Project Report on Hotel and Resort1. PRODUCTABOUT THE PROJECTTo set up a Hotel cum Resort having all the modern facilities in an area of 20Acres in Jaipur, Rajasthan.TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY AT A GLANCEIt is boom time for India's Tourism and Hospitality sector. Driven by a surge inbusiness traveler arrivals and a soaring interest in India as a tourist destination,for the previous years has been the best year till date, with foreign visitorarrivals reaching a record 3.92 million, resulting in international tourism receiptsof US 5.7 billion.Boom time!According to global hotel and hospitality consulting firm, HVS International, thestrong performance in tourist arrivals in 2005 can be attributed to a strong senseof business and investment confidence in India inspired by: India's strong GDP performance Strengthening of ties with the developed world, and Opening of sectors of the economy to private sector/ foreign investment.The efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism & Culture in the last few years havehad a salutary effect on India's tourism industry. Foreign tourist arrivals are expected to witness a growth of 78 % in thecoming years. Growth in foreign exchange earnings is expected to be of the order of 122%. As per estimates, on an average, about 3.1 million additional jobs per yearhave been created directly and indirectly in the tourism sector in the lastfour years.India is fast emerging as one of the most enticing destinations for the globalleisure traveller. The Incredible India campaign has also been a huge success.An economic growth engineAs an engine for economic growth, the tourism and hospitality sector cuts acrossthe rural-urban divide, and bridges economic boundaries. According to The WorldSneha Agrawal, EPGDM -4Page 2

Project Report on Hotel and ResortTravel & Tourism Council’s 2006 Travel and Tourism Economic Research, thetravel and tourism sector in India is expected to generate a total demand of US 53,544.5 million of economic activity in 2006, accounting for nearly 5.3 % of GDPand 5.4 per cent of total employment.According to the report, the sector is expected to grow at a rate of 8.4 per cent in2006 and by 8 per cent per annum, in real terms, between 2007 and 2016.Growth in the tourism and Growth in the tourism and hospitality lInvestmentGovernmentExpenditureReal Growth)7.8%1.4%10.9%6.9%8.3%7.7%(Outlook for thenext 10 years )6.6%1.0%7.8%6.7%7.8%6.1%Source: The World Travel & Tourism Council,2. PROCESS/STEPSFollowing are the necessary steps required to construct a world class Hotel &Resort. Acquisition of Land Feasibility Study. Market and financial analysis and projections Financial Closures by Banks or Investors. Finalization of the Layout Completion of site survey, design of plant buildings, auxiliary & ancillarybuildings, mechanical utilities, electrical services and system. Planning for enabling works, like construction waterlines, power lines andsewerage, office, labour camp; go down, communication facility etc. Approach and Internal Roads Employee Hiring Process MarketingSneha Agrawal, EPGDM -4Page 3

Project Report on Hotel and Resort3. LOCATION ADVANTAGESUdaipur or Jaipur of Rajasthan will be theSuitable Location for putting up a worldclass hotel and resort and also the safeststate in India in terms of Law & Order. It offers to its tourists a safe andsecure environment. It is also very easily accessible by Air,Train and Road. It is also the leading tourist Destination State of India willstart getting International Chartered Flights in view of extended Airportrun way of Jaipur Airport. Many International Chartered flights areoperating from Jaipur Airport. Rajasthan is going to make headway in thearea of spiritual tourism, eco tourism, health tourism and rural tourism.Heritage tourism, which is one of the strengths of Rajasthan Tourism, isgoing to be strengthened further. Efforts are also being made to facilitate shooting of films in Rajasthan.According to him, Rajasthan is one of the most favoured destinations offilm industry. Rajasthan continues to be one of the most favourite tourism destinationsin the world witnessing an unprecedented growth of more than 50 percentin domestic and foreign tourist influx. With a record arrival of more than 6 lakh foreign tourists and 125 lakhdomestic tourists during the year 2003, Rajasthan has been one of themost popular destinations for all. On one hand the beautiful sands of Jaisalmer saw the footprints of over1.32 lakh domestic visitors while the City of Lakes, Udaipur enthralledmore than 1.5 lakh foreign tourists with its capturing landscapes of serenewaters and green hills. The charm of Mt. Abu and the sculptures of Dilwara continue to reign overthe hearts of travelers with the number of arrivals being more than a lakh. The potential of Eco-tourism and wild life viewing has also grown with aconstant increase in number of vacationers visiting Sariska, Bharatpur,Siliserh, Sawai Madhopur and other parts of the state.Sneha Agrawal, EPGDM -4Page 4

Project Report on Hotel and ResortAdvantages of Hotel and Resort Setup in RajasthanThe Government of Rajasthan has accorded a high priority to attract privateinvestment in tourism sector. To facilitate the investors, appropriateamendments have been made in therelevantrulesforconversionandallotment of land in rural and urbanareas. It has facilitated the conversionand allotment of land for setting up oftourism units in the state by privatesector initiative. A Land Bank has been set up in RTDC/DTAC to provide land. A Ropeways Act is also in place and rules for implementation of ropewayprojects under private sector participation are being finalizedINVESTMENT IN RAJASTHAN TOURISM SECTORThe investment requirements in providing efficient support infrastructure forthese tourist circuits are estimated at Rs. 18377 million. A further Rs. 1541million would be required for coming years for developing accommodationfacilities. The estimated sector-wise investment requirement is presented in thefollowing adsPower SupplySewerageWater SupplyTelecommunicationSitesWildlife SanctuariesEn Route FacilitiesTraining dInvestment(Rs. Million)6116Sneha Agrawal, EPGDM -444963779166813055864302401404339107719918Page 5

Project Report on Hotel and ResortSource: Master plan for development of tourismFAIRS – FESTIVALS AND CULTURAL PROGRAMMESThe Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are the example of State's lively culturalheritage. Through the organization of these fairs and festivals and culturalprogrammes, attracting tourist makes tourism promotion. They have a greatappeal for tourists. Department by organizing the world known annually fairs andfestival, tends to promote the prosperous cultural heritage of State.MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions)The Rajasthan Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions market is oneof the exciting and the fast growing one. Trends indicate that travel agents, touroperators, hotel companies, cruise companies are all eyeing the Rajasthan MICEmarket as one with great potential for future growth.FILM LOCATIONSRajasthan is a film maker's delight! The land has lush green forests and wetlandsas opposed to its pure sand deserts. Add to it, the aroma of history andarchitecture that surrounds the state. People live in the timeless tradition andhave kept their bygone era alive. Colour reflects in every fold of life and itspicturesque locations. This attracts Film Units, Script Writers and Directors fromall over the world to come & shoot in Rajasthan.Every film maker of Bollywood has at least one song dance sequence shot infront of the Monuments and Forts of Rajasthan. Scenes requiring the royal flavourcan never miss the City palace of Jaipur or Umaid Bhawan of Jodhpur.INCENTIVESNew Tourism Units such as Hotels/Lodging HousesParticularsIncentivesExemption in Luxury Tax:100% exemption of Luxury Tax for a period of 7 years.Exemption in Stamp Duty:50% exemption in stamp duty for a period of 7 yearsOther Incentives:Interest Subsidy to tourismSneha Agrawal, EPGDM xemptionof entertainment tax for seven years;of electrical duty for seven years;from conversion charge; and/orfrom mandi tax for seven years.5% Interest subsidy and wage /employment subsidy wouldPage 6

Project Report on Hotel and ResortUnits such as Hotel, Moteletc.:be made available to eligible investor during the operativeperiod of the scheme. An additional interest subsidy of 1%shall be made available to SC/ST Entrepreneurs.4. LAYOUT PLANNINGThe following are the proposed layout required for the Hotel and Resort:HotelRooms & SuitesThe hotel will be of stylish, comfortable, well-furnished acious service.Banquet and ConferenceThe Hotel will have a banquet hall with a capacity of 150 and 400 for parties,banquet hall also be used for exhibitions/events. Thebanquet hall is very essential for the hotel and will be donein a western concept. There will be 1 conferencing hall forbusiness meeting, conference and gathering etc. the hallwill be equipped with all the modern conferencing aids.Restaurant and BarThe hotel will be having 2 nos. of restaurant, a Lounge Barand a coffee shop, which will be offering a choice ofcontinental, Chinese and variety of food from Indian cuisine,with live piano music, and one open restaurant with theabove amenities for the outside visitors.The bar will be well stocked with best of spirit and winewhere guests can spend their time with gossiping watchingtelevision.Sneha Agrawal, EPGDM -4Page 7

Project Report on Hotel and ResortOther Facilities in hotelTravel DeskThe hotel will also have a Travel Desk, which will help visitors to gatherinformation and sketch a tour for visiting the tourist place.Pick up FacilityThe hotel will also having a Pick up facility, the company will be buying vehiclesto pick the guests from the suitable place.Business CenterThe business center is equipped with the latest office automation equipment toprovide secretarial services and allied services like courier services, E-mailservices, Telecommunication services and other support services.Currency Exchange FacilityThe hotel will also provide the currency exchange facility to overseas guests.Resort ComplexCottagesThe Resort will be having good nos. of cottageswith a refreshing mix of style and spaciouselegance, our guest rooms and suites will beoffering peace and tranquility as well as thecomforts of modern day living.Ayurveda CentreThe resort will be having a Ayurveda center. Ayurveda is the alternativemedicine of Indian tradition, originated in ancienttimes. It is a natural healing scinece for cure,prevention or rejuvenation of the body, based onthe use of herbs or herbal medicines.Kids Arena and Board GamesThe Resort Complex will be having a separate area forthe kids; Kids Arena for children to have fun and play allSneha Agrawal, EPGDM -4Page 8

Project Report on Hotel and Resortthe time while visiting the Resort.The Resort will be having an area for board games, which will provide additionaloptions for the guests to spend excellence time in the Resort.Banquet and ConferenceThe Resort will be having a banquet hall with a ca parties of 120 for parties,banquet hall also be used for exhibitions/events. The banquet hall is veryessential for the Resort and will be done in a western concept. There will be 1conferencing hall for business meeting, conference and gathering etc. the hallwill be equipped with all the modern conferencing aids.Lounge BarThe resort will be having a Music Lounge &Weekend Disco Theque - Equipped with thelatest sound & a Light system, the disco is forthose who are young at heart. The zeal todance & enjoy is a welcome thought. A disconight on every weekend will be arranged.GYMNASIUMA gymnasium will be surrounded by state of theart equipment from the Life Fitness, USA, theWorld’s undisputed leader in Gym Equipment.Equipment will be is available to tone up bodymuscles and rejuvenate. Visitors can sweat outsuperfluous body fat and discover the fresh selfwithin.SWIMMING POOL, JACUZZI, SPA, AND STEAM SAUNAAswimmingpool,whichisalsoanimportant part of the club. The swimmingpool facility is a must for any club andthusitwillbeinstrumentalforthepopularity of the club. It will be 1 of theSneha Agrawal, EPGDM -4Page 9

Project Report on Hotel and Resortmain basis of marketing the club facilities. There will also a small nearby kid’sswimming pool. There will be a juice and snack bar along with the swimmingpool to add to the service provisions.GardenIn the proposed project there is also a beautifuland decorated Marriage Garden and its wellkept gardens infuses a breath of fresh air andfill both young and old with vitality, which willbe provided on rent for the Marriage Purpose orBig Parties. The capacity of the garden will bearound 1000 people with huge car parking capacity.5. CAPACITY PLANNINGFollowing are the Capacities Planned for the Hotel and ResortsHOTELNoTypes of Rooms-Standard22-Deluxe14-Suite04-Villas10Banquet Hall01Restaurant02Lounge Bar01Coffee Shop01Gymnasium01Kids Arena01Ayurveda Centre01Administrative Office01Laundry01Staff Quarters01Proposed LayoutSneha Agrawal, EPGDM -4Page 10

Project Report on Hotel and Resort6. PRODUCTION AND OPERATION PLANNINGYear% Capacity Utilization1st year2 nd50%year60%3rd year80%4th year85%There will be a high demand in peek season (Oct – Mar).As Rajasthan is one of the major Tourist destination of India different kindof travelers all around the world land here for festivals, heritage visits etcin peek seasons.Corporate SeminarsIndividual celebration events, Marriages etc.7. Quality RequirementThe nature of consumer tastes an