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2FPD175 COMPACT ORIFICE CARRIER ASSEMB LY DS/FPD175- EN—Orifice flow metering made simple—Optional integral temperature element Integral RTD facilitates mass (liquids and steam) andcorrected volume (gas) flowrate measurement—Integral manifold For direct mounting of DP or multivariable transmitter Optional fittings for impulse piping to facilitate remotemounting of transmitter—Reduced pipeline installation costs Eliminates need to supply and connect separate manifold,and impulse piping Multi-hole orifice plate improves accuracy and dramaticallyreduces straight pipe requirements—Flexible and accurate installation Wafer body fits flanges up to ASME 600 or DIN PN100 Optional tool for accurate centralization between flanges Optional replaceable orifice plates offer easy, economicmaintenance and flexibility

F PD 175 COMPACT OR I FI CE CARRIE R ASSE MBLY DS/FPD175-E N3—Balanced orifice conditioning plateThe FPD175 is an orifice-based primary element, designed forsimplified installation and commissioning.Utilizing NASA-designed Balanced Orifice technology, theconditioning plate variant of FPD175 offers significantadvantages over the conventional single-hole design.BenefitsThe FPD175 system avoids many of the difficulties involved inthe sizing, selection, procurement, installation andcommissioning of conventional orifice plate installations. Eliminates many of the problems of sourcing multiplecomponents. Provides savings in cost and time due to thesimplicity of design and installation. Manifold with compact tapping connections offers:–– guaranteed accuracy of positioning and installation ofthe tapping points–– reduced possibility of impulse line problems Choice of two discrete Beta ratio values simplifies thesizing and selection process Optional design with replaceable orifice plates enableslow-cost repair or, when process conditions change, reranging of the meter Optional element centralizing system ensures meter isconcentric with its pipe, thus avoiding significantadditional metering errors Available in either single-hole (concentric) or multihole(conditioning plate) formats Optional remote mounting kit to enable use at highertemperatures, where a compact transmitter would bedamaged by excessive temperaturesFig. 1Fig. 20only 30 % of the differential pressureis recovered with a standard orifice50100Standard orifice plates generate significant eddies and pressure lossesPercent of maximumpressure differenceFPD175 incorporates the following features: A wafer-bodied orifice carrier assembly with integralorifice plate and corner tapping points Integral welded 3-valve or 5-valve manifold Integral welded connections between the carrier tappingsand manifold Can be site-mounted to any conventional DP ormultivariable transmitter Optional conditioning orifice plate Optional removable orifice plate Version for remote-mounted transmitterPercent of maximumpressure difference—Compact orifice primary element070 % of the differential pressureis recovered with a balanced orifice50100Balanced orifice conditioning meter reduces eddies and pressure losses Upstream and downstream straight pipe lengthrestrictions reduced–– can be used without any straight pipe where conditionsdictate Reduced pressure losses–– compared to equivalent concentric plate, reducespressure loss by 50% Reduced noise levels–– compared to equivalent concentric plate Self-venting and draining–– no need for vent or drain holes–– improved handling of small amounts of entrained solids Improved accuracy–– accuracy of balanced flow meter (BFM) is improved by54 % compared to a standard square edged orifice plate

4FPD175 COMPACT ORIFICE CARRIER ASSEMB LY DS/FPD175- EN—Specification—FluidsOrifice plate bore at 20 C (68 F)Liquids, gases and steam (vapor)Line sizesFor Beta 0.425 mm (1 in.)40 mm (11/2 in.)50 mm (2 in.)80 mm (3 in.)100 mm (4 in.)150 mm (6 in.)200 mm (8 in.)250 mm (10 in.)300 mm (12 in.)For Beta 0.6525 mm (1 in.)40 mm (11/2 in.)50 mm (2 in.)80 mm (3 in.)100 mm (4 in.)150 mm (6 in.)200 mm (8 in.)250 mm (10 in.)300 mm (12 in.)10.66 mm (0.42 in.)16.36 mm (0.644 in.)20.99 mm (0.826 in.)31.17 mm (1.227 in.)40.90 mm (1.610 in.)61.63 mm (2.426 in.)81.10 mm (3.193 in.)101.8 mm (4.008 in.)121.29 mm (4.775 in.)Orifice flow metering made simple25, 40, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm(1, 11/2, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 in.)Wetted materialsOrifice assembly, stem and manifold316L stainless steelManifold sealsGraphite and PTFEProcess connectionsWafer body to fit between the following flange drillings: ASME B16.5 (ANSI) Class 150, 300 or 600 DIN PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63 or PN100Pipeline centralization can be assured using optionalcentralizing tool—Optional integral temperature elementPressure limitations100 bar (1450 psi) or as flange rating, whichever is thelowerTemperature limitationsDirect mount transmitter–40 to 450 F (–40 to 232 C)When mounted in steam service, mount at 180 and fillimpulse lines with water.Remote mount transmitter–40 to 850 F (–100 to 454 C) – stainless steelAssembly to a transmitter There is an option for the McMenon 266 transmitter andFPD175 to be factory assembled. If the transmitter andFPD175 are not factory assembled, they may be shippedseparately. Please notify your Local Sales Team of yourrequirements. A remote mount kit is available to enable remotelocation of transmitter. Please specify requirements toyour Local Sales Team.Integral RTD* 100 Ohm platinum RTD temperature sensor assemblywith mineral Insulated cable The RTD sensor complies with IEC-751 Class B accuracyand meets Intrinsic Safety certification.* Available only with direct mount transmitter models.17.32 mm (0.682 in.)26.58 mm (1.047 in.)34.11 mm (1.343 in.)50.65 mm (1.994 in.)66.47 mm (2.617 in.)100.15 mm (3.942 in.)131.78mm (5.188 in.)165.43 mm (4.01 in.)197.1 mm (7.76 in.)Weight (approximately)Size25 mm (1 in.)40 mm (11/2 in.)50 mm (2 in.)80 mm (3 in.)100 mm (4 in.)150 mm (6 in.)200 mm (8 in.)250 mm (10 in.)300 mm (12 in.)Typical weight in Kg (lb)8 (17.6)10 (22)12.5 (27.5)15.5 (34.1)17 (37.4)20 (44)22 (48)26 (57.2)30.5 (67.1)Concentric orifice straight pipe requirementsAs per ISO 5167:2003ß 0.4ß 0.655D12DConical expander (0.5D – D)12D28DSingle 90 bend16D44D2 off 90 bends in same plane10D44D2 off 90 bends in different plane50D60DConical reducer (2D – D)Where D pipe diameter

F PD 175 COMPACT OR I FI CE CARRIE R ASSE MBLY DS/FPD175-E NConditioning orifice straight piperequirementsNormal uncertainty7D upstream and 2D downstreamIncreased uncertaintyNo straight pipe upstream and downstreamPerformanceConcentric and conditioning plate coefficient uncertainties atreference conditions, excluding transmitterConcentric plate (for Re 105)Beta 0.4: 1 % uncertaintyBeta 0.65: 1 % uncertainty* For a combination of Re 105 and Beta 0.65, add 0.5 %Conditioning plate (for Re 6000)Beta 0.4: 0.5 % uncertaintyBeta 0.65: 0.5 % uncertaintyRepeatability0.1 %McMenon recommends a minimum differential pressureof 25 in. wg (62 mbar) to ensure no increase inuncertainty if upstream straight pipe is less than 5 x pipediameter TurndownUp to 8:15

6FPD175 COMPACT ORIFICE CARRIER ASSEMB LY DS/FPD175- EN—Dimensions—Dimensions in mm (in.)3-valve157 (6.20) both closed3-valve5-valve210 (8.27) both closedOrifice flow metering made simple163 (6.41) both open220 (8.66) both open170 (6.70) both closed5-valve176 (6.92) both open225 (8.85) both closed235 (9.25) both open32(1.26)15 (0.59)KidneyflangeCoplanaradaptor—Optional integral temperature elementDHEJ32 (1.26)32 (1.26)SizeHJE (J/2)D (H – E)25 (1)180 (7.10)50.8 1 (2.00 0.04)25.4 0.5 (1.00 0.02)154.6 5 (6.10 0.20)40 (11/2)203 (8.00)73.2 1 (2.88 0.04)36.6 0.5 (1.44 0.02)166.4 5 (6.56 0.20)50 (2)221 (8.70)92.1 1 (3.63 0.04)46.05 0.5 (1.81 0.02)174.95 5 (6.89 0.20)80 (3)257 (10.12)127 1 (4.99 0.04)63.5 0.5 (2.50 0.02)193.5 5 (7.62 0.20)100 (4)314 (12.36)157.2 1 (6.19 0.04)78.6 0.5 (3.09 0.02)235.4 5 (9.27 0.20)150 (6)372 (14.65)215.9 1 (8.50 0.04)107.95 0.5 (4.25 0.02)264.05 5 (10.40 0.20)200 (8)426 (16.77)269.9 1 (10.63 0.04)134.95 0.5 (5.31 0.02)291.05 5 (11.46 0.20)250 (10)502 (19.76)323.8 1 (12.75 0.04)161.9 0.5 (6.37 0.02)340.1 5 (13.39 0.20)300 (12)560 (22.04)381.0 1 (15.00 0.04)190.5 0.5 (7.50 0.02)369.5 5 (14.55 0.20)

F PD 175 COMPACT OR I FI CE CARRIE R ASSE MBLY DS/FPD175-E N7—Ordering informationMain codeFPD175 compact orifice carrier assemblyModel and design levelOrifice meter - fixed plateOrifice meter - removable plate *Conditioning orifice - fixed plateMeter size25 mm. (1 in.)40 mm (11/2 in.)50 mm (2 in.)80 mm (3 in.)100 mm (4 in.)150 mm (6 in.)200 mm (8 in.)250 mm (10 in.)300 mm (12 in.)FluidLiquidGasSaturated steamSuperheated steamBeta ratio0.40.65Pressure ratingASME CL 150ASME CL 300ASME CL 600PN 10PN 16PN 25PN 40PN 63PN 100Pipeline orientationHorizontal pipeVertical pipe **ManifoldIntegral 3-valve manifoldIntegral 5-valve manifoldTemperature elementIntegralCertificationMaterial monitoring with inspection certificate 3.1 acc. EN10204Material monitoring NACE MR 01-75 with inspection certificate 3.1 acc. EN10204Documentation languageOthersGermanItalianSpanishFrenchEnglish (standard)ChineseMounting adaptorsTapping adaptor kit for remote mount transmitterCoplanar adaptorTransmitter optionsFactory-fitted transmitter (free issue)No transmitter (customer supply and fit on site)*Not available for meter sizes below 100 mm. (4 in.)** Not available for steam applicationsOptional codeFPD175 XX XXX XX XX XX XXX XXXX XX XX XXX NCTM2TM0

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