ESCOWELD 7505E/7530High Strength, Very Fluid, 3-Part Epoxy GroutTechnical Bulletin #1612DProduct DescriptionESCOWELD 7505E/7530 is a highly flowable, epoxy grout system engineered for use with dynamically operated industrial machinery and equipment where performance and operating reliability are crucial.ESCOWELD grout functions as a critical interface between the equipment and its foundation ensuringproper transference of static and dynamic loads generated by operating equipment to the foundation.This allows the foundation to efficiently absorb and dissipate the loads true to its purpose.ESCOWELD Epoxy Grout provides proper support for the operating equipment. When coupled with aproperly designed anchoring system, ESCOWELD grout maintains critical shaft alignment fundamentalfor optimum performance of rotating and reciprocating equipment.ESCOWELD 7505E/7530 also offers improved resistance to many industrial chemicals that wouldtypically destroy conventional cement grouts. A foundation too, is subject to chemical attack. If thefoundation mass is reduced by chemical attack, so is its effectiveness as a support and dampingmechanism. Using guidelines available from ITW Philadelphia Resins, ESCOWELD grout can also beused to protect concrete foundations from chemical attack that would otherwise deteriorate as a result.Use & BenefitsThe key to the performance of ESCOWELD 7505E/7530 is the combination of ESCOWELD 7505E, aversatile liquid epoxy resin/hardener system, with ESCOWELD 7530, a engineered silica aggregatespecifically designed for greater flowability, strength and self-leveling characteristics. Other uniquefeatures and benefits that have been offered for over 20 years with ESCOWELD 7505 include: Excellent bondability to itself without surface preparation to simplify multiple pour projects. Wide range of depth of pour, from 1-1/2” to 18”. This simplifies and speeds up many jobs that wouldotherwise have required multiple pours and additional surface preparation. Cures in 24 hours which is especially valuable during tight turn-around schedules or emergencyrepairs. Exceptional dimensional stability as well as excellent resistance to chemical and physical degradation. Negligible shrink on cure.Design ConsiderationsFor optimum results, follow the recommendations closely for site preparation, grout mixing, groutplacement, and grout finishing, etc. found in “ESCOWELD 7505E/7530 Installation Procedures, BulletinNo. 1600.Application InstructionsThe performance of any epoxy machinery grout system depends not only on the engineering andphysical characteristics of the cured grout, but also on the quality of the mixing and installation. Propermixing of all components is particularly important in obtaining the maximum strength and adhesivecharacteristics of epoxy grouts. ESCOWELD 7505E is packaged in a single can. Lower portion contains Epoxy Resin and upperportion contains the converter. Pour entire contents of converter into the Epoxy Resin container andmix properly. Mix ESCOWELD 7530 aggregate into combined liquid components in a wheelbarrow or mechanicalmixer (mortar/plaster mixer) until all dry particles are wetted out.ITW POLYMER TECHNOLOGIES130 Commerce Drive Montgomeryville, PA 18936 215-855-8450 Fax 215-855-4688

ESCOWELD 7505E/7530Bulletin No. 1612D, Page 2Physical PropertiesCOMPRESSIVE STRENGTHCOMPRESSIVE MODULUS OF ELASTICITYLINEAR SHRINKAGECOEFFICIENT OF LINEAR THERMALEXPANSIONFLEXURAL STRENGTHFLEXURAL MODULUS OF ELASTICITYTENSILE STRENGTHADHESIVE BOND TO STEELIZOD IMPACT STRENGTHFIRE RESISTANCESERVICE TEMPERATURESPECIFIC GRAVITYDENSITY214,000 psi (984 kg/cm )(Actual field strength may vary, from10,000 to 14,000 psi depending oncuring and testing conditions)61.8 x 10 psi52(1.26 x 10 kg/cm )0.036% (.00036 in/in)-6 ooo26.2 1 x 10 / C @ 0 C to 60 C-6 ooo(14.6 x 10 / F @ 32 F to 140 F)24,700 psi (329 kg/cm )61.8 x IO psi2(1.26 x 105 kg/cm )22,100 psi (147 kg/cm )22,100 psi (147 kg/cm )Self ExtinguishingooUp to 140 F (60 C)ASTM C-579MODIFIEDASTM C-579ASTM D-2568ASTM C-531ASTM C-580ASTM C-579ASTM D-307ASTM C-307ASTM D-258ASTM D-637125 lbs/cu ft (1948 kg/cu meter)Product InformationCOVERAGEAPPLICATION TEMPERATURECURE TIME (approximate)POT LIFECLEAN UPUNIT PACKAGINGUNIT WEIGHTSHIPPING WEIGHTSHELF LIFEDate2.4 cu.ft. (68 liters)oooo55 F To 90 F (13 C to 32 C)oo12 hours @ 90 F (32 C)oo24 hours @ 80 F (27 C)oo36 hours @ 70 F (21 C)oo38 hours @ 60 F (16 C)2 Hours @ 77 F (25 C)Water or IMPAX IXT-59 SolventResin (NH): 2.6 gal (9.8 L) in a 5 gal bucketHardener (NH): 1.2 gal (4.6 L) in a plastic trayinserted into the top of the resin canAggregate: (5) 53 lb. (24 kg) bagsResin: 25.7 lbs (11.7 kg)Hardener: 10.2 lbs (4.2 kg)Aggregate: 265 lbs (120 kg)305 lbs (138 kg)2 years09/2005General: Every reasonable effort is made to insure the technicalinformation and recommendations on these data pages are true andaccurate to the best of our knowledge at the date of issuance.However, this information is subject to change without notice.Products and information are intended for use by qualified applicatorsthat have the required background, technical knowledge, andequipment to perform said tasks in a satisfactory manner.Warranty: ITW Philadelphia Resins, a division of Illinois Tool WorksInc., warrants that its products meet their printed specifications. Thisis the sole warranty. This warranty expires one year after productshipment.Warranty Claims: If any product fails to meet the above, ITWPhiladelphia Resins will, at its option, either replace the product orrefund the purchase price. ITW Philadelphia Resins will have no otherliability for breach of warranty, negligence, or otherwise. All warrantyclaims must be made in writing within one year of the date of shipment.No other claims will be considered.Disclaimer: ITW Philadelphia Resins makes no other warranty,expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims any warranty ofmerchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.Suggestions concerning the use of products are not warranties.The purchaser assumes the responsibility for determiningsuitability of products and appropriate use. ITW PhiladelphiaResins’ sole liability, for breach of warranty, negligence orotherwise, shall be the replacement of product or refund of thepurchase price, at ITW Philadelphia Resins’ election. Under nocircumstances shall ITW Philadelphia Resins be liable for anyindirect, incidental or consequential damages.Modification of Warranty: No distributor or sales representativehas the authority to change the above provisions. No change inthe above provisions will be valid unless in writing and signed by anofficer or the Technical Director of ITW Philadelphia Resins. Noterm of any purchase order shall serve to modify any provision ofthis document.Mediation and Arbitration: If any dispute arises relating toproducts or product warranties, either the purchaser or ITWPhiladelphia Resins may a) initiate mediation under the thencurrent Center for Public Resources (CPR) Model Procedure forMediation of Business Disputes, or b) initiate a non-bindingarbitration under the rules of the American ArbitrationAssociation for the resolution of commercial disputes.

ESCOWELD Industrial Grouts & PolymersThe ESCOWELD Extended Aggregate Systems forMachinery Grouting and Foundations are designed to meetyour installation and product performance needs.The performance of anyepoxy machinery groutsystem depends notonly on the engineeringand physicalcharacteristics of thecured grout, but of themixing and installation.The new ESCOWELD Enhanced and SuperAggregate Systems formachinery grouting andfoundations offer youmany benefits designed tosimplify installation whileproviding excellentperformance. Simpler installationGreater yield/economyExcellent performancecharacteristicsThese unique systems combineThe ESCOWELD 7505EResin/Hardener withESCOWELD 7530 aggregatewith precisely graded enhancedaggregates to provideexceptional flow characteristics,while achieving a greater yieldper unit. These systems are acost effective replacement forpolymer-modified concrete andessential for deeper pours andfoundation rebuilds. A 24-hourcure makes ESCOWELD Enhanced Aggregate andESCOWELD Super AggregateMachinery Epoxy GroutingSystems the smart choice forshut-downs and turn-arounds.Mixing & Installation:Greater Yield, resulting in alower cost per cubic foot.Convenient Packaging, tosimplify the mixing of liquidcomponents and providegreater mixing precision.Superior Flow Characteristics,to simplify installation ondifficult foundations, assuringproper load-bearing area andreducing the time required forinstallation.Cleans up with water, a uniquefeature with obviousadvantages over competitiveproducts that requirehydrocarbon-cleaningsolvents.Gentle Exothermic Cure,provides low-stress results.Proper mixing of all componentsis particularly important inobtaining the maximum strength,flow and adhesive characteristicsof epoxy grouts.Other unique features andbenefits, which have beenoffered for over 20 years with theoriginal ESCOWELD 7505E/7530 formulation include:Key Benefits: Features: Excellent Bonding, to itselfwithout surface preparation tosimplify multiple pour projects.Wide range of pour depths,from 1 inch to 18 inches. Thissimplifies and speeds up anyjob, which would otherwisehave required multiple poursand additional surfacepreparation.24 hour cure, especiallyvaluable during tight turnaround schedules oremergency repairs.Exceptional dimensionalstability, upon cure.Excellent resistance, tochemical and physicaldegradation.Mix the liquid componentsthoroughly and in correctproportions. The pail forESCOWELD 7505E Part A hasenough room to permit mixingPart B directly in that container.Mix aggregate into a combinedliquid components in amechanical mixer.Mixing consistency is the keywhen adding aggregate.For optimum results, follow therecommendations for sitepreparations closely, groutstorage, grout mixing, groutplacement, grout finishing, etc.See the ESCOWELD Representative in your area forcomplete details or contact us ESCOWELD Epoxy GroutSystems Montgomeryville, PAwww.escoweld.comRev. 10/03

Extended Aggregate SystemsTypical Physical PropertiesStandard MixEnhanced Aggregate MixSuper Aggregate Mix***14,000 psi14,000 psi16,000 psi2.4 cu.ft.**2.9 cu.ft.**3.4 cu.ft.**Tensile Strength2,100 psi2,000 psi2,000 psiModulus of ElasticityASTM C 5791.8 x 1061.9 x 10 61.9 x 10 6Coefficient of Linear ExpansionASTM C 53114 x 10 -612 x 10 -612 x 10 -6Flexural Strength4,700 psi[Not Tested][Not Tested]Better than ConcreteBetter than ConcreteBetter than Concrete2,100 psi[Not Tested][Not Tested]Approximate Working [email protected] 77 F2 hours 2 hours 2 hoursSealed Shelf Life, Part A & B2 years2 years2 yearsDepth of Pour Limitation18 inches24 inches*48 inches*Cured Density, lbs./cu.ft.120 lbs./cu.ft.130 lbs./cu.ft.136 lbs./cu.ft.Viscosity, Centipoise @ 77 FEpoxy Resin - Part AConverter - Part B1,100 - 1,500 cps700 - 1,200 cps1,100 - 1,500 cps700 - 1,200 cps1,100 - 1,500 cps700 - 1,200 cpsFlash Point, SETA Closed CupEpoxy Resin - Part AConverter - Part B210 F210 B34210 F210 F210 F210 F140 volts/mil140 volts/mil140 volts/milCompressive StrengthASTM C 579Actual field strength may vary from 10,000to 14,000 psi depending upon curing andtesting conditions.Yield Per UnitModulus of Elasticity as measured byASTM C579 can vary according toconditions of curing and measuringtechniques.Adhesive Bond to ConcreteASTM C 307Adhesive Bond to SteelASTM C 307 A66Dielectric Strength* Deeper Pours can be made, but and ESCOWELD Representative should be contacted for specific instructions.**Typical physical properties as expressed for the ESCOWELD Enhanced Aggregate and Super Aggregate mixturesare approximate based on the averages of multiple field samples tested.*** The Super Aggregate System is designed for use as a polymer alternative to concrete when installing newfoundations or rebuilding existing only. Contact your ESCOWELD Representative when consideringthis system for your next application.Rev 10/03

Extended Aggregate SystemsMix DataMix TypePRCComponentPart #7575UN Escoweld 7505E Liquids A&B, 40#/unit7530A Escoweld 7530 Engineered Aggregate, 53#/bagCoral 1/4 - 3/8 Aggregate, 50#/bag *Mixed Yield (Cu. ntNOTES:* This product is not available through Philadelphia ResinsCoral 1/4 - 3/8 Aggregate, 50# bags are available through:Sheridan White Rock CompanyAttention: Pam VanceP.O. Box 485Sheridan, AR 72150Phone: 870-942-2488Fax: 870-942-7012Contact Sheridan for cost information** Yields on extended aggregate mixtures are approximate and may vary slightly

Standard Mix, Enhanced Mix, and Super Aggregate SystemMIXING INSTRUCTIONS FOR ESCOWELD 7505E/75301 unit 7505E Liquid (Parts A &B) 4 bags 7530 Aggregate2 bags Coral Pea GravelYield 2.9 cubic feetEnhanced Mix can be poured to depthsof 24 inches. For depths greater than 8inches contact your ESCOWELDDistributor.When flow ability is a considerationeither Standard Mix or Enhanced Mixshould be usedMix parts 7505E Liquid A & B in the 5gallon bucket provided. Mix for threeminutes with a Jiffy mixer blade at 200 300 rpm. Pour the mixed 7505E mixtureinto the mortar mixer and start thepaddles. Add the four (53 lb.) bagsof7530 Aggregate and two (50 lb.) bagsof Coral Pea Gravel and mix for twominutes. Empty the mortar mixer into awheelbarrow and repeat the procedurefor additional units.1 unit 7505E Liquid (Parts A &B) 5 bags 7530 AggregateYield 2.4 cubic feetStandard Mix can be poured to depthsof 18 inches. For depths greater than 8inches contact your ESCOWELDDistributor.Enhanced mix may be recommended.When flow ability is a considerationeither Standard Mix or Enhanced Mixshould be used.Mix parts 7505E Liquid A & B in the 5gallon bucket provided. Mix for threeminutes with a Jiffy mixer blade at 200 300 rpm. Pour the mixed 7505