Instructions to set up ID1. Open your web browser.2. Go to Click on the First Time NCID User link.

4. Select the appropriate radio button associated with your user type. In order to access theBEACON portal, the employee must choose the ‘State Government Employee’ option.5. Click the [Continue] button.6. Select the employee type from the drop-down menu. Employee Type options are Full Time, Part Time, and Contractor.7. Select the country from the drop-down menu.8. Click the Next (Personal Info) button.

9. Enter your personal information in the required fields.10. Click the [Start Search] button next to the Member of Organization field to locate theappropriate Agency/Organization for you. A list of agencies is displayed. You may try to enter a portion of your agency name in the “Search Value” field to narrowyour search results.11. Click the [Select] button next to your agency.

12. Click the [Select] button next to your division. The Personal Information page is displayedindicating your selections.13. Click the [Next (Password Info) ] button. The Password Info screen is displayed.

14. ENTER a password in the New Password field.15. Re-ENTER the same password in the Retype Password field.1. You can click the [Password Help] button for assistance.2. (State/Local Government) Your password must contain at least one special character.3. (Business/Individual User) Your password must contain at least one numeric character.4. Your password must contain at least 8 characters.5. Your password is case-sensitive.16. SELECT five (5) Challenge Questions by clicking on the drop-down arrow on the right sideof the field. Answer each question in the field adjacent to the question. In the event youforget your password, these questions will be used as prompts to reset your password, soplease choose answers that you can remember.17. CLICK the [Next (Review Collected Data) ] button.

18. Review your information and edit, if necessary.19. Once you have verified your information, click the [Submit Registration] button. You willreceive the following confirmation page with your assigned NCID User ID.An email will be sent to you when your User ID has been activated. You will not be able to useyour NCID until you receive the confirmation email from your agency NCID administrator.19. Click the [Exit] button to complete the registration process.