BA 5321/BA 5321 DParts listMODELS 56325500 - 56325501cod.08812649(4)2002-05Form Number 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349TABLE OF CONTENTSBA 53212001/06F.Nr 560423491PAGEGBPageSeitePageTANK ASSEMBLY2-3CHASSIS SYSTEM4-5PEDAL, LIFTING6-7BRUSH DRIVE SYSTEM8-9SOLUTION SYSTEM10-11SWITCH HOUSING12-13SQUEEGEE ASSEMBLY14-15SQUEEGEE LIFT ASSEMBLY16-17WIRING SYSTEM18-19WIRING SYSTEM BA5321D20-21WIRING SYSTEM BA5321D22-23WIRING SYSTEM BA532124-25WIRING SYSTEM BA532126-27WIRING DIAGRAM28-33RECOMMENDED SPARE PARTS LIST34# IDENTIFICATION OF NEW ITEM NUMBERSWHEN ORDERING PARTS- Use the 8 or 10 digit numbers from the “Part No.” columns in this parts list.- Specify the model and serial number of the machine- Use the space before to record the model and serial number for future reference.MODEL SERIAL No.

TANK ASSEMBLY2PAGE171BA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349TANK ASSEMBLYBA 53212001/06F.Nr 56042349PAGEItemRef.No.Internal 2233111331212211DescriptionTank Lid with sealSealLock washer ø 10Axle, tank lidAxle, Tank Lid assyGasketWasher flat 10x30 SSHex.ScrewSleeveFoam, acoustic, upperInsulating panelCover w/seal, completeAcoustic cover / seal and screw completeScrew cyl 4x12 thd formCover pre-filter screwFilterGrateScrew cylindrical hd thd form 3,5x11 SSFilter housingPre-filter, cpl.O-ringSleeveFloating ballFloat cage, completeFitting screw M6x16 nylonRubber bushing ø7ø8x3Tank adjuster pinRod with fastening assyTankTank completeBumper rollerAxle for bumper rollerRetaining ringBushingBumper roller assyWasher flat M6x12,5Hex.ScrewTurbine 24V completeSuction motor 24 VSealDistance boltRubber bufferAcoustic insulationPlastic washerWasherBushingScrew 8x20Tank rinforce right assyTank rinforce left assy3

CHASSIS SYSTEM4PAGEBA 5321BA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349CHASSIS SYSTEMBA 53212001/06F.Nr 56042349PAGEItemRef.No.Internal 388088126340881266114111111111111Tank axle, rightScrew Hex Hd M6x12ChassisNut Hex. Nyl. Loc. M12Caster assyCasterScrew socket hd M6x8 SSTank safety screw assySpacerAxle,tank leftAllen Wrench M5GrommetReinforced 0088122370881237408812338222412212121ONLY BA 5321DScrew Hex Hd. M10 x 25Washer flat 10x30Drive, wheel w/HubScrew Hd M6 x 12Drive motorRetaining ringFeather key 6x6x35Ball bearingLock washerBearing supportLock 75722224ONLY BA 5321Screw M8x20BushingWheel, w/HubWheel rearScrew Hex. Hd M6x165

PEDAL, LIFTINGPAGE6BA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349PEDAL, LIFTINGBA 53212001/06F.Nr 56042349PAGEItemRef.No.Internal riptionRubber, pedalPedal weldt.Pedal, Nut-M8WasherLever7

BRUSH DRIVE SYSTEMPAGE8BA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349BRUSH DRIVE SYSTEMBA 53212001/06F.Nr 7160165170175#177180185190#191PAGERef.No.Internal 3261005632560808812306145 9171 000 145 9171 222211DescriptionCylinderCable TieBrush motor capLuster terminalSpiral pinElectric motor 650W 24VBrush motor 24VGear caseFeather keyBrush motor Gear case completeGear boxHex Hd se plateBrush coverWasher erWasherCyl.screwPlugNut hex M5KnobWasher flat 5x10Rubber gasketDowel brush plate fixingFramePlateHex.Hd M6x25BufferVibration damping plateBrush fixing plate assyCountersunk head screwPlugScrew Hex Hd ss M8x25Flat washer 8x24Spring washerSleeveBumper rollersFitting stripPolygonal holder assy9

SOLUTION SYSTEMPAGEBA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349107039638

2002/05F.Nr 56042349SOLUTION SYSTEMBA 53212001/06F.Nr 707580#8590#95100101106PAGERef.No.Internal 5 0543 000 145 0543 25632563908812459146 0632 000 146 0632 121121121DescriptionGripDrain hoseLever w/cableHose clampSolution hoseSolution hoseSuction hoseFilterHoseClampElbow assyScrew hex hd M6x12ClampHoseScrew Hex.Hd. M4x10Copper hoseTubeDrain hose completeFlat head screwLock nutBall valve with handleScrewed socketSolenoid valve, 24V completeKit rubber holder w/filterHose Barb.Solenoid valve 24V11

SWITCH HOUSINGPAGEBA 5321DBA 532112BA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349SWITCH HOUSINGBA 53212001/06F.Nr 56042349PAGEItemRef.No.Internal 908603192088122820860337741114211111122421Screw Flat phil Self Tapping M4,2x50Switch housing, frontScrew Flat phil Self Tapping M4,2x50Washer flat 6x12,5Washer flat 9x25 nylonDrive control SpringDrive control BushingScrew M4x10Potentiometer forkHandle barSwitch housing ,rearScrew with dome Self tapping M6x50Screw cylindrical Hd. 4x14 Self tapping SSClampScrew M3.5x16Micro switch camScrew cylindrical Hd.6x25 Self 279086031920881228208603377411142111122111WITHOUT DRIVE MOTOR BA 5321Screw Flat phil Self Tapping M4,2x50Switch housing, frontScrew Flat phil Self Tapping M4,2x50Washer flat 6x12,5Washer flat 9x25 nylonDrive control SpringDrive control BushingHandle barSwitch housing, rearScrew with dome Self tapping M6x50Screw cylindrical Hd. 4x14 Self tapping SSClampScrew M3.5x16Micro switch camScrew cylindrical Hd.6x25 Self tapping13

SQUEEGEE ASSEMBLYPAGE14BA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349SQUEEGEE ASSEMBLYBA 53212001/06F.Nr 56042349PAGEItemRef.No.Internal 124224211184211221222412222DescriptionLinkage armassySqueegee support plateFixture setScrew Hex. Hd. M10x70Washer M10x30Squeegee fixing assy Left and rightPlain washer 15x25 nylonHex. nut M10SpacerNozzle holder setSqueegee SupportKnob M8x55Nut Hex.SpacerAdjustm.screw setSqueegee support pinRear strap for latchThumb nutScrew M5x20 SSScrew M6x80 SSFlat washer 6x18 SSBumper rollerBushingWeldment, Squeegee toolFront bladeBlade fixer latchNut, hex nyl-loc SS M6Nut, hex nyl-loc SS M5Roller assyRear bladeRear strapWing nut M6 SSScrew M4x10 SSLatchNut, hex nyl-loc SS M4Wheel bracketPinScrew Hex. Hd. Form M5x10 SSSqueegee completeNut Hex. selflock M6SpacerWasher flat M6x18Screw hex hd M6x2515

SQUEEGEE LIFTASSEMBLYPAGE16BA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349SQUEEGEE LIFTASSEMBLYBA 5321PAGEItemRef.No.Internal ionBall GripSqueegee leverClosing CapCable Squeegee LiftNut Hex Nyl Loc M6Washer,flat 6x18Screw Hex Hd M6x2017

WIRING SYSTEMPAGE18BA 5321 WITHOUT DRIVE MOTORBA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349WIRING SYSTEMBA 53212001/06F.Nr 41PAGERef.No.Internal 6008812359088123590881228808812288145 9144 000 145 9144 1DescriptionSwitch panel w/decal assy w/o tractionSwitch panel w/decal with tractionDecal control panel w/o tractionDecal control panel with tractionControl PanelWasher flat 4x9Screw cyl hd thd form 4x12Key switch completeSwitch completePlastic bracket w/seal and protection capSwitchKnobHour counterWasher flat M4x9 SSLock washerLuster terminalScrew pan hd phil 3x25Hex.Nut M4Oval head screwNut19

WIRING SYSTEMBA 5321 D2001/06F.Nr 5604234920PAGE5758302002/05F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349WIRING SYSTEMBA 5321 D2001/06F.Nr 51525354#57#58PAGERef.No.Internal 088126185632574308812289145 0300 000 145 0300 4111111211111DescriptionSnap switch Assy.ClampScrew, cylindrical M3,6x16 Self tappingRoller contact leverDrive Wire assyTerminal blockWire Assy turbine, electronic cardLuster terminalCable, brush motorSpeed controllerRelay board after Serial N.1514570 for machine before contact the Service C.GasketCover completeScrew, pan hd phil M4x70CoverCable, jumperLED redTerminal blockWire Harness MainSupport electrical SystemSolenoidHarness Relay BoardDecal Wet/GelSpacerPotentiometer - traction adj.Potentiometer - speed controller21

WIRING SYSTEMPAGE22BA 5321 D2002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349WIRING SYSTEMBA 5321 D2001/06F.Nr ef.No.Internal 5758088122945632575908812612145 6062 000 145 6062 111111DescriptionBattery terminal coverWire assy, blackWire assy, redLuster terminalSpacerBattery bridge cableBattery containerStrand, blackCable, fusesStrand set, fusesFuse-10AFuse-25AMicro switchCable with battery plugBattery charging plugFuse coverFuse 30A23

WIRING SYSTEMPAGE24BA 53212002/05F.Nr 560423492001/06F.Nr 56042349

2002/05F.Nr 56042349WIRING SYSTEMBA 53212001/06F.Nr 5354PAGERef.No.Internal Code56325771088126845