Comparison MatrixWhich CorelDRAW product is right for you?CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 is a complete suite of professionalgraphic design software, including superior vector illustration and pagelayout applications, advanced photo-editing capabilities, and more.CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 combines the graphic design powerthat's already included in the graphics suite with the dedicatedtechnical illustration tools of Corel DESIGNER and 3D visualizationcapabilities to give you a complete solution for visual technicalcommunication and publishing for print, online and mobile.CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7100 100 Core componentsCorelDRAW Take on a wide range of vector illustration and page layout projects withgraphic design powerhouse.Corel DESIGNER Produce sophisticated technical illustrations using precise technical drawing tools,symbol libraries and standard templates.Corel PHOTO-PAINT Adjust, refine and enrich photos and images with professional image editor.Corel CONNECT Search your computer, local network, an external storage device, or online sourcesto quickly find the perfect complement for your projects.Access and repurpose technical design assetsCompatibility with latest file formatsChoose from more than 100 up-to-date vector graphics, bitmap image, documentand other data file formats supported for import and export capabilities. Expandedfile format support include .SVG, .CGM, .DWG and .DXF, .PDF, TIFF andAdobe CS/CC (AI, PSD).3D CAD repurposing capabilities (OPTIONAL)Lattice3D Studio CAD add-on provides support for the native assembly and partfile formats of high-end 3D CAD systems, including CATIA, PTC Creo(formerly Pro/ENGINEER), SolidWorks, Inventor, NX, IGES, STEP, JT and more.(OPTIONAL)AutoCAD DWG / DXF supportEnhanced support for DWG (AutoCAD, CorelCAD and more) and DXF ensureseasy, error-free data conversion.ADVANCED! Feature included( ) Limited feature availability

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7Access and repurpose technical design assetsMicrografx Designer support (DSF, DRW, DS4)Backward compatibility with Micrografx Designer helps you seamlessly workwith legacy files.( )3D importImport, view and modify 3D models, including AutoCAD .DWG and .DXF,3D Studio (3DS), and Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML).Large thumbnail previewsQuickly and easily find, preview and organize your content.Built-in RAW camera supportImport and adjust RAW camera files directly from your digital camera, andpreview changes in real time.Vectorization of scanned blueprintsSmoothly convert bitmaps and scanned images into editable vector graphics withintegrated Corel PowerTRACE X7.Create technical illustrations with precisionPrecision layout and drawing toolsCapture intended drawing shapes with Outline Position, and use AlignmentGuides so all elements are placed in their intended positions.Parallel line drawing toolSpeed up the creation of technical graphics with the Parallel Drawing modein Corel DESIGNER X7.NEW!Insert 3D modelInsert a 3D model into a Corel DESIGNER document as an external reference orembed the 3D model (XVL file) in the Corel DESIGNER document.Hotspot capabilitiesUse the callout drawing tool in Corel DESIGNER to add interactive functionalityto callout shapes within technical publications.Equation EditorManage mathematical formulas as editable elements within technical illustrationsand diagrams using the newly integrated Equation Editor.NEW!Dynamic guides and alignment toolsTemporary guidelines appear when you create, resize, or move objects withsuggested alignments to existing elements. Gravity snapping, dynamic guidelinesand alignment guides help position objects precisely in relation to other objects.(Includes gravity snapwith keyboard shortcuts)ADVANCED!Hatch fillsFill objects with vector hatch patterns to clearly distinguish materials orobject relationships.Callout toolsAdd callouts in a single click, with leader lines, halos, text and more. Dynamiccallouts link to source object metadata to make updating callouts fast and easy.ADVANCED!( )(with presets, halos, anddynamic and linked callouts)(basic 3-pointcallout only)Optimize geometric objectsConvert curves to ellipses and fix disconnected curves by using the advancedJoin Curves docker.( )Geometric information dialog boxAccess important geometric information, such as the length, perimeter,and area of objects. Feature included Limited feature availability

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7Create technical illustrations with precisionLive-preview precision illustrationUse the Object Coordinates docker to specify coordinates for new or modifiedobjects with onscreen preview to immediately see the results of changes.ADVANCED!Smart Fill toolQuickly apply a fill to any enclosed area of an object.TablesCreate and import tables to provide a structured layout for text and graphics.Connector line toolsQuickly and easily add advanced connector lines toflowcharts and business diagrams.ADVANCED!(includes presets, andB-spline and B├ęzier curves)Halos on curves and connector linesEnsure that diagrams, instructions and flowcharts are easy to read byusing halos on curves.Enhanced line stylesTake advantage of enhanced line styles, such as shapes, zigzags, or multiple lines,to create diverse patterns.Smart Carver Easily remove unwanted areas from a photo and simultaneously adjust thephoto's aspect ratio.Straighten imagesQuickly and easily straighten images with interactive controls.Cutout LabDraw a line with a marker around a selection and let this tool efficiently determinethe background to be removed from the relevant portion of a photograph tobe used in technical documentation.Maintain style and consistencyObject Styles and Style SetsEasily create fill, callout, symbol and dimension styles and Style Sets, which aregroups of styles that you can later edit once and have the changes appliedinstantly throughout a project.Manage Object Styles in external symbolsEnsure consistent styles, including externally referenced symbols, and layoutthroughout your design projects.Easy color harmony editingView, arrange and edit color styles and harmonies with the enhanced Color Stylesdocker. Specifiy brightness value and preserve saturation and hue whileadjusting a color.Page numberingAdd page numbers on all pages of a document, starting on a specific page, orwith a particular number. Numbers are automatically updated when you addor delete pages.Master LayersIncorporate page-specific headers, footers and page numbers into technicalcommunication documents. Feature included Limited feature availability

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7Publish to technical communication standards3D PDF PublishingPublish to 3D PDF with interactive viewing of 3D content in combination withother visual and text elements.Translation Memory System (TMS) supportReach a worldwide audience with a new option that allows you to send textcontent from your graphics file in Corel DESIGNER to Translation MemorySystems (TMS) using XLIFF standard, and receive translated content from TMS.CGM v4(WebCGM, ATA Grexchange, ActiveCGM) Work with industry-standard CGM profilesfor interactive technical documentation with hotspots.NEW!NEW!( )ADVANCED!(WebCGM 1.0 only)WebCGM 2.0, 2.1 S1000D supportCreate, exchange, and deliver standardized technical illustrations.EPS Level 3 supportImport and output Postscript 3 files with full support.SVG outputPublish SVG, the HTML 5 supported vector graphics file format for online publicationof scalable graphics.Export for Web assistanceCompare the results of various filter settings to determine the best output formatwith the Export for Web dialog box.PDF outputOutput PDF files, with support for Adobe Acrobat X, heightened securityencryption, and the ISO-compliant PDF/A archiving format.Publish 3D online and on mobile devicesSave 3D models to XVL format and share 3D visualizations online or on mobiledevices with free Lattice3D Player and iXVL mobile apps.Complex script supportBuilt-in complex script support ensures proper typesetting for glyphs used byAsian and Middle Eastern languages.Website creation toolsEasily design, build, and maintain web pages without having to learn how tocode with Corel Website Creator .Performance, speed and efficiencyRedesigned, fully customizable user interfaceSet up your personal workspace to fully leverage the option of multiple displays.Windows 8.1 and 8 compatibilityWork in the latest Windows environment and enjoy support fortouch-screen navigation.QR Code generatorCreate time-saving QR codes and add scalable QR codes to a drawing.(Internet connection required)Multi-core processor supportComplete your tasks faster with powerful performance enhancements that leveragemulti-core processing to maximize your computer's power. Feature included Limited feature availability

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7Performance, speed and efficiencyNative 64-bit computingBenefit from the speed of native 64-bit applications when processing largefiles and images.Symbols (referenced graphics objects)Access more than 4,000 symbols through built-in symbol libraries, and createcustom libraries for standard components.ADVANCED!(includes support forexternal libraries)( )(no libraries included)Automation capabilitiesCreate macros and add-ins using built-in VBA and VSTA automation interfaces.Membership and licensing optionsStandard Membership opportunitiesSign up for a free membership to stay up-to-date with all the latest newsfor your CorelDRAW product.Premium Membership opportunitiesGet even more benefits with a Premium Membership, such as premium onlinecontent and early access to new features for your CorelDRAW product.NEW!NEW!(Technical Suite Premium)(CorelDRAW Premium)Permanent Licensing optionPurchase a permanent license, with purchase of a box/download or volume license,to own the software for perpetual use.Subscription Licensing optionGet more out of your CorelDRAW product with a new subscription offer forsingle-user or multi-seat licenses. Flexible payment options, monthly or annual,give you another choice to use the software your way. Enjoy the benefitsof a Premium Membership for the subscription term.NEW! Feature included Limited feature availability 2015 Corel Corporation. All rights reserved.