·,D-Zero Engineering Note3740.21 O-EN-l 70January 6, 1987Grout Analysis for EC and CC CalorimetersL. L. EngstromIntroductionThe EC and CC calorimeters roll on Two parallel hardened steel ways whichreside on the top of the DO platform's center beam. The ways will begrouted to the center beam once their correct elevation has beenestablished. The purpose of this report is to evaluate and compare threedifferent epoxy grouts and their properties for this application.Previous ExperienceHerman Streede grouted the six ways that the platform rolls on using anepoxy grout called Unisorb. The elevation of the ways was maintainedwith two sets of leveling screws. One set was used to close the gapbetween the way's lower surface and the concrete floor. The other setincreased the gap. The gap thickness was approximately 10 mils to .2"along the length of the way. Once the required elevation was achieved,grout was forced into the gap under nitrogen pressure.Calorimeter WaysThe engineering data for three epoxy grouts is given on page 2. Groutliterature for the three materials is given in Appendix B. Grout calculationsare contained in Appendix A. A list of pertinent phone numbers andaddresses is given on page 3.Steve Trout, a grout contractor, was contacted for a budget estimate of thejob. As of this writing, he has not returned the information he promised.PAGE1




I) 0 L UMe: F fS;. '(2.0 (.) ' {AJe.ei:: e :.L. . - - - - , '/,"1'" r------,r---\-.F- - r··\ C A-/.f-·- 1- (z. 39-S-jJ!)(?.s-)-(,-,(q, :;t ). r:::.C:t:::.-!: A - S'1 Z,ctJD;(/-. ; -'C:6} ' I)Fs::r::: ::::::

. -------- . .:mnensions, SpecificationsINCH SERIESTYCHO II""TYCHO II" ti :el I'III00I III III*lI II IInl. la m rP '!"'I-'r' l'rI,r'r-r Im! IIIr- IFH 11"'1I I I I I-r -'- ·(On Skew SectIon, each line represents 25 poundr, on Bounce Section, each line represents.0001 Inches.)


z0 :( r-.0LL-Z-t- ESCOWELD 7570 Epoxy ChockESCOWELO 7570 Epoxy Chock is a versatile two-component epoxychocking compound that has the strength and relative chemicalinertness of epoxy resins plus the toughness of polyamine-typecuring agents. The two liquid components are mixed in their owncontainers prior to application.ESCOWELO 7570 Epoxy Chock is designed to meet the stringentchocking requirements of industrial applications. Its resistanceto chemical and physical degradation is excellent. The materialflows freely into the prepared chock area forming a perfectly fitted solid chock. Its high compressive strength and creepresistant formulation will maintain equipment alignment .Because of the ease of application, there is a considerablereduction in time and cost of installati n when compared tomachining of foundations and the hand-fitting of· chocks. Twenty four hours after pouring, the material normally r aches its design str.ength (see "Curing" information).ESCOWELO 7570 Epoxy Chock is used for: Chocking original installation of heavy precisionequipment such as compressors, pumps and millingmachines, and other machinery. Repairing damaged chocking installations of precisionequipment. Rechocking heavy equipment such as compressors, pumps,engines, and other machinery.U:: a0 CL.prepared and installed as recommended, ESCOWELO 7570 EpoxyChock offers the following advantages: hen Long life service.High resistance to chemical and physical degradation.Exceptional dimensional stabilityReduced downtime.Rapid and economical chock replacement.Low creep compliance.-'

· 'f(ONCHEMICAll· SCOWELD 7570 Epoxy ChockTypical Physical Properties --'. -- 22,6006.32 X 1059,900Tensile Strenrh, 70-f, psi(ASTM 0638"0.417IZOD Ililpact Resistance. 70-F, ft lb/in(ASTM D256)"Shr1nkage on. ASTM -D2566). :)(ASTM 0696) II,-:":---. --Density, cured, lbs/cu ft90Approx1.ate Work1ng Life. 70-f, M1ns45 XI. .t. cure-n';'.IJ.j, ".Sheljfl:ffe,-,.ars'-. -.:. - ",-',. ' .2470'F. hours·-'" .8.46 x 10. 6 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, in/1n-F.--.i0 Q0017Cure, 1nL1n'-------.- 2

," ESCOWELO 7570 EPOXY CHOCKPART A RESINWARNING!CAUSES SKIN IRRITATION ON PROLONGED CONTACTCOflJUSTIBLEMAY CAUSE EYE IRRITATIONVAPORS IRRITANTPRECAUTIONS - Keep away from heat sparks and open flames. Avoid eye contact.Avoid contact with skin and clothing. Avoid breathing mists or vapors. Usewith ventilation equal to unobstructed outdoors in moderate breeze. Keep con tainer closed. Wash thoroughly after handling.FIRST AID - Wash skin with soap and water. Flush eyes with plenty of wateruntil lrritation subsides. Remove to fresh air. If not breathing, applyartificial respiration and CALL A PHYSICIAN.-PART B CONVERTER DANGER!CAUSES SKIN AND-EYE BURNSPROLONGED OR REPEATED EXPOSURE MAYLEAD TO SKIN SENSITIZATIONPRECAUTIONS - 00 not get in eyes or on clothing. Wear suitable protectiveclothing and chemical safety goggles. Avoid breathing mists or vapors. Usewith ventilation equal to unobstructed outdoors in moderate breeze.FIRST AID - Immediately flush eyes and skin with plenty of water for at least15 minutes while contaminated clothing and shoes are removed. CALL APHYSICIAN. Launder clothing before reuse. Discard grossly contaminated shoes.PART A AND PART BFIRE FIGHTING - Use water spray to cool fire-exposed surfaces and protect per sonnel. Extinguish, preferentially with dry chemical, foam, waterspray orwaterfog.SPILL CONTROL - Keep public away. Eliminate sources of ignition. Shut offsource, if possible to do so safely. Prevent liquid from entering sewers orwatercourses. Advise authorities if material has entered a watercourse orsewer or has contaminated soil or vegetation. Contain spilled liquid with sandor earth. Recover by pumping or witn suitable absorbent. Consult an expert ondisposal of recovered material and ensure conformity with local disposalregulations.

A seven and one-half pound (7.5 lb.) unit of ESCOWELD 7570 EpoxyChock contains 143 cubic inches of material when mixed. Fouronits are packaged per case. Since scraping of the sides of thecontainer while pouring is not recommended 9 use 125 cubic incheswhen estimating chocking requirements.IMPORTANT STORAGE AND MIXING INSTRUCTIONS ESCOWELD 7570 Epoxy Chock should be stored upside down9 at roomtemperature (70 -80 F) for 24 hours prior to use. This willinsure proper viscosity for mixing and pouring. Read all instructions before mixing. Mix with a power stirrerat approximately 200 rpm (maximum 400 rpm) using a Jiffy typeblade. Mixing should be completed wihin two to three minutesafter the converter is added. CAUTION - Do not over mix or whip air into the material.mix until all molds or dams are in place.Do notPOURINGMaterial should be poured without delay after mlxlng is complete. Care must betaken not to trap air while pouring. For best results 9 each chock should bepoured from one side when possible. Dammed area is to be filled to one-halfinch over the highest pOint of each chock to provide a reservoir to ensurefilling of voids. Do not scrape unmixed material from sides and bottom ofcontainer into the chock. Any material which shows signs of incomplete mixingshould either be re-mixed or discarded.CURINGESCOWELD 7570 Epoxy Chock cures at room temperature. Heat sources are unnec essary at temperatures above-55 F. Poured material will gel in 30 to 60minutes and cure hard in 12 to 48 hours depending on ambient temperature.TemperatureCure Time55 - 65 F.66 - 70 F.Above 70 F.48 hours24 hours12-18 hoursSince the use of this material is specific to each application, consult yourExxon Chemical Technical Sales Representative for appropriate recommendations.A three-part Specification and Design Guideline is available to assist you inobtaining the maximum strengths and other excellent physical properties ofESCOWELD 7570 Epoxy Chock.THIS INFORMATION RELATES ONLY TO THE SPECIFIC MATERIAL DESIGNATED ANDMAY NOT BE VALID FOR SUCH MATERIAL useD IN COMBINATION WITH ANY OTHERMATERIALS OR IN ANY PROCESS. SUCH INFORMATION IS, TO THE BEST OF OURKNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF, ACCURATE AND RELIABLE AS OF THE DATE COMPILEDHOWEVER. NO REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE IS MADE AS TO ITS31. . 7570 P8ACCURACY, RELIABILITY OR COMPLETENESS IT IS THE USER'S RESPONSIBILITY TOSATISFY HIMSELF AS TO THE SUITABILITY AND COMPLETENESS OF SUCH INFORMA·TION FOR HIS OWN PARTICULAR USE. WE DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSSOR DAMAGE THAT MAY OCCUR FROM THE USE OF THIS INFORMATION NOR DOOFFER ANY WARRANTY AGAINST PATENT INFRINGEMENTweEXXON CHEMICAL AMERICAS· P.O, BOX 3272. HOUSTON. TEXAS 71253-3272A dMIion 01 EXXON CHEMICAL COt.IPANV, dMIion 01 EXXON CORPORATIONPRINTED IN USA

rI·BASEPREPA· ON.::}.;;. :c;:.; :' 4;; , '.Nb: R , ;:!! ;,;-. . install tion, leave approxil'T!ately Y21t of spac 1I'between . : : :;:::-". ,,;;, Shelf hfe IS indefinite,. If instructions are fOliowed;· . : ;.;. B · .) 1 )0\. machine base and foundation .Be careful to remove loose .':'}:' MIX RATIO - By welght-13 parts resin to onepart' : ;: ;,:,, . .'I'" ) or weak concrete from foundation surfaces and to clean. ' hardener. By volume-7Y2 parts resin to one part hardener. :.YIELD./;:-.: ., .machine ase if.adhesion is desired. Concrete foundationmust be fIrm, altnough Unisorb V·100 Grout will flow into;JTr::-, ,cracks as small as .002" and strengthen entire structure. If.' .' One pound of Unisorb V·1 00 Grout will fill 16Y:! cubicfoundation is metal. sand to roughen surfaces and wipe: . " i chest set up. '-,solvent for best adhesion."'OTHER APPLICATIONS. '.C' c: , :.-! GROUT ANCHOR BOLTS Drill hole to a d;pth '1 0 to'.,:';;:i./ times the bolt diameter. Use a hex-head bolt Make--,diameter about Y2"larger than bolt diameter. To set."bolt quickly .fill hole about one-third of depth 'withV,:,100 Grout Preheat bolt to about 150" Eand put inBolt will set permanently in less than one hour. If'used V-100 will set in six to eight.' .:', .' .'.-' :LAY PERFECTLY LEVEL BASES -N 'transjtjust dam the area to be covered and pour in.V-1 00 Grout It will self-level before setting, then setthan concrete to a tough, corrosion-resistant base. :.'. '.'. .'',-, i' .'-":,,,-. ' " , .-.;""'. '. ; -.; -.""'".MAKE JACKING PADS QUICKLY Filiin area with clean,sharp crushed stone, scrap metal or other clean filler to .: ./.';'1; .J.'- .' .reduce cost Use at least Y2" thicknesS ofUnisorb V-100: :: r·* : ·t";;;:;;' L GrouL:. ' ""::i; '«';·;;';:"{ \ :::t;,;;;;;;, ; t::.:::1 :." '.' REINFORCEBEARING SLEEVES AND MACHINE PARTSInstead of enlarging worn bearing support areas and . ' .putting in oversize bearings, fill in behind new bearings with :,: ,:,:;-,; . /,;Unisorb V·100 Grout. '. .'. :, '; " : bi: \;;g)r! W '"':' ;\f:;j .'; ;' ':":";" GROUT FULCRUM PEDESTALS ON TRUCK AND TRACK .:rt'2'! SCALES Unisorb V-1 00 Grout Gesists shock loading and'reduces need to regrout, with. ;;;,, :{;J;;t\,i:::. chemical corrosion ) Dam the grout area if it is not already recessed.2 / 'S''(. : 0':'''' attendant costs of recalibrating and recertifying. .'. . to enable resin to build at least a 2" head. Apply one to twoADHERE NEW CONCRETE TO OLD The bond betweenpolished coatings of a good paste wax to the side of a 2 x 4. Unisorb V-1 00 Grout and concrete is stronger than concrete-to-concrete. Use it as an adhesive film between conthat contacts the resin. Then, liberally apply a 1/64" to 1/32"unpolished wax coating on these sides. Place caulking. · c r e t e s . (Not recommended for applications to wet concrete).compound or ribbon putty on the floor side and abuttingPATCH FLOORS Extend Unisorb V-100 Grout with clean'ends of 2 x 4's. Be ce!,aln that Joints of dam are wellfillers, such as pea gravel or crushed stone. Spread clean .sealed. Anchor forms In place.sand or grit over wet resin surfaces to prevent slipping.RESIN PREPARATION - Store material between 700 F. Color can be darkened by addition of a small amount.'of carbon."'",,and 800 F. Do not mix until ready to pour.' -,Pot life at 770 F. is 15 minutes. This can be eXle d .PHYSICAL PROPERTIES.,·i.;!. ;' ,7}slightly, if necessa,ry, by swirling mixture to delay heat;c :buildup in center of mass. .' ·,;:.:,).; - ;: :;;.i When ready to pour, premix resin portion (gray colo edliquid) for one or two minutes with stirrer in power drillto assure uniform filler distribution. Note: Stirrer blademust be able to touch bottom of pail. Do not use stirrerwith hindrance under blade ." . . , :e J\r;; ;.\ ;Jllt :: , ;While stirring thoroughly mixed resin: pour inhardener;'To . 'prevent splashing, pour in a steady stream about 6" high.Mixing time should be about two minutes. Run stirreraround pail perimeter. up and down, and hold at a slight"I'fIdbseft ksangle untl you note UnJ orm co or an an ance 0 s rea.POURING MIXED RESIN.:.-AlwaysPo'"i;;rom espottoprevent ai, I