CT20 Barcode ScannerUser Manual

IMPORTANT NOTICESafety Precaution* DO NOT disassemble the scanner, or place foreign matter into the scanner cause ashort circuit or circuit damage.* DO NOT expose the scanner or battery to any flammable sources.Maintenances Precaution* Use a clean cloth to wipe dust off the body of the scanner.* If you find the scanner abnormal, write down the specific scenario and consult themaintenance person.Enviromental Paramenter0 to 50 ºC / 32 to 122 ºF0 to 50 ºC / 32 to 122 ºFOperating Humidity 20 - 85% (non-condensing)Storage Humidity20 - 85% (non-condensing)Operating Temp.Storage Temp.2

ContentsIMPORTANT NOTICE. 2Safety Precaution. 2Maintenances Precaution. 2Enviromental Paramenter.2Contents.3Overview of CT20 Barcode Scanner. 5Features of the Scanner. 5Appearance.5Introduction of Key Function.6Specifications. 6Correct Aiming.7Incorrect Aiming. 7QUICK START. 8Enter the Setting Mode. 9Exit the Setting Mode with Save. 9Exit the Setting Mode without Save. 10Restore Factory Defaults.10Check Software Version.10Save Custom Settings.11Chapter 1 Features and Basic Setups.121.1 Battery. 131.1.1 Mounting the battery (charging). 131.1.2 How to operate CT20 Barcode Scanner. 131.1.3 Auto Power Off. 141.2 Transmit Buffer. 151.2.1 Inventory Mode.161.3 LED Indicator. 171.4 Beeper. 181.4.1 Beeper Volume. 191.5 Scan Modes. 201.5.1 Manual Mode. 201.5.2 Continuous Mode.211.5.3 Auto Power Off Mode.221.5.4 Auto-induction Mode.241.6 Symbologies Supported. 251.7 USB Wired Data Transmission. 25Chapter 2 How to Connect with BT. 262.1. Select Output Interface. 272.1.1 BT SPP Mode.272.1.2 BT HID Mode. 273

2.2 Setting up a BT connection.282.3 Connect to PC via BT. 292.4 Connect to PDA via BT. 352.4.1 One-click Android Connection. 392.4.2 One-click iOS Connection. 422.4.3 Connect via BT Input Method. 45Chapter 3 SYMBOLOGY SETTINGS. 543.1 CODABAR. 553.2 CODE 25 –INDUSTRIAL25.563.3 CODE 25 –INTERLEAVED 25. 573.4 CODE 25 –MATRIX 25. 583.5 CODE 25-STANDARD 25.593.6 CODE 39.603.6.1 Enable/Disable Code 39.603.6.2 START/STOP Transmission. 603.6.3 Checksum Verification.613.6.4 STANDARD/FULL ASCII CODE 39. 623.7 CODE 93.623.7 CODE 93.633.8 Code 128. 643.9 EAN-8. 653.9.1 Enable/Disable EAN-8. 653.9.2 Convert to EAN-13.653.9.3 Checksum Transmission. 663.10 EAN-13. 673.10.1 Enable/Disable EAN-13. 673.10.2 Convert to ISBN. 673.10.3 Checksum Transmission. 683.11 UPC-A.693.11.1 UPC-A Output ‘0’. 693.11.2 UPC-A Checksum Transmission. 693.12 UPC-E. 703.12.1 Enable/Disable UPC-E. 703.12.2 UPC-E Checksum Transmission. 703.13 MSI.713.14 CODE 11. 72Chapter 4 DEFINING OUTPUT FORMAT. 734.1 CODE ID.744.2 Suffix Code of Barcode Settings. 75APPENDIX I. 7645

Overview of CT20 Barcode ScannerCT20 Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner,which is developed by our company, is acost effective,small size, light weight, fits ergonomically,easy to carry ,1D bar codescanner.CT20 bar code scan parts using the 1D bar code scanning solutions of red light barcode scanning patent technology of CILICO, Using 630nm red light indicates a CCDimaging technology and intelligent image recognition system, integratinghigh-performance processor and decoded board, with ability to read fast decoding andhigh precision, high resistance to environmental interference. It can easily read the barcode on the paper, merchandise,etc.The barcode scanning distance is much improvedthan similar products, it scanning very fast, reading bar code highly exactly.CT20 Bluetooth barcode scanner has internal long distance wireless Bluetooth ,and itcan compatible with laptops, desktops or other real-time data transmission Bluetoothdevices. The power source of it is a pair of replaceable AA batteries, When you'reoutside of BT, the 256K memory can store tens of thousands of scanned informationto ensure that your data is securityFeatures of the Scanner*Small size, portable.*Supports three scan modes, including Continuous Mode, Manual Mode, Auto-off Mode*Supports most popular barcode symbologies*User feedback via LED indicator and beeper*The voice volume of scan barcode successfully could change via setting barcode*Built-in 128 KB Flash memory can store up to thousand scan barcodes.*Provides 2 KB memory for reserve buffer while Bluetooth connection interrupt, can storeup to 110 scan barcodes.* Supports BT SPP.* Supports BT HID.* Programmable parameters include data output format, editing format, symbologies, etc.5

AppearanceIntroduction of Key Function6

Note: Press Power button turn on/offTurn off the scanner,press the mutifunction with Power button to clear the lastest pairinformation of record in the CT20.Press the multifunction to send the recorded bar code.After turn off the scanner,press the scan button with Power button to clear the recording bar codeand turn on the scanner.SpecificationsRadio range10m visual rangeBluetoothBluetooth class 2. 0 virsion EDRSensor2500 pixelsCommunication modeSPP ,HIDLight sourceRed light LED 630 20nmDecode capacityCodabar,Code 11,Code 93,MSI,Code128,UCC/EAN-128,Code 39,EAN-8,EAN-13,UPC-A,ISBN,Industrial 25,Industrial 25、Standard 25,2/5 MatrixResolution5milScan distance6 30cmScan t contrast ratio30%Cylinder Horizontal scanDiameter35mmOperating Temp.0 to 50 ºC / 32 to 122 ºFStorage Temp.0 to 50 ºC / 32 to 122 ºFOperating Humidity20 - 85% (non-condensing)Storage Humidity20 - 85% (non-condensing)Correct Aiming7

Incorrect AimingQUICK STARTThe setting of the CT20 Barcode Scanner can be changed by reading the setup barcodescontained in this manual. This section describes the procedure of setting the CT20Barcode Scanner by reading the setup barcodes and provides some exampl