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Brief Contents1.Welcome . 12.Getting Around in Amicus Attorney . 53.Setting Up Your Office . 134.Dailies . 195.Files . 236.Clients. 637.Time, Fees, and Expenses . 738.Trust . 859.Billing . 9710. Reports . 12911. APX (Abaacus Payment Exchange) . 131A. Administrator: Getting Started. 151B. Administrator: Customizing Billing . 171C. Administrator: Administering the Database. 207D. Keyboard Shortcuts . 211E.Third-Party Links . 217Index . 219Amicus Billing User Guideiii

ivAmicus Billing: User Guide

Detailed Contents1.Welcome . 1What’s new . 32.Getting Around in Amicus Attorney . 5Billing Users and Billing Supervisors . 6Amicus Navigation Pane. 7The modules . 8Amicus Floating Toolbar . 9Navigator . 10Getting help . 113.Setting Up Your Office . 13My Application - Defaults on Login preferences . 14Dailies Dashboard pages. 154.Dailies . 195.Files . 23Adding a File . 24Looking up Files . 25Using the Files Index . 26Working with File details . 28Restricting access to a File . 29People on a File . 30Looking up People on a File . 30Assigning a Person to the File . 31Amicus Billing User Guidev

Specifying a Client’s billing information on a File . 31Specifying information for a Firm Member on the File . 33Filling in accounting information for a File . 34Filling in general client and matter information for a File. 34Filling in basic billing information for a File . 35Filling in billing settings for a File . 37Split Billing . 44Setting Billing alerts for a File. 47Working with transactions on a File . 48File account overview . 48Time/Fee transaction details . 50Expense transaction details . 52Bill transaction details . 53Trust transaction details . 55General Retainer transaction details . 56Using other information on a File . 58Refunding General Retainer . 616.Clients . 63Adding a Contact . 64Looking up Clients . 64Using the Clients Index . 64Working with Client records . 67Working with a Client’s details . 68Working with the File referrals list for a Person . 69Working with balances and billing options for a Client . 697.Time, Fees, and Expenses . 73Creating Time Entries . 74Working with Time Entries . 76Creating and working with Expense Entries . 77Reviewing Time Entries and Expenses . 78Using the Time-Fees view . 78Using the Client Expenses view . 80Viewing Time Statistics . 82Searching Time Entries . 83Mass change to Time Entries. 848.Trust .85Looking up Trust . 86viiiAmicus Billing User Guide

Using the Trust Index . 86Receiving Trust . 88Paying Expenses from Trust (Trust Checks) . 90Transferring Trust to AR . 92Transferring Trust between Files . 949.Billing .97Creating Bills . 98Billing a single File . 98Billing multiple Files (mass billing) . 102Working with Draft Bills . 105Posting Final Bills . 109Setting billing options . 113Looking up Bills, Write-Ups/Downs, and Payments. 115Using the Billing Index . 116Working with Bills listed in the Billing Index . 118Receiving Client Payments . 119Writing Bills up or down . 123Sending Reminder Statements . 12510. Reports .12911. APX (Abacus Payment Exchange).131How to set up APX . 132Managing Payments in Amicus Attorney . 136Making a Payment in Amicus Attorney . 139Viewing APX Transactions . 142A.Administrator: Getting Started .151Ensuring data consistency . 151First-time licensing and setup . 155Data conversion and settings. 159Entering startup balances . 160Firm Member designations .