Habit #7Sharpen theSawBased on the work ofStephen Covey

Journal Entry orDiscussionStarter:A man has been workinghard to saw through atree for over three hours.He still hasn’t cut throughthe tree trunk. Whatmight be wrong with theman’s saw? What shouldhe do?

I take care of my body by eating right,exercising, and getting sleep. I spendtime with family and friends. I learn inlots of ways and lots of places.

Body:Brain:Exercise, Be Healthy, Sleep, RelaxLearn, Read, WriteSoul:Heart:Journal, Think, PrayServe, Laugh, Be a Friend

Journal Entry orDiscussionStarter:What do you do to takecare of your body?What do you NOT do?Could you make anyimprovements?

Journal Entry orDiscussionStarter:How you are working toimprove your brain? Whatcould you stop doing?What could you startdoing? Can you think ofsomeone who really workson this area of their life?

Brain FoodWhat are your plans for“feeding” your brain? Make alist of things you want to learnor things that you want to dothat will teach you.

Journal Entry orDiscussionStarter:How you are working toimprove your soul? Whatthings do you do thatmake you the mosthappy?

Feeding Your SoulWhat feeds your soul?What inspires youand gives you peace?What are somesongs, books ormovies that make youwant to be a betterperson? Is there aperson that makesYOU want to bebetter?

Journal Entry orDiscussionStarter:Does the heart matter?Are you serving/helpinganyone? What things doyou do to make friendsand/or to make otherpeople happy? Can youthink of someone thatreally is good at this?

Your Saw is Your LifeWhat makes your sawsharp?What makes your sawdull?

How good are you atsharpening the saw?My sawis verysharp!My saw isvery dull!What steps couldyou take tosharpen yoursaw?

Credits:This slide show was created byRebecca Radicchiusing the following resources.1. The Seven Habits for Highly EffectivePeople by Stephen Covey2. The Seven Habits for Highly EffectiveKids by Sean Covey3. The Seven Habits for Highly EffectiveTeens by Sean Covey