employee joins World Class Resorts Private Limited he/she shallsubmit the documents indicated in this SOP to the Human Resources departmentwithin 7 days of joining.b) File opening: The employee personal file is the standard office file where thedocuments can be doubled-punched and filed. The details as indicated in Form-HR003 shall be written on the face of the file. Except the contract labour, personalemployee file shall be opened for Permanent, Temporary and Probationer employees.c) All current employee personal files shall be stored in the same place in the order oftheir employee numbers or ID.d) Human resources department is the custodian of the employee personal file. ExceptDirectors and Deputy General Manager of World Class Resorts Private Limited noone else is authorized to access these files.e) The personal files shall never leave the HR department at any circumstances.Whenever there is a need to carry the personal file outside of HR department then itshould be accompanied by HR Manager or HR Executive until the safe return of thefile to the HR department.f) There are two categories of employee personal files. The first one is of the currentemployees and the second is of the former employees, who have resigned or havebeen terminated from World Class Resorts Private Limited.g) Only the current employee personal files need to be maintained in HR departmentand the former employee personal files shall be preserved in the designated recordroom for a period of 10 years from the last working date of that employee.h) Collecting the document is the sole responsibility of the head of the departmentwhich is hiring the employee and the human resources department.i) To collect the documents Human Resources department shall inform the head of thedepartment frequently, but the concerned head of the department should play anactive role to comply with this requirement.j) The following documents shall be submitted by the employee within 7 days of joiningWorld Class Resorts Private Limited Academic certificates Relieving certificate from previous employer Experience certificates from previous employments Resume with a passport size colour photographSOP-HR-004Employee Personal FilePage 2 of 6

Standard Operating ProcedureSOP-HR-004: Employee Personal File k)l)m)n)o)p)q)r)s)A signed copy of the acknowledgement page of HandbookGovernment issue ID proof such as passport, PAN card, driving license andAadhar Proof of date of birth Salary certificates from previous employment No objection certificate from the nearest police station where the candidateresided at least 3 years Proof of permanent residential address – Government ID proof required Proof of current residential address – Government ID proof requiredThe following documents shall be maintained by the HR in the employee personalfile. All these details shall be printed out from IDS at the end of December and filed inthe employee personal file as a hard copy. Salary and wage payments Leave recordsBenefits availed by the employee shall be recorded in the personal file immediatelyupon sanctioning the benefit.All types of training that were provided to the employee shall be endorsed in theForm-HR-004 and shall be filed in the personal file. It is not necessary that only thetrainings that were provided by World Class Resorts Private Limited need to beincluded in the endorsements, but the trainings that were undergone by the employeeon their own shall also be included. The types of training are Orientation training Department trainings Training by external consultants Training provided by an academic institutionAn endorsement shall be made by the HR on Form-HR-005 to indicate the awardsand recognition received by the employee during his employment with World ClassResorts Private Limited.Any legal related issue such as police complaints and court orders shall be filed in thepersonal file.All disciplinary actions related documents such as Inspection reports Memo issued to the employee Response provided by the employee Any appeals made by the employee and subsequent decision Punishment awarded to the employee Termination letterThe resignation letter submitted by the employee shall be filed in the employeepersonal file.All the settlement and benefits provided to the employee after separation shall berecorded / filed in the personal file.In case of a resigned or terminated employee the files shall be transferred to therecord room only after completing all the formalities of that employee in the personalfile.SOP-HR-004Employee Personal FilePage 3 of 6

Standard Operating ProcedureSOP-HR-004: Employee Personal Filet) HR should collect the nomination form from all the employees once in a year and fileit in the employee personal file. When filing a new nomination form, the oldnomination form shall be discarded. The nomination shall be obtained in Form-HR007.u) In case if the existing file of an employee is not sufficient to store the documents, HRcan open additional files and should follow the same procedure as opening a new file.v) Some employees may take undue time to submit the documents. In those cases, thehead of the department should act firm. If the employee is providing trivial reasonsthen disciplinary is the course of action.w) Some employees may not be able to provide some documents such as Government IDProofs. In such cases HR can advise them to get one within a reasonable time frame.x) Not all employees need to submit all the documents that are indicated in this SOP.The HR Manager should reasonably apply his experience to ask for the relevantdocuments. It depends on the skill set and sensitivity of the position.4. Relevant Forms:Form-HR-003: Employee Personal File LabelThis form shall be followed in recording the details on the employee personal file. The formcontains the following details of the employee. First name Last name Employee ID Date of Birth Date of Joining World Class Resorts Private Limited Department Date of Last Working Day Date of DiscardForm-HR-004: Employee Training RecordThis form shall be used to record the training details of the employee and shall be filed in therespective employee’s personal file. Employee ID Name (First, Last) Name of Training Performance CommentsForm-HR-005: Awards and Recognition Employee ID Name (First, Last) Name of Event Event Performance CommentsSOP-HR-004Employee Personal FilePage 4 of 6

Standard Operating ProcedureSOP-HR-004: Employee Personal FileForm-HR-006: SOP Compliance Report SOP No & Name Records reviewed Compliance Non-Compliance Action TakenForm-HR-007: Nomination Form Name of the employee Employee ID Address Nominee details5. Frequency Of Review:Once in every three months, the Human Resources Manager or someone in that capacityshall review the employee personal files and take necessary action to collect the pendingdocuments that need to be collected from the respective employee. Employees who fail tosubmit the required documents that govern his/her employment within World Class ResortsPrivate Limited shall be progressively advised through the below steps: Verbal warning– First time Memo for calling explanation– Second time Removal from service– Third timeNot submitting the documents that forms part of the employment condition amounts todisciplinary action. This review shall happen on 15th of January, April, July and October. Incase if the review date falls on a holiday, the review shall happen the next working day.6. Relevant Reports:Based on the review conduced every three months, the Human Resources Manager shallsubmit a report to the General Manager regarding the level of compliance with this SOP. Thereport shall be prepared in Form-HR-006.7. ERP System:a) All employee details shall be updated in the Employee Master file in IDS.b) Maintaining the details in IDS doesn’t exonerate the provisions indicated in this SOP.c) Whenever there is a conflict between the details in IDS and Employee Personal file,the HR Executive should investigate the reason for the difference and resolve it.SOP-HR-004Employee Personal FilePage 5 of 6

Standard Operating ProcedureSOP-HR-004: Employee Personal File8. Interpretations:a) For clarifications related to this SOP, please speak to your HR Manager.b) In case of multiple interpretations of any provisions of this SOP then clarificationscan be sought from HR Manager then General Manager in that order.9. List of Human Resources :Recruitment ProcessJoining FormalitiesNew Employee OrientationEmployee Personal FileSalary Processing and DisbursementProvident FundESIEmployee BenefitsTracking Items Issued to EmployeesLeavesWorld Class Resorts Code of ConductGrievance and Complaints ProcedurePerformance Appraisal, Increment and PromotionGrooming StandardsHealth and SafetyInteraction with Guest, Managers and ColleaguesList of EmployeesAttendance and Time OfficeAsset RegisterProfessional Development and TrainingDisciplinary ProceedingsRetention and Exit PolicyTransfer PolicyTravel Reimbursement PolicyRewards and RecognitionEmployee Suggestion SchemeIT, Internet, Email and Social Media Policy*****SOP-HR-004Employee Personal FilePage 6 of 6