Portable VentilatorProduct Catalog

WELCOMEFor more than 90 years, COPPUS portableventilators and cooling products have beenrecognized as leaders in providing reliable,ventilation to meet the demands of safety andmaintenance personnel around the world inrefineries, chemical plants, steel mills, papermills, utilities, fabrication shops, and a host ofother industries including construction, railroads,airlines, shipbuilding, marine and food/beverageprocessing.

COPPUSJECTAIR HP ANDHORNET HP HIGHPERFORMANCE,HIGHLY EFFICIENTVENTURI AIR MOVERSThe unmatched performance of theCOPPUS Jectair HP is recognizedthroughout the industry. When comparedwith older-style air horns, the patentedair mixing chamber of the Jectair HP canproduce up to a 40:1 air flow conversionand up to 26 percent savings on compressed air consumption (see efficiencyperformance charts on next page).OPERATING PRINCIPLECompressed air or steam is admitted into the Jectair through a single inlet connectionin the housing leading to the mixing chamber. The air or steam jetted from the nozzlecreates a “Venturi” action that induces a large volume of surrounding air to enter theJectair through the aerodynamic inlet bell. The air is then discharged at high velocitythrough the horn-shaped diffuser.NOTE: Operating efficiency depends on compressed air volume and pressure(see efficiency performance charts on next page).FEATURESJECTAIR HORNET FEATURESThe Jectair Hornet HP features a lightweight, shockresistant, conductive polymer diffuser that is virtuallyindestructable Available in three sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP, and 6-HP Polymer safely dissipates static electricity charges Diffuser is constructed of linear low-densitypolyethylene, rated UL 94-V2 with maximumoperating temperature of 160 degreesFahrenheit (93 degrees Celcius) Available in five sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP, 6-HP,8, or 9 High-performance (HP) and Hornet modelsavailable in three sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP, and6-HP Air flows range from 1,370 to 8,900 cfm(2,328 to 15,121 m3/hr) Induction ratios up to 40:1 Multiple expansion nozzles machined intohousing High static pressure capabilities Diffuser material available in steel, aluminumor shock-resistant polymer (Hornet HP) No moving parts (virtually maintenence-free) Static bonding cable (standard on allmodels) with spring tension grip andreplaceable contact tips Accepts flexible duct on diffuser end (optionalduct adapter for inlet end available) Tripod for stationary mounting available (seeaccessories, page 17)COPPUS JECTAIR HP AND HORNET HP

PERFORMANCE THROUGH VARIOUS LENGTHS OFFLEXIBLE DUCT AT 80 PSIG (7 KG/CM2)EFFICIENCY PERFORMANCEINDUCTION RATIO cfm of total airflow/cfm of compresed airINLET PRESSURE60 psig4,2 kg/cm2INLET PRESSURE80 psig5,6 kg/cm2INLET PRESSURE100 psig7 kg/cm2High static pressure capabilities of the Jectair HP air mover permit use of long runs of flexible duct on outlet or inlet diffuserDUCTFREE AIR20-ft /6 m30-ft / 9 m40-ft / 12 m50-ft / 15 mMODELdiameter cfm (m3/hr) cfm (m3/hr) cfm (m3/hr)cfm (m3/hr)cfm (m3/hr)MODELAIR FLOWcfm (m3/hr)AIR CONSUMED(scfm)INDUCTION RATIO3S-HP1370(2328)47(80)29.13-HP8-in(203 )3-HP1520(2595)47(80)32.36-HP12-in(305 83)6-HP3980(6762)98(167)40.6814-in(356 8241)85600(9515)178(302)31.5914-in(356 )6000(10,195)96880(11,096)265(450)25.8MODELAIR FLOWcfm (m3/hr)AIR CONSUMED(scfm)INDUCTION 96)26.898000(13,592)366(571)23.8MODELAIR FLOWcfm (m3/hr)AIR CONSUMED(scfm)INDUCTION ECTAIR 38088JECTAIR 88094JECTAIR 36085JECTAIR 86091JECTAIR 34081JECTAIR 84087JECTAIR 68092JECTAIR 98095JECTAIR 66089JECTAIR 96092JECTAIR 64085JECTAIR 94088BoltCircleCAEBonding cableMounting slotsMOUNTING (1123)814.0(356)914.0(356) Use bonding cables (standard on all COPPUS Jectair airmovers) when operating in hazardous locations toprevent static electricity discharges Secure unit before admitting compressed air (or steam)to prevent damage or injury from high-reaction force Do not allow solid objects or debris to enter inlethousing during operation When exhausting fumes from an enclosed vessel, takecare not to create a vacuum that could collapse thevesselITEMDBMODELMaximum operating pressure of 150 psig on compressed air or steamSAFETY PRECAUTIONSCompressedAir Inlet (NPT)EWt.No.Width6.5(165)30.4(10)6 lbs(2, 7 kg)0.5(13)6.5(165)30.4(10)9 lbs(4, 1 kg)11.5(292)1(25)10.8(274)30.4(10)21 lbs(9, 5 kg)46.0(1168)14.3(363)1(25)13.5(343)30.5(13)35 lbs(15, 9 kg)46.0(1168)16.8(427)1(25)15.3(387)100.9(23)42 lbs(19, 0 kg)BLOCKED TIGHT STATIC PRESSUREINLET PRESSUREMODEL60 psig(4,2 kg/cm2)80 psig(5,6 kg/cm2)100 psig(7 kg/cm2)3S-HP5.8-in(147 mm)7.5-in(191 mm)8.9-in(224 mm)3-HP5.8-in(147 mm)7.5-in(191 mm)8.9-in(224 mm)6-HP4.3-in(109 mm)5.6-in(132 mm)6.7-in(170 mm)83.9-in(99 mm)5.2-in(132 mm)6.2-in(157 mm)95.5-in(140 mm)6.8-in(173 mm)7.7-in(196 mm)

COPPUSACCESSORIES FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS (ALL VARIETIES)FLEXIBLE AIR DUCTA large selection of flexible air duct for a varietyof ventilation applications is available. Ourmost popular heavy-duty duct features impregnated polyester material designed for harsh,industrial environments. Other options includeeconomical light-duty duct, source capture ductand hazardous location, anti-static duct. Wire supported, non-collapsible Quick and easy cinch belt securely fastens duct to blower housingsand duct ends Integral rigid duct end allows easy coupling of duct without the needfor separate splicer accessory Available diameters are 8-inch (203 mm), 12-inch (304.8 mm), 16-inch(406 mm), 20-inch (508 mm), and 24-inch (610 mm); largerdiameters available on request Available lengths: 10-foot (3 m) and 25 foot (7.5 m); duct can becoupled together for longer runs Temperature range: -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C) to 250 degrees F( 121 degrees C) Meets UL-94 specifications for flame retardant material Retractable for easier, safer storage Source capture duct: close-pitched, wire-supported, features smoothinterior walls for reduced flow restriction; available in 4-inch(102 mm), 5-inch (127 mm) and 6-inch (152 mm) diametersJECTAIR TRIPODDUCT CANISTERExtend the life of your duct with the protectionof a COPPUS high-density, light-weight polyethylene canister; makes transporting and storageeasier and safer.Canisters for available duct sizes: 8” x 25’ (203 mm x 7500 mm) 12” x 20’ (305 mm x 6000 mm) 16” x 30’ (406 mm x 9000 mm)COPPUS ACCESSORIES/CP-20For stationary, long-termuse; rotates 360-degreesfor precise direction of airflow and accommodates3-HP and 6-HP Jectair sizes.Installs quickly and easily with two quick-releaseclamps. Large feet providestability during operation,and spring-loaded legs foldup for easy transport andstorage.

INDUSTRIES SERVEDCOPPUS portable ventilators serve a variety of industries thatrequire a reliable fresh air supply in confined spaces for processcooling, equipment cooling and personnel cooling to increasesafety and improve production.These industries include.PAINTING AND COATING: Drying and curing, fume exhaust,fresh air supply for comfort and safetyHIGH-HEAT PROCESS STEEL: Process cooling, personnel coolingELECTRIC AND GAS UTILITIES: Underground ventilation,equipment cooling, fume exhaustPAPER: Confined space ventilation, personnel coolingSHIPBUILDING: Welding fume exhaust, fresh air supplyMARINE: Cargo tank ventilationOIL REFINING: Equipment cooling, confined space ventilation,personnel coolingCHEMICAL MANUFACTURE: Fume exhaust and ventilation,personnel coolingBEVERAGE: Fume exhaust, process coolingPOWER GENERATION: Confined space ventilation, personnelcoolingFor more information about COPPUS portableventilation products, contact us at: 2008 Dresser-Rand Company. Printed in the U.S.A. Catalog-2008.