2nd GradeMay 18-22, 2020Hi 2nd graders! We are so excited to share some fun learning activities that you can do at home!We hope you will spend 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon training your brains.We miss you!Love, Mrs. Farley and Mrs. Graves

Learning ResourcesRemember! To accompany Module 5, we have a fabulous learning resource!Mrs. Potaczek, our district math facilitator, has created instructional videos to accompany each math lesson. To viewthese, simply click the blue “Math Help Videos” button on the Symbaloo page, scroll down to Module 5, and choosethe lesson number you would like to view. These are a strong resource for students and families!

Learning ResourcesSymbaloo The second graders use this page to access links,learning tools, and activities. We will update this weekly, nologin required. Please bookmark this page for easy aw This can be located on the Symbaloo page in the red technology section at the top. Each student has theirown login (passwords for home will be emailed to families separately). Each student has a “journal” page where theycan complete assignments and view each other’s work!Scholastic News is located on our Symbaloo page in the teal section on thebottom right. Log in as a student with our class password: drinkwin7

Learning ResourcesEpic This is a personalized library for each student available inthe green reading section of our Symbaloo page. It is availableduring “school hours” for free, times outside of that require asubscription. Log in to your class, then select your name.Happy Numbers is a math learning resource that directly aligns to our second-grade math curriculum. Pleaseplan to use this at least twice a week for 20 minutes. This is available in the orange math section of ourSymbaloo page. Students may log in using their password (their kid code number).

2nd Grade Share PageWill using his Beyblades forrepeated addition!Ashley is doing repeated additionand working out at the same time!Halle's pet toad, Beans!Flowers from Riles and BreckAshley found an array!

2nd Grade Share PageVaughn is hoping for finches!Sadie's 3x3 array!One of Vaughn's arrays.Cooper found an array!

MathLanguage ArtsMondayLearn our VocabularyWords-Slide 3-9Read Cowboys on theSymbaloo page the spelling words ofthe week:Spelling SortSlide 11Module 6 Lesson 6Arrays Video2nd Grade Learning May 18-May 22TuesdayWednesdayReread CowboysWatch Cause and EffectWrite down 3 facts about Video and Read The PoisonCowboys Slide 12Dart Frog Slide 24Map of Texas Cattle RanchesSlide 6-7Grammar Rule 24Spelling ActivitySlideSandy and RandySlide 13Module 6 Lesson 7Slide *** FlipgridHappy Numbers 15 min.Module 6 Lesson 8Array-nbows ArtThursdayFridayReader's Theater"What is Kindness?"Read and write your ownending Slides 27-29Fun Friday!Read Cowboys story on :Module 6 Lesson 9Word ProblemsSlides ***Explore the rest of the presentation for other subject areas, extras, and our wonderful specials!TRIBES with your FamilyTake a Spelling TestWatch Chisholm Trail Videoson SymbalooModule 6 Lesson 10Even and OddSlides ***

Cause and EffectClick here to read CowboysClick here to watch a quick video on Cause andEffect

SuffixesAdding –less or –ness to a word changes itsmeaning. These word endings are called suffixes

After reading Cowboys a secondtime, write down 3 facts youlearned about Cowboys. Usecomplete sentences with capitalsand periods.

Read the story.Highlight allwords with –ness, and –less.

Don’t forget to look at the Compass Roseand the Map Key!Use this map of Texas and theinformation below it to help youanswer questions on the nextpage.

Read this story onEpic. Notice anynew facts youlearn that were notin the ReadingStreet Cowboysstory.If you come to a word that youdon't know, click on the word andEpic will read the word to you andtell you what it means!

Module 6 Lesson 6

Module 6 Lesson 6

Module 6 Lesson 6

Module 6 Lesson 6

Module 6 Lesson 7Show us your array on Flipgrid!Flipcode:Mrs. Graves built 2rows of 4, or 2 x 4!

Module 6 Lesson 10Click Here to Listen

Cause and EffectWatch this prehension/causeandeffect/



Social emotionalLearningReader's Theater!Ask some familymembers to readwith you!

Social emotionalLearningNow it is your turn to write the ending ofthis story. How can the characters practicekindness? How can they use the Step It Outmodel to solve their problem?

ScienceChoose, research, and design your own animal “Schoolastic News”! This is a two-week project. This week, plan to choosean animal and complete your research. The directions are on the next slide and are attached as printables in our email.

ScienceWeek 1Please see email for attachments:Schoolastic News Directions for KidsSchoolastic News Research NotesSchoolastic News Student Example