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New York Public Radio creates smart programsfor an incredibly intelligent and affluent audienceof over 20 million people every month.1Sponsors reach our audience throughmarketing messages across many platformsnationwide — on the radio, online, on-demand,and at live events.BY THE NUMBERS: ON AIR, ONLINE, AND ON THE STREET1.2 millionweekly radio listenersin NYC 27.1 millionweekly listeners on 7nationally broadcastprograms 34.2 millionmonthly streamingsessions 420 millionmonthly podcastdownloads andon-demand listens 52 millionmonthly app sessions 690live events atThe Greene Spaceeach year1 NYPR Comprehensive Audience; Nielsen, Act1: Arbitron, Splunk, Triton, Google Analytics2 Nielsen: OCT 15 - Dec 15 M-Su 6a-12m; P 6 . weekly cume3 Act 1: Arbitron DMA Fall Nationwide 20154 Triton Digital, OCT - DEC 15, all NYPR streams5 Splunk, Total Unique Downloads OCT - DEC 156 Google Analytics, OCT - DEC 15

OUR PROPERTIESABOUTPLATFORMSWEEKLY RADIO LISTENERSAM, FM, Podcasts,Streaming, Display,On-Demand794,900ABOUTPLATFORMSWEEKLY RADIO LISTENERSWQXR is the nation’s most listened-toclassical station and New York’s onlyall-classical music station.FM, Streaming, Display,On-Demand553,100ABOUTPLATFORMSWEEKLY RADIO LISTENERSNew Jersey Public Radio broadcaststhe best of WNYC plus local news andcoverage for northern New Jersey andbeyond.FM, Streaming, Display42,900ABOUTPLATFORMSANNUAL LIVE EVENTSThe Jerome L. Greene performancespace hosts intimate live events,engaging New York Public Radio’saudience in an exclusive venue in SoHo.Events, Display,Video stream90WNYC Radio brings a wide range ofnews, cultural, and music programs toeducated, affluent, and culturally activeaudiences across the nation.1 Nielsen: OCT 15 - DEC 15 M-Su 6a-12m; P 6 . weekly cume2 Radio Research Consortium: Nielsen Audio Spring 2014; M-Su 6a-12m P12 112

Our audiences love us and extend that loveto our sponsors, creating a “halo effect.”72%have a more positive opinion of a companythat supports public radio162%Sponsorship OpportunitiesWQXR —Naomi Grabel, Carnegie HallSTREAMING, ON-DEMAND,& APPSON AIR ANNOUNCEMENTS15 second sponsorshipcreditANNOUNCEMENT LIMIT3.75 minutes per hourDISPLAY300x250, 300x600and ExpandableLeaderboard ad unitsON AIR ANNOUNCEMENTS15 or 30 secondsponsorship creditsPRE-ROLL15 seconds, plays beforecontent beginsANNOUNCEMENT LIMIT4.00 minutes per hourDISPLAY300x250, 300x600and ExpandableLeaderboard ad unitsMID-ROLL30 seconds, plays in themiddle of contentDISPLAY300x50 (app)FOCUSED ATTENTIONCompared to commercial radio, our audience experiences clutter-free listeningand engagement.Your message on WNYC/WQXR is clear, concise & read by distinctive voices.No other station in the market can boast that exclusive environment.1 Lightspeed Research NPR Sponsorship Survey, 2014—Richard Demenus, Owner, Tekserve“NY Public Radio has been the perfectunderwriting partner for CarnegieHall. I am confident that we share animportant target audience, and theirradio and web-based platforms are agreat way to reach this audience withour message.”prefer to buy from companies thatsupport public radio1WNYC“The cynic says that underwritingWNYC is like any other advertising.We know otherwise . . . While we do abroad range of advertising, only thecustomers we get through WNYCthank us for our contribution.”

WNYC is New York’s premiere public radiostation, reaching the largest public radio audiencein the country and producing beloved programslike Radiolab and The Brian Lehrer Show.The station creates a wide range of award-winning news, cultural and musicprograms for educated, affluent, and culturally active audiences in New York, andacross the nation. Reaching millions of discerning listeners each week, originalcontent is available via radio, online, and mobile platforms.WEEKLY RADIO CUME794,5001WEEKLY RADIO TIME SPENT LISTENING4.75 hours1MONTHLY STREAMING SESSIONS3 million2MONTHLY PODCAST DOWNLOADS20 million3PLATFORMS:Radio, On-Demand, Display, App, and Live EventsMONTHLY UNIQUESMONTHLY MOBILE1,047,0004PAGEVIEWS1,885,0005WNYC Listeners are more:7MONTHLY(BY INDEX)EDUCATED & INFORMED254AFFLUENT191personal income 250k investments 1m 219PROFESSIONAL225222company presidentowner/partnermanager174CULTURED2933 museum visits per year3 symphony per year10 international tripsmarket average2302181001 Nielsen: OCT - DEC 15 M-Su 6a-12m; P 6 2 Triton: OCT - DEC 15, Live Session Starts WNYC3 via Splunk: OCT - DEC 15 Total Unique Downloads4 Google Analytics: OCT - DEC 15, Desktop and Mobile5 Google Analytics: OCT - DEC 15, Mobile Web and App6 Mailchimp: OCT - DEC 15, Daily Brief & This Week on WNYC7 Scarborough R2 2015: SEP 14-AUG 15 (Rev. 1) P18 ors degreepost graduate degreePAGEVIEWS

WEEKDAY PROGRAMSMorning Edition5 am – 9 amwith MarketplaceMorning Reportsat 6:50 and 8:50 amPLATFORMSBroadcast, StreamNote To Self5:50 &7:50 am,WednesdaysFor nearly three decades, Morning Edition has prepared listenersfor the day ahead with up-to-the-minute news, commentary,and coverage of arts and sports. With nearly 14 million listeners,Morning Editions draws public radio’s largest audience.One of the most respected news magazines in the world, MorningEdition airs Monday through Friday on more than 660 NPR stationsacross the U.S.Putting heart and the human experience into tech coverage,WNYC’s Note To Self with Manoush Zomorodi investigates whatall the data, constant connectivity, and perpetual “upgrades” reallymean for daily life.PLATFORMSBroadcast, On-Demand,Podcast, StreamBrian Lehrer10 am – 12 pmPLATFORMSBroadcast, On-Demand,Podcast, StreamLeonard Lopate12 pm – 2 pmPLATFORMSThe Brian Lehrer Show covers politics and life, locally andglobally. Guests range from politicians such as Barack Obama andJohn McCain to cultural figures such as Sarah Jessica Parker toastrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and New York City middleschool students.Lehrer has won a Peabody Award and four Associated Press NewYork Broadcasters “Best Interview” Awards since 2000.Leonard Lopate welcomes poets, painters, politicians, novelists,dancers, Nobel and Pulitzer winners, filmmakers and actors to talkabout their work each afternoon on WNYC’s acclaimed arts andculture interview program.Broadcast, On-Demand,Podcast, StreamThe Leonard Lopate Show has been the proud recipient of threeJames Beard Awards and three Associated Press Awards.Fresh AirFresh Air with Terry Gross, the Peabody Award-winning weekdaymagazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio’smost popular programs. Each week, nearly 4.5 million people listento the show’s intimate conversations broadcast on more than 450NPR stations across the country.2 pm – 3 pmMonday - ThursdayPLATFORMSBroadcast, StreamPlease visit for a fully detailed scheduleFresh Air’s Peabody Award citation credits the program with“probing questions, revelatory interviews and unusual insights.”

WEEKDAY PROGRAMSThe Takeaway3 pm – 4 pmThe Takeaway is a national program that invites listeners to be partof the American conversation. Host John Hockenberry deliversnews and analysis and helps listeners prepare for the day ahead.PLATFORMSBroadcast, On-Demand,StreamAll ThingsConsidered4 pm – 6:30 pmand 7 pm – 8 pmPLATFORMSEvery weekday, All Things Considered hosts Robert Siegel, MicheleNorris and Melissa Block present the program’s trademark mixof news, interviews, commentaries, reviews, and offbeat features.The program rings with the disparate voices of its commentators,from tech guru Omar Gallaga to poet Andrei Codrescu to politicalcolumnists David Brooks and E.J. Dionne.Broadcast, StreamMarketplace6:30 pm – 7 pmPLATFORMSBroadcast, StreamPlease visit for a fully detailed scheduleThe most popular business program on radio or television,Marketplace with host Kai Ryssdal is “the business show for the restof us.” Every week, Marketplace programs reach an unduplicatedaudience of more than 8 million listeners with a fresh sound thatcovers listeners’ interests from wallet to Wall Street.

NATIONAL PROGRAMSWEEKLY RADIO AUDIENCE1.3 million listeners1582 radio stationsRadiolab believes your ears are a portal to another world in whichsound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science,philosophy, and human experience.PLATFORMSPODCAST DOWNLOADS7 million monthly2PODCAST DOWNLOADS5.4 million monthly264 radio stationsWEEKLY RADIO AUDIENCEBroadcast, On-Demand, Podcast, Stream, DisplayFreakonomics Radio: what the hidden side of everything soundslike. Stephen Dubner, author of Freakonomics, extends his uniquebrand of storytelling and quirky investigation to public radio.PLATFORMS360,00 listeners1On-Demand, Podcast, BroadcastWEEKLY RADIO AUDIENCEOn the Media is the smartest and wittiest media analysis showin the universe. The Peabody-award winning show examinestechnology, free speech, and political narratives in the media.1.1 million listeners1419 radio stationsPODCAST DOWNLOADSPLATFORMS850,000 monthly2Broadcast, On-Demand, Podcast, Stream, DisplayWEEKLY RADIO AUDIENCEA smart and surprising guide to what’s happening in pop cultureand the arts. Kurt Andersen gets inside the creative mind withguests such as Sean Penn, Dolly Parton, Frank Gehry, and more.755,000 listeners1220 radio stationsPODCAST DOWNLOADSPLATFORMS175,000 monthly2Broadcast, On-Demand, Podcast, StreamWEEKLY RADIO AUDIENCEThe daily mid-day news program that invites listeners to be part ofthe American conversation. Host John Hockenberry digs beneaththe headlines to answer tough questions facing the world today.2.3 million listeners1244 radio stationsPODCAST DOWNLOADSPLATFORMS198,000 monthly2Broadcast, On-Demand, Podcast, StreamWEEKLY RADIO AUDIENCEIt’s storytelling, with a beat. Each week host Glynn Washingtonassembles a group of the nation’s best storytellers to bring true talesof underwater cave divers, rags-to-riches musicians, and Alaskandogsled racers.930,000 listeners3317 radio stationsPODCAST DOWNLOADS1.3 million monthly21 Act 1: Arbitron DMA Fall Nationwide 2015, Weekly Cume2 Splunk, OCT - DEC 15, Total Unique Downloads3 Act 1: Arbitron DMA Fall Nationwide 2014, Weekly Cume 12PLATFORMSBroadcast, On-Demand, Podcast, Stream

NATIONAL PROGRAMSPODCAST DOWNLOADS932,000 monthly1Death, Sex & Money is a podcast about the big questions and hardchoices that are often left out of polite conversation. Host Anna Saletalks to celebrities you’ve heard of—and regular people you haven’t.PLATFORMSOn-Demand, PodcastPODCAST DOWNLOADS668,000 monthly1Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin hosts intimate conversationswith artists, policy makers and performers like Lena Dunham,David Letterman, and Julie Andrews.PLATFORMSOn-Demand, PodcastPODCAST DOWNLOADS520,000 monthly1Note To Self with Manoush Zomorodi investigates what all thedata, constant connectivity, and perpetual “upgrades” reallymean for daily life.PLATFORMSOn-Demand, Podcast, Broadcast, StreamPODCAST DOWNLOADS309,000 monthly3103 radio stationsWEEKLY RADIO AUDIENCEThe New Yorker Radio Hour is a weekly program presented by themagazine’s editor, David Remnick, and produced by WNYC Studiosand The New Yorker.PLATFORMS421,300 listeners2Broadcast, On-Demand, PodcastPODCAST DOWNLOADSThe Sporkful is a podcast and blog that discusses, debates andobsesses over ridiculous food minutiae in search of new and betterways to eat. It’s created and hosted by Dan Pashman.212,000 monthly1PLATFORMSOn-Demand, PodcastPODCAST DOWNLOADS245,000 monthly3On-Demand, Podcast, Broadcast, StreamOnly Human’s host Mary Harris brings inspiring stories and insightful conversations about the triumphs, innovations, and struggles wemeet every day in the name of good health.PLATFORMS1 Splunk, OCT - DEC 15, Total Unique Downloads2 Act 1: Arbitron DMA Fall Nationwide 2015, Weekly Cume3 Splunk, NOV - DEC 15, Total Unique DownloadsOn-Demand, Podcast, Broadcast, Stream

WQXR is the nation’s most listened-to classicalstation and New York’s only all-classical musicstation.WEEKLY RADIO CUME553,1001WEEKLY RADIO TIME SPENT LISTENINGElevate Your Brand3.25 hours1WQXR is instrumental in making classical music riches accessible to New Yorkersand the world. Expand your reach with high-quality, award- winning programming on air, online, and in person with broadcast events from Carnegie Hall,Lincoln Center, and New York Public Radio’s Greene Space.MONTHLY STREAMING SESSIONS1.17 million2MONTHLY PODCAST DOWNLOADS58,0003PLATFORMS:Broadcast, On-Demand, Display, Mobile App, Live EventsMOBILE266,0004PAGEVIEWS348,0004WQXR Listeners are more:6MONTHLYEDUCATED & INFORMEDpost graduate studypost graduate EOmake corp. IT purchasesCULTURED2804574071221001 Nielsen: OCT - DEC 15 M-Su 6a-12m; P 6 2 Triton: OCT - DEC 15, Live Session Starts WQXR Streams3 Splunk: OCT - DEC 15 Total Unique Downloads4 Google Analytics: OCT - DEC 155 Mailchimp: DEC 156 Scarborough R2 2015: Sep 14 - Aug 15 P18 PAGEVIEWSE-NEWSLETTER1.16 million4SUBSCRIBERS48,0005240investments 1m owned home value 2m uses financial planner3 museum visits per year3 symphony per year3 opera visits per yearwatched 4 films intheaters (past 3 mo.)market averageMONTHLY UNIQUES

WEEKDAY SCHEDULEJeff Spurgeon5:30 - 10 amPLATFORMSJeff Spurgeon has been the morning host of WQXR since 2006.He joined WQXR in 1997 and during his 30-year career in radio,Spurgeon has been an announcer, reporter, newscaster, interviewerand producer.Broadcast, StreamIn addition to hosting Around Broadway each Wednesday withCharles Isherwood of the New York Times, Spurgeon hosts remotebroadcasts in New York City and internationally.Annie BergenAnnie Bergen is the midday host on WQXR. Bergen’s reportson film, music, theater, books and art have won several awards,including an “Outstanding Feature Story” award from the NYSBA.She has interviewed more than 300 arts personalities and is nowfeatured on various WQXR programs.10 am