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Designed toSupportHistoryFounded in 1981, Magnum Piering was one of the very firstfoundation repair system manufacturers in the UnitedStates. The Magnum Hydraulic Push Piering System wasthe company’s flagship product line and we have beenbuilding on this success for over 35 years. Our storycontinued to reach new heights in 2017 with the openingof our new manufacturing facility located in Cincinnati,Ohio. This equips us to be at the forefront of cutting-edgefoundation product development.SupportWe know that your success is greatly influenced by thesupport we provide. We are always available to assist withproduct designs, technical support, engineering servicesand sales support. Our Installer Certification processconsists of a one day classroom training session and oneday on-site training with our field support engineer on oneof your project locations.ResponseProviding the best, most accessible and responsive teamof engineers in the industry is what it takes to be anindustry leader. Our entire support team will be availableto you whenever it is needed.Engineering TeamMagnum Piering employs a team of structural andgeotechnical engineers that are ready and willing tohelp with project submittals and design-build supportfor foundation, shoring, underpinning, repair and earthretention projects. Magnum Piering’s engineers arelicensed in 37 states and 1 Canadian province. We alsofrequently provide support and advice to other engineersand architects working throughout the world.Director of EngineeringMagnum employs the best in the business when it comesto deep foundations. Dr. Howard Perko PE has beenstudying deep foundation solutions for over 25 years.He has authored the ONLY textbook currently availableon helical pile design and installation. As a co-author ofthe ICC-ES AC358, the originating author to IBC2009regarding helical piles, a previous chairman for helicalpiles within DFI, and current board of trustee member ofthe DFI, Howard is an asset to all of our installers.2

Quality andTrustICC-ES ProvenThe International Code Councildevelops the model codes andstandards used in the design,build and compliance process.This is important to pileinstallers because it ensuresthrough independent testing that the load capacities themanufacturers claim are true. Multiple Magnum productsare supported by an ICC report, with more coming in thefuture. All of our products are built to meet or exceedICC-ES AC358 standards.ISO 9001:2015We have established and maintainedthe uniform quality managementsystem standards set forth by theInternational Organization forStandardization (ISO). This allows usto ensure the consistent high qualityproducts our installer’s have come toexpect.On TimeWe take pride in being capable to ship our most commonproducts within 24-48 hours due to our on-site inventoryprogram. Products not in stock or large orders can beproduced quickly in our our state-of-the-art100,000 square foot manufacturing facility.Better SteelAll of our 3.00” diameter helical pile and pushpier products and many of our other products aremanufactured from ASTM A513 steel tubing. Thispremium steel tubing has higher carbon and alloycontent, which gives the steel greater strength. A513tube is also manufactured with much higher tolerancesthan ordinary pipe to provide a tighter fit. The entireMagnum product line is manufactured using only new USsteel that qualifies for all “Buy American” projects.TrustMagnum warrants its products, parts, and components tobe free from defects in materials for a period of 10 yearsfrom the date of sale. We warrant our workmanship aswell, so you can trust all of Magnum Piering’s products tobe the best possible. See our full warranty statement

Why Magnum Push PiersMagnum has worked with our engineers and installersfrom around the country to continuously improve oursystem in order to provide the fastest and highest qualitypush pier system available. When you utilize our platebracket during your install, it completely eliminatesdigging under the footer. Our entire line of foundationbrackets attach to the faced footer with expansionanchors. The Magnum ram simply fastens to the bracketby use of a safety bolt. Once the ram is safely securedto the bracket, you can begin driving one of our pushpier sections. The ID coupler makes for quick installas the tubing slides together and transfers the weightfrom one section to the next evenly. After reaching andtesting a load bearing stratum, the structure can besimultaneously lifted with the same rams the piers weredriven with. When the lift or stabilization is complete, theMagnum Lock Off System makes for an easy completionof the pier. With the ram still attached, the installer drillsdirectly into the pier through predrilled holes in thecollar. After fastening 1 to 3 bolts to ensure no movementof the pier, remove the rams and your job is complete.Cut install times by up to half using Magnum Push PierSystems.Link multiplerams to allow forsimultaneous liftMagnum Rampushes 36”sections of pushpipeHow it works:1Expose and face footer even withthe load bearing wall.2Fasten the bracket to the footer using the proper amount ofwedge anchors for the load.3Secure the ram to the bracketwith a safety bolt.4Drive the 36” pier sections connecting them with the ID couplersystem5Once load bearing stratum isreached and has been held, usethe same ram to lift the structure.6After all piers are driven and tested, the same rams can be used tolift the structure.7Drill pier and lock in place usingthe proper amount ofbolts for the load.4Ram connects directlyto the repair bracketsMagnum high strengthASTMA513 steel tubeID Coupler Connection,sections slide togetherFriction Lead reducessoil friction

Helical PilesMagnum Helical PilesNew constructionpile capWe design helical piles for a rapid andprecise install in the most questionable soilconditions. Our patented Dual Cutting EdgeHelix helps cut through material with a blowcount of N 100. Combine this withour moment balanced helices andyou will achieve an extremelyaccurate install with minimalto no walking or wobbling ofthe pile during installation. Our 3inch product line offers 4 differentsolutions depending on your loadcapacity and all are equipped witha single bolt connection to speed upthe installation process. Once the pilehas reached termination, the pile cap isfixed to the pile and the next stage ofconstruction can immediately begin.Magnum new USASTMA513 SteelTubeSingle boltconnection forcouplingPatented DualCutting Edge(or DCE) cutsthrough cobbleand densesoilsConforming helixto provide truecapacity totorque ratioMomentbalanced helicesfor improvedinstallation5

Settlement AroundWindows: Gaps betweenWalls and Windows.Settlement Cracks: Stairstep, vertical, or horizontalcracking on the exterior walls.Poor Draining: Improperdrainage of rainwater awayfrom the house can cause thesoil to become saturated.Plumbing Leaks: Leakingwater can be absorbed in claysoil and cause heaving, or itcan disrupt the strength ofsoils and cause settlement.Cohesive (Expansive) Soils

Interior Doors and Windows:Corners of re-entrant doors andwindows develop cracks in the drywallExterior Door Framing:Increasing gaps between thedoor and the frame can causethe door to not latch properly.Evaporation: Hot, dry, windyconditions cause evaporation from thesoil weakening their capacitiesTree Roots: As trees growtheir roots pull more moistureout of the soil changing the soilconditions around the home.Basement Wall Failure: Inward bowingcaused by hydrostatic pressure.

Push PiersA push pier is a deepfoundation pier thatis hydraulically driveninto the ground whilemonitoring pressure.The pressure can beconverted to determinehow much load each piercan hold. The installationprocess essentially“load tests” each pierby placing the pressuredirectly to the top. Whenthe pier is completedthe load is transferreddirectly down the shaftto the base of thepier creating an “endbearing” pier.Helical PilesA helical pile is a deep foundationpile that is screwed into the groundwhile monitoring the amount ofpressure or torque it requires toadvance. The amount of torque canthen be converted to confirm theload that the pile can hold. Whenthe pile is completed the load fromthe structure is transferred to thebearing elements (helices) anddistributed in a downward coneshape.8

UnderpinningMagnum helical piles are a great optionfor underpinning if you are dealing with alightweight structure such as a screened-inporch or when push piers are being drivendeeper than expected. After the footer hasbeen exposed and faced you simply screw thepile into the soil until you achieve the requiredtorque to support the load. Slide the bracketdown the tube and fasten to the footer usingthe proper anchors. You can now use yourMagnum Ram to lift the structure and lock itoff simply with the Magnum Lock Off System.If you are not equipped with a Magnum Ramyou can utilize the lifting bracket with thehelical piles to repair the foundation.LiftingBracket Gusseted Angle Bracket withlifting assembly attached Lock off pile using the T-Baror Magnum Lock Off Systemfor convenience9

Tie Back AnchorsTie-back anchors provide a solution to bowing basement walls andfailing retaining walls. Tie-back caps combined with Magnum helicalpiers transfer the tension of the load back into the soil preventing wallsfrom failing. The Magnum Support Team will ensure that you have thecorrect combination of helical pile and tie-back cap for all of your jobs.Soil NailSoil nailing is the process of using helical shafts to reinforce slopes orblocks of soil for earth retention and stabilization. Helical bearing platesare spaced along the entire length of the shaft for continuous bondingwith the soil. Soil nails permit the use of a relatively thin shotcrete orsteel mesh (as seen below) to prevent raveling between nails. With afixed length, it also allows for use of an integrated thread bar adapter.Installation is very quick with no waiting for grout to set and there are noissues with caving soils and/or ground water.10

Basement Beam SystemWhen the use of helical tie back anchors is not anoption, you can stabilize or repair bowing basementwalls by utilizing the Magnum basement beams andbasement beam brackets. If you are attemptingto straighten the wall, the static pressure must bealleviated by trenching the soil along the outside. Thewall beams get secured directly to the floor or footerusing expansion anchors. In the above floor joist cavity,install the Magnum Basement Beam Bracket and beginto apply pressure by tightening down the screw jack.Crawl Space Support PostFor sunken floors over a crawlspace, Magnum offers a provenrepair product. Once the floor is leveled, our support posts areinstalled to provide the proper stabilization. After designing alayout for the posts, you will need to build a pad out of angulargravel for the base to sit on for stability and proper draining.With the base in place, measure the height that you need andcut the tube to length. Adjust the height of the upper portionuntil the plate is snug against the I-beam or floor joist and foldthe flanges to secure.11

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