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INTROTsubaki : The choice for overload protection and safetyThe truth is, any machine can break.Of this we can be sure: Eventually something always happens. Andthere’s no predicting. It’s almost a law of nature.Are you protectingyour equipment?We often learn the hard way: Protection is smart. It saves money. It0.00saves time. In today’s environment of cost cutting and just in timedelivery, being prepared is just good business sense.Unintended load changes in the workplace can have big consequences.As equipment becomes more integrated, a shock or jam in one part ofSHOCK RELAYthe production layout can snowball into a complete system shutdown— damaging equipment and losing product.It doesn’t have to happen.Tsubaki’s SAFCON family of overload and protection devices offer aSHOCK GUARDsolution to fit every need and keep you productive all day, every day,without interruption, so you can get your product out the door.Tsubaki offers not only the finest parts in the industry for yourequipment, it also offers protection for those parts and the machinerythey belong to. Our SAFCON family – Shock Relay, Shock Guard,TORQUE LIMITERTorque Limiter, and Axial Guard – covers the whole range of needs.One-stop shopping.You protect what you value. You use seat belts. You have a sumppump in your basement. You wear a helmet when you cycle. Notbecause things happen everyday, but because they CAN happen.1AXIAL GUARDMore information at

SAFCON Tsubaki : The choice for overload protection and safetywww.ustsubaki.comShock RelayPioneered by Tsubaki, the Shock Relay protects your equipmentagainst unexpected shock loads, overloads, and underloadsbefore damage occurs. Shock Relay protects the mechanical partsof your equipment by monitoring the current on your motor andshutting it down when the motor works too hard for too long.SHOCK RELAYAdvantages to you:Back to work with the press of a buttonNo parts to replacePrecision adjustment and settingLittle potential for nuisance tripsMonitors and protects equipment from up to 1,000 feet awayThe Shock Relay adapts to virtually any kind of equipment that’sdriven by an electric motor and is used in applications in a broadvariety of industries, including:UL CertificationRoHS CompliantINDUSTRYAPPLICATIONMaterial handlingConveyors, turntables, elevatorsWater treatment plantsPumps, scrappers, water screensFood machineryScrew and belt conveyors, bucketelevatorsMachine toolTapping machines, drill pressesChemicalPumps, agitators, filtersWe’ve thought of everything.The Shock Relay knows when the motor driving your operation isShock Relay accepts single and threephase motors up to 600 volts.Operating Power 24-240 VAC/DCworking too hard. It’s simple: you set the load current so ShockRelay knows where your motor should be operating. And itknows, too, when a surge is dangerous because you determinethe time of an acceptable momentary surge, allowing ShockRelay to ignore small variations. Your adjustment of the start timesetting prevents the Shock Relay from engaging during start upShock Relay selection is simple; it isbased on the motor amperage of yourmachinery.Shock Relay has an unlimited life - itdoes not wear out.More information at www.ustsubaki.comwhen the current draw of a motor is greater than the runningcurrent.Sample Wiring ConfigurationAdding the Tsubaki Shock Relay to your existing Start/Stopcircuit is easy. Generally, no advanced knowledge of electronicsis necessary. Just a few wires and a few adjustments quickly canresult in less down time and lower maintenance costs.The Shock Relay protects your mechanical components.Thermal relays and Inverters do not, their purpose is different,their protection is different. Using the correct tool saves timeand money.Unlike mechanical devices like the Shear Pin Sprocket, whichIn the past, heavy loads and hard-working equipment requiredrequires downtime to fix, U.S. Tsubaki’s Shock Relay resets at thelarge shear pins and bulky safety devices. Tsubaki has changedpress of a button. That’s it.the equation. Bigger motors do not equal a more expensiveShock Relay. Simple, reliable, user-friendly.23No advanced knowledge of electronicsis necessary.Motor size does not determine cost.Bigger motors don’t require a moreexpensive Shock Relay.More information at

SAFCON Tsubaki : The choice for overload protection and safetywww.ustsubaki.comMODELSIZEAMPERAGESTART TIMESHOCK gned to work with inverters. Digital display. Built-2.77H x 2.20W x 3.04DTSBED0200.2 2.4Ain tamper-proof cover and built-in test button. Choose0751.2 5.8Abetween self-holding output relay and automatic reset.2203.0 14A5506.0 34A1510.3 16ATSB150 SERIESThe original Shock Relay with self-holding circuit and4.5H x 4.9W x 4.33Danalog meter. Four series available: Standard Overload,TSB150152-10010 100APre-Alarm notification, Impact detection, Over andStd, A, M, and152-20060 200AUnderload protection.W styles152-30090 300A152-400120 400ATSBSB SERIESThe most popular model for overload protection. HasTSBSB050.5 6A2.44H x 2.13W x 2.60Da built-in reset button, test button or automatic reset.101 12A303 30A605 60A10010 100AUnit has UL/cUL Certification, CE marking and is RoHScompliant.TSBSM SERIESCompact, all-in-one, and economically priced. Limited2.96H x 2.16W x 3.03Dfeatures but perfect for the OEM customer. Special MTOTSBSM0.2 10s0.2 5.0s3A, 250VAC35mm DIN or surfacemount0.2 20s0.2 3s0.2A,250VACTwo components, bothsurface mount0.2 10s0.2 5s3A, 250VAC35mm DIN or surface mount0.2 10s0.2 5s3A, 250VAC0.2 10s0.2 5s3A, 250VACTSBSB05 plus surface mounttransformer20020 200A30030 300A020.5 2A1.5s fixed1.0s fixed3A, 250VACSurface mount0.4 16A3s fixed0.3 3s0.1A,Two components, bothsurface mountamperages available.TSB50Automatic reset with fixed start-time to accommodate2.75H x 2.36W x 3.07Dmotor in-rush current. Dual output contacts allow manyTSB50250VACwiring options. Two-piece construction aids fitting intocrowded panels.Setup is typically easiest when the max amperage of the Shock Relay is close to the motor amperage.More information at www.ustsubaki.com45More information at www.ustsubaki.comSHOCK RELAY0.00TSBED SERIES

SAFCON Tsubaki : The choice for overload protection and safetywww.ustsubaki.comShock GuardTsubaki’s Shock Guard is a ball and detent mechanical devicethat offers enhanced precision over other mechanical devices.Shock Guard SeriesBearing the brunt of the load when tripped, the Shock Guardreacts instantly to save equipment and product. The ShockGuard’s one-position design allows each ball to return to itsTGB SERIESunique location when it resets so that your equipment resumesAn economical choice for general use. The TGB series can beits work exactly where it was before the jam or overload.used with almost any machine. Offers automatic resetting,Advantages over other devices:easy-to-read torque indicator, and no backlash.Accurate and consistent torque settingAutomatic re-engagement limits downtime and need formaintenance worker to switch tasksExternally adjustable trip torque speed installation and setupBacklash free operationTORQUE SHIELDInstant and complete disengagementTGM SERIESThe gasket and O-ring sealed construction in the TGM series isunique. Excels in wet, dusty, and oily applications. Designed forlong life, tough , turntables, elevatorsPumpingPumps, agitators, filtersPlastic processingScrew and belt conveyors, bucketelevatorsMetal workingTapping machines, drill pressesEnvironmentalWater gate, water screenPackagingBag making, cartoning, vacuumpackingFood processingNoodle making, flour millTGX SERIESA high-precision option, the TGX series features no backlashand unsurpassed operation rigidity. Ideal for machines thatThe Shock Guard is ideal in a wide range of settings and isManual disengagement feature assistswith machine maintenance.High speed or low speed service,bi-directional rotation.especially suited for more sophisticated applications that maybe prone to jams. Users require a consistent and predictable trippoint with quick resetting so that production is maintained andeach line stays in sync with where it left off.Shock Guard is easy to set and adjust with its built-in meterand indicator having distinct torque setting points for easyDisengages at a pre-set torque rating.Protects your equipment against theunexpected.require accurate positioning.verification. The asymmetrical arrangement of balls and pocketsTGZ SERIESallows for same-position resetting. Once the jam or overload isA release-type protection device, the TGZ series offersremoved, Shock Guard reengages automatically by jogging theon-off clutch capability. Its simple and straightforwardouter drive hub. Tsubaki offers a series of four categories ofadjustments make it easy to use.Shock Guard to support all your protection needs.Quick and easy reset.More information at www.ustsubaki.com67More information at

SAFCON Tsubaki : The choice for overload protection and safetywww.ustsubaki.comTGB SERIESTGM SERIESAn economical choice for general use.The gasket and O-ring sealed construction inThe TGB series can be used with almost anythe TGM series is unique. Excels in wet, dusty,machine. Offers automatic resetting, easy-to-readand oily applications. Designed for long life,torque indicator, and no backlash.tough environments.TORQUE SHIELDSPECIFICATIONSSelect based on torque required, rpm, and shaft diameter:MODELTORQUE RANGE(FT. - LBS.)TGB08-L0.2 1.1TGB08-M0.6 1.6TGB08-H0.9 2.2TGB12-L0.5 2.2TGB12-M1.4 3.6TGB12-H2.2 4.3TGB16-L1.1 3.6TGB16-M2.2 5.8TGB16-H4.3 8.7TGB20-H7.0 33TGB30-L14 40TGB30-H39 123TGB50-L50 109TGB50-M100 304TGB50-H144 398TGB70-H216 796TGB90-L325 976TGB90-H686 2,313TGB110-L506 1,446TGB110-H1,156 3,760TGB130-LTGB130-H868 2,2401,950 5,200TGB08 TGB16More information at www.ustsubaki.comMAXIMUMRPMROUGH STOCKBOREMAXIMUMBOREDIAMETERAEF (P.C.D.)GWT 53802.365.129.0615.7514.17312.56225TGB20 TGB508SELECTIONSelect based on torque required, rpm, and shaft diameter:MODELTORQUE RANGE(LBS. - FT.)MAXIMUMRPMBORE RANGEAFGHIWT (LBS.)TGM3TGM61.1 2.71.8 4.76006000.39 0.550.39 .3TGM204.7 14.55000.55 0.792.763.941.181.5752.362.4TGM6014.5 503000.79 1.183.505.241.872.3623.395.5TGM200TGM400TGM80050 166166 333333 6652001501501.10 1.971.50 2.361.50 884.4885.247.487.4811.937.837.8TGB70 TGB1309More information at

SAFCON Tsubaki : The choice for overload protection and safetywww.ustsubaki.comTGZ SERIESA high-precision option, the TGX series features noA release-type protection device, the TGZ seriesbacklash and unsurpassed operation rigidity. Ideal foroffers on-off clutch capability. Its simple andmachines that require accurate positioning.straightforward adjustments make it easy to use.TORQUE SHIELDTGX SERIESSELECTIONSelect based on torque required, rpm, and shaft diameter:MODELTORQUERANGE(FT. - LBS.)TGX10-LTGX10-M1.2 4.74.0 10.9TGX10-H8.0 21.7TGX20-L4.8 17.4TGX20-M9.6 0-HTGX70-LTGX70-MTGX70-H18.8 5017 5032 7264 14533 8766 145130 28994 268195 376289 578SELECTIONMAXIMUMRPMROUGHSTOCK BOREMAXIMUMBOREDIAMETERAGH 862.913J (PCD)Q (SCREWDIA. ANDLENGTH)U (SCREWDIA. ANDLENGTH)WT(LBS.)1.339M4 x 6M4 X 71.71.969M5 x 8M4 X 73.78000.471.382.684.2133.4652.362M6 x 7M5 X 85.56000.712.173.625.8275.118–M8 x 13–154800.912.763.867.2836.457–M10 x 13–25More information at www.ustsubaki.com10Select based on torque required, rpm, and shaft diameter:MODELTORQUERANGE (FT. LBS.)TGZ20-L1.7 6.1TGZ20-M3.0 11.6TGZ20-H6.0 23.1MAXIMUMRPMROUGHSTOCK BOREMAXIMUMBOREDIAMETERAHJK (PCD)LU (SCREWDIA. 35M5 X 105.7TGZ30-L4.3 15.2TGZ30-MTGZ30-HTGZ40-L14.5 38.328.9 79.518 6918000.471.183.290.454.654.1733.425M6 X 129.2TGZ40-M32 9418000.671.573.980.555.985.4724.488M6 X 1219TGZ40-HTGZ50-LTGZ50-M65 18146 11694 22418000.871.974.510.637.016.3785.236M80 X 1630TGZ50-H181 33311More information at

SAFCON Tsubaki : The choice for overload protection and safetywww.ustsubaki.comTorque LimiterRefined by Tsubakimoto in Japan for over 40 years, the TorqueTL SERIESLimiter is a simple and inexpensive mechanical device that, trueto its name, limits damage to equipment when an unexpectedTraditional machine protection. Friction-typeincrease in torque occurs because of a jam or Slip-torque setting is done by simplytightening the adjusting nut or bolts. CompetitivelyEasy to install, the Torque Limiter attaches to a shaft and holdspriced and easy to use.the drive or driven sprocket, gear, or sheave. A frictional system,the Torque Limiter reacts instantly when there is a jam by slippingand absorbing the brunt of the force, preventing the increasedAdvantages over other devices:Competitively pricedTORQUE RANGE(LBS. - FT.)Adaptable to thousands of types of equipment configurationsTL200-1L0.7 1.5Can be used alone or in conjunction with other processcontrols.TL200-12.2 7.2TL200-25.0 15TL250-1L2.2 5.0TL250-15.0 20TL250-2TL350-1LTL350-1TL35