Symbaloo user guide Chapter 1Create a webmix Save time Organize your online life Never lose your bookmarksCreate. Chapter 2Share a webmix Share your webmix easily Inform others Get traffic from GoogleShare. Chapter 3Discover webmixes Get the best links per topic Get inspired Find useful school webmixesDiscover.

Create.Learn how to create your personal SymbalooAdd a tileWant to add new tiles to your webmix? Type the name of the website or company in the tile search boxAdd a webmixTo add a webmix, just click the plus sign.Change your webmixWant to edit a tile, move or copy it to another webmix, or make other changes? Then click edit webmix.

Share.How to share your Symbaloo webmixClick share on your webmixChoose share with the worldor share with friends (to keep private)Spread your webmix!What happens if I share my webmix?Once you share your webmix, Symbaloo gives you a link. If you share the webmix with the world, it will besubmitted to search engines such as Google and Bing. In the Webmix Gallery you can keep track of the number ofusers. Please carefully name the webmix and give it a good description. This will enable more users to find it.

Discover.How to discover webmixes of othersBrowse through webmixes(We’ve gathered the best webmixes and made themavailable on the second tab. There you will find greatwebmixes on a variety of topics)Search in our gallery(To get there, click on the “plus” sign)Who makes these webmixes?All the webmixes that you find in the Symbaloo Gallery are made by Symbaloo users. These users might representa company, organization or a school. They made the webmix for its employees, clients or students.

Symbaloo.Some additional tricks.Tiles legendLinksNewsfeedsClick on a tile and surf tothat website right awayClick on a news tile and readheadlines in the center boxRadioSearch on Google, Wikipedia,or Maps from SymbalooWidgetsClick on a radio tile, to listento the radio station directlyWidgets start a small app in thecenter box. Eg. the weatherPreferencesUnder preferences you can: Search modulesDetermine with which source the center box startsIf a new link opens in the same, or in a new screenWhich webmix should open first

Symbaloo.For your convenience.Create an account(It’s easy and free) Only password & email address requiredDon’t lose your favorites anymoreUse your settings on any computer in the worldClick tools in upper menu barOpen internet optionsInternetExplorerSet under homepageClick tools in upper menu barOpen extra - tab generalSet Symbaloo as startpageFirefox(And start with your favorites quickly. Every day)Set under homepageClick edit in upper menu barOpen preferences - tab generalSet under homepageSafariClick tools on the rightOpen options - tab basic settingsSet under homepageChrome