Starbank Primary Weekly Online CurriculumY5 Summer TermWeekBeg:English Topic:Explanation TextsMaths Topic:Division (Long division)Non-core TopicPhysical ActivityPSHEREComputingSession 1: English TaskLO: To explore a rangeof explanation textsSession 2: Maths TaskLO: To divide 3 digitnumbers by 1 digit applyingthe long division method.Session 3: Topic TaskLO: TO use Primary andsecondary sources to gatherresearch on Mayan Pyramids.Session 4: TaskPE- Join Joe Wicks at 9am each morning for a live30min P.E lesson PLyCLoPd4VxBvQafyve889qVcPxYEjdSTlWatch this video on longdivision: LGqBQrUYua4&t 315sWatch the video to help Look at system and stepsunderstand explanation below: This makes it do long division. yrR5WUr470URemember: Explanationtexts explain WHYsomething happens and Activity: Use the longdivision method to solvenot just HOWthe questions below.something happensRevisit the 3D tour of Mayanruins from our first lesson VNsgC2Jsza8Can you remember whyMayns pyramids were sohigh? Why they had so manysteps?29.06.20MondayWhat is an explanationtext? What is itspurpose? Why? Arethey always in a writtenformat?You will find examplesof explanations textswithin your ownhomes, e.g. non-fictionbooks, instructions onhow to use anTASK: use these links togather as much information asyou can on Mayan ps:// to answer the followingquestions:Were all Mayan pyramids thesame?What were they used for?How high were they?Why were the tops flat?Gymnastic task- PerformancePractice your routine that you made earlier in theweek. Could you put it to music? Showcase yourroutine to your family by putting on your owngymnastics performance. You could film it ready toshare with your teacher when we go back to school.

appliance (microwave,dishwasher etc)TaskRead the explanationtext: ‘The TeacherPleaser’ machine andanswer the followingquestions:1. Why is the titleuseful?2. Is the text in alogical order?3. What tense arethey written in?4. How manycausal or timeconnectives canyou spot?5. Why havediagrams/charts/illustrationsbeen used?6. How is the pageset out?7. How manytechnical wordscan you spot?8. Does it soundpersonal orimpersonal?9. Who is thisaimed at? HowHow did they stop theunworthy from reaching thetop?Can you name some MayanPyramidsChallenge: How did they differfrom Egyptian Pyramids? Findtwo ways?Find one similarity betweenMayan and Egyptian Pyramids

do you know?(audience)EXT/Challenge: can youfind an explanation textin your house andanswer the abovequestions?Did you notice anysimilarities?Differences?TuesdayLO: To analyse thelanguage used inexplanation textsWhat do we mean bylanguage used in atext? Why and how islanguage important?What can youremember aboutimperative (bossy)verbs? What do theydo? Can you give someexamples?Read the explanationtext, The Tidy YourBedroom Machine.Certain words andphrases have beenhighlighted in differentcolours. Why?What language featuresare they? For example,the sentenceshighlighted in red areLO: To divide 4 digitnumbers by 1 digitnumbers by applying thelong division method.Use the long divisionmethod you learntyesterday to solve these:LO: To use drawing ormodelling to create anaccurate Mayan PyramidTASK: Today you are going tocreate and label your ownMayan Pyramid using thefacts your gathered yesterdayand the links below. You caneither draw a Mayan Pyramidor build one.Activity:Challenge:Drawing: Use this youtubetutorial to draw an accurateMayan Pyramid. You can stopand start the video as manytimes as you like. He does goquite quickly so don’t worry ifit’s too fast, just stop it andstart again when you’re ready. F2JTKYrHbKYOnce you’re done don’t forgetto add all your facts fromyesterday.PSHE- Independence DayJuly 4th is Independence Day, or America’s birthday.Watch: bRWDZ1w-IqsWhat 5 facts did you learn about America’sIndependence Day?What else would you like to research? You could findout more about Thomas Jefferson or the Liberty Bell!Just make sure an adult supervises you whenconducting research on the internet.

examples of rhetoricalquestions and havebeen used to make thereader think about thecurrent state of theirown bedroom and howit could be cleanedeasily.Do the same for alllanguage featureshighlighted.Think about: Tense Type ofconjunctions/connective Pronouns Verb type TechnicalvocabularyWhich features areimportant? Why arethey needed in anexplanation text?Ext/ChallengeGo back to yesterday’stext, the TeacherPleaser machine andidentify the languagefeatures.Building: Use this youtube clipto build your own Mayanpyramid. tOfZRZStY18 If youhave a printer you can print atemplate, If not you can cutout the shapes from lookingat the video. You will needscissors and cardboard. Thevideo using a hot glue cut butyou can use tape instead.Once you’re finished youcould colour or paint yourpyramid. Remember to addyour facts from yesterday –You could stick them on andwrite them around yourmodel.Challenge: Take a picture ofyour drawing or model andsend it to your teacher to see.

WednesdayLO: To retrieveinformation from anexplanation textWhat does the wordretrieve mean? Howdoes this skill help areader?LO: To solve problemswhen dividing.8934 3 Activity:Today, you will have anexplanation text to readabout the Mayans andThe History ofChocolate. You willChallenge:then need to createsome retrieval stylequestions for anothermember of you familyto answer. Make sureyou get some feedbackfrom them about thequestions you asked.You can either write thequestions down forthem or ask themorally.I have included someretrieval questionstems to help youbelow: How would youdescribe thisstory/text?What genre isLO: To investigate possiblereasons for the changes toMayan civilisation.RELO: To explore creativity in different places of worshipand its significance.TASK: Use the video and texton this link to answer thefollowing 6svcw/articles/zndq7p31. Around 900 AD1150AD many Mayancities in the southcollapsed and Mayanpeople were forced tomove further north.What are the 4possible reasons thatcaused the Mayans tomove?2. Which group ofpeople arrived inSouthern/CentralAmerica and burntmany Mayan cities?3. Can you name 3disrespectful thingsthese people did tothe Mayans?4. How many Mayanpeople are there aliveint he world today?5. Where do ModernMayan people nowlive?Watch the attached video about different places ofworship (Week 5, RE, Summer 2).What do you notice about the different types of artisticrepresentation in different places of worship?For example, in Islam, neither prophets nor Allah arerepresented in drawings. Mosques are thereforebeautifully decorated by tessellated patterns.

it? How do youknow?How did ? How often ?Who had ? Who is ? Whodid ?What ThursdayChallenge – The group ofpeople who invaded theMayan civilisations were notvery respectful to theirtraditions and beliefs, why doyou think this might be?happened to ?What can youlearn aboutfrom thissection?Give oneexample of.?The story istold fromwhoseperspective?Ext/Challenge: Can youdevelop some otherquestions about thetext using a differentVIPERS skill?To research howchocolate makes itsjourney from seed to achocolate barWhat do you alreadyknow about chocolate?How do you thinkchocolate is made?How long does it take?Is it a quick journey?LO: To divide withremainders.Watch this video (song) tohelp you remember thesteps for long division withremainders: V0SXjnwEQcULO: To explore the impact ofMayan culture on today’sworld.Yesterday you discovered thatthe Spanish invaded theMayan lands, burning theircities and books and makingthem slaves. The Spanish alsotook things from the MayanComputingToday you will be practicing making 3D designs, basedupon a monster from the myths we have been lookingat.First, you will need to log into MEE.Then go to‘Play’‘View Library'

TaskWatch the belowvideos to help youunderstand thedifferent stages in thechocolate makingprocess. You may findsome more websites orwritten informationfrom your research. zJdeQABAc w 5U6xMoL0Ls V-4FsJ6bzcSee the image below tolearn how to do longdivision with remainders.Follow these steps:Divide, Multiply, Subtract,Bring downActivity:There are 3 key stagesin the chocolate makingprocess. These are:1. Growing2. 2. Harvesting3. 3. ProcessingFor each section, thereare some key questionsthat will needanswering. Keep yourresearch safe as youwill need it for nextweek's English work.GrowingChallenge:(and other tribal groups suchas the Aztecs and Incas).TASK: use the link to answerthese ericas/historyof-chocolate1. What did the Mayansgrow?2. How did theyconsume the plant(food, drink) and whatdid it taste like?3. How do we know thisplant was importantto the Mayan people?4. What did the Spanishtake back to Europewith them after theyinvaded Maya?5. By which date hadchocolate becomewell enjoyed by therich people of theSpanish court?6. What ingredients didEuropeans add to thetraditional recipe?7. When was the firstchocolate barcreated?Challenge: How wouldmodern day life be differentwithout the Mayan people?‘Monthly Build Challenges’Then scroll down to find ‘Monster Mashup’Then ‘Create World’When the world opens you will be presented with analready created monster and a space next to it!You will then have to try and recreate one of themonsters from the myths you have been looking at!If you want an even greater challenge, see if you canmix together three different mythical creatures!

What does growingmean? Where arecacao beansgrown? Why? Where are thegrowingconditionsneeded for thebeans? How long dothey need togrow? How big do thecacao beansgrow?HarvestingWhat does harvestingmean? What is theharvestingprocess? What does itinvolve? How are themeansharvested?(machinery/hand - why?) How do thefarmers knowwhen the beansare ready toharvest?OR if the Spanish hadn’tinvaded them?Do you know the name of thechocolate factory here inBirmingham?

How long arethe beansfermented?ProcessingWhat does processingmean? How are thebeans dried?WHY? What doeswinnowingmean? How long doesit take? What is the endproduct called? What happensto the liquid?Find some interestingfacts for each otheabove section to makeyou explanation textmore fun andinteresting. Make sureyou understand anytechnical vocabularyand spell themcorrectly. Are there anypictures/images/diagrams that are useful?Get you family involvedin the research andshare information youhave learnt.

This research will takeyou at least 2 days tocomplete well.Pictures of the differentstages have been addedto the resources to helpyour understanding.You do not need toprint them off.FridayTo research howchocolate makes itsjourney from seed to achocolate barComplete researchfrom yesterday.LO: To solve problems thatinvolve dividing. with thelong division method.LO: To collate and presentour new knowledge aboutMayans.Example:Episodes of Mr.Bean lasts25 minutes. How many canI watch in 2 hours?-Firstly you must covert 2hours into minutes.1 hour 60 minutes so,2 hours 120 minutes-So the question is asking120 25 -Now do the long divisionmethod to solve this.-Subtract, Multiply, Divide,Bring down.Think back over the last 3weeks, what are all thedifferent things you havelearnt about Mayan peopleand their civilisation?Can you list the differentareas and topics you’ve learntabout?Activity: Solve the wordproblems using the longdivision method.TASK: Pick some of yourfavourite Mayan topics andcreate a fact file, poster orpowerpoint presentation.You could focus on all thefacts you’ve learnt or create aposter about one area youfound particularly interesting.Here are all the Mayan topicsyou’ve learnt about which youcould use:SpanishShopping like a localCan you remember the conversation we learnt lastweek? Let’s recap in this matching up 23 4645424252a21 4575353292F6F565326232X75C42U652572a50In today’s lesson you are going to watch a video about“How to explore a Spanish market like a local” by JamesBlick. He has a Youtube channel all about exploringSpain and Spanish culture. Watch his video about themarket and think about the differences we find in anEnglish market. cxkHSgXLfRMIf it leaves you more intrigued, you are more thanadvised to watch any of his videos about Spain, theyare really interesting!

Mayan buildings andtemplesMayan life and how itdiffers to todayMayan Religion andGodsMayan ArtMayan masksMayan games andhobbiesMayan food and thestart of chocolateHow the Mayancivilisation changedand declinedThe impact of theSpanish conquest onthe MayansChallenge- could you emailyour presentation or fact fileto your teacher? or present itto your family?