Distributor NewsOctober 2013Savannah Conference Breaks RecordsThe recently concluded FISA AnnualConference in Savannah, GA brokeseveral records with an attendance of 238people, 18% of whom were first-timers.We had a 21% increase in sponsorships. 52companies were sponsors and of that total,21 companies joined the Pinnacle Societythis year. Jim Banks, Sponsorship Chairman, said, “It is so humbling to see thebroad base of support from the membership and know that member companiesappreciate FISA’s mission of strengtheningthe distribution channel. By companiesvoluntarily providing financial support, weare able to maintain annual dues at a lowlevel for everyone and keep down conference registration costs. Each year, hotelfood and beverage charges increase, andFISA is working hard not to pass thosecosts on to the membership and yet stillprovide a top quality conference.”In the electronic evaluation of the Conference, attendees were asked: “As you thinkabout the Conference, what do you considerthe greatest benefit to you for attending?”Overwhelmingly, the response was Networking. The term networking is overusedin today’s society and means different thingsto different people. One older dictionarydefinition says networking is any complexarrangement of interconnected electricalcircuits. Well, FISA is not about electrical circuits but the distribution channel isclearly complex and interconnected.In the world of FISA and the Annual Conference, attendees said networking meant:Many customer contacts at one eventNetworking with current and potentialcustomers and meeting new contactsNetworking and trying to build solidbusiness relationshipsMeeting with multiple distributors in asingle visit versus multiple site visits isvery beneficialBeing able to see so many of the manufacturers we represent in one place andthe time to socializeMeet with channel partners in a relaxedenvironmentConnect with my distributors, strengthenrelationships and make new relationshipsRelationships/networking, meeting newpeople, gaining knowledge from speakersGetting to know members, FISA staffand Board of DirectorsAnd to summarize, one person said, “As anew member, the networking was exceptional.” The FISA Board of Directors isconstantly looking for ways to enhancenetworking opportunities in the future. Ifyou have a suggestion, contact a memberof the Board or email your suggestion [email protected] are Cordially Invited to a FISA Cocktail ReceptionMonday, November 4, 2013 6:00 PMChicago Yacht Club 400 E. MonroeBusiness Casual Attire Wear Show Name TagRSVP to [email protected] by October 25 with number attending from your company2013 Yes Team MembersMany thanks to these Sponsors of the2013 FISA Annual Conference:Ace SanitaryAlfa Laval Inc.Anderson Instrument CompanyAndron Stainless Corp.APT Inc.Arrow Process Systems Inc.Burkert Fluid Control SystemsCSICummins-Wagner-FloridaDCI Inc.Dobbins CompanyDynamic ManufacturingEnerquip LLCFlowtrend Inc.Food Engineering/Food MasterFristam Pumps USAGEA PHE SystemsGFI StainlessGirton Manufacturing CompanyHaynes LubricantsM.G. Newell CorporationMDE Corp.Murzan Inc.Nelson-Jameson Inc.Newark Wire Cloth CompanyNewman Sanitary Gasket Co.OCS Process SystemsOwner Resource GroupPentair SudmoPerrigo Inc.PSG-Wilden-MouvexQuality Tank SolutionsRathGibsonRodem Inc.Rubber Fab Technologies GroupSani-Matic Inc.Separators Inc.SPX Flow TechnologiesStandard Pump Inc.Statco Engineering & DSI Process SystemsStuart W. Johnson & Co. Inc.Tel-Tru Manufacturing CompanyTetra Pak Inc.Thermaline Inc.Top Line Process Equipment CompanyTwinco Inc.Unisource ManufacturingUnited Industries Inc.VNE CorporationW.M. Sprinkman Corp.Walker Engineered ProductsWestone & Associates Inc.Wright Process SystemsYRC Freight1

From the PresidentDear FISA Members,FISA is an association composedof distributors and manufacturermembers who share a commitment to value-added distributionin serving high purity processingindustries. FISA’s mission is to helpits members improve performanceand customer value.2013 – 2014FISA Board of DirectorsFISA Officers:Bob MoravaStuart W. Johnson & CompanyPresidentOur annual FISA Conference in Savannah,GA in September was atremendous success onmany levels. The speakers this year presentedlively, educationalsessions valuable to eachdecision maker in our group. The activities provided that needed “stress release” for attendeesand guests, and the social networking gave usthe opportunity to mix in a pleasant format.This year’s speakers gave us a variety of observations and guidelines to take back to ourmanagement teams.He will compile the photos, and we will sendyou the link where you can download copies ofyour favorites.I would personally like to thank the Board ofDirectors for their participation and time. It’sthis time of year when we thank three retiringmembers for their outstanding service: AmandaSasse of Nelson-Jameson, Inc. , Jim Banks ofCheese & Whey Systems, and Past PresidentChad Sprinkman of Quality Tank Solutions.Also, I would like to welcome new Boardmembers: Eric Perkins of Statco Engineering,Chris LoPresti of Andron Stainless Corporation and Jim Larsen of Alfa Laval Inc. Our newVice President of FISA is Brad Myers of ArrowProcess Systems, Inc.Steve McClatchy gave us two spirited presentations regarding TEAM LEADERSHIP andPERSONAL LEADERSHIP goals to improveyour life.A special thank you to David and Julie Brinkof M.G. Newell Corporation. David has servedas FISA President for the past two years, andleaves large shoes to fill.David BrinkM.G. Newell CorporationPast PresidentAllan Sayler discussed FSMA mandates andmany food safety issues that will affect ourbusinesses.Directors:Joe AllmanFlowtrend Inc.Dr. Al Bates showed that with focused effort,we can gain profitability in our challengingmarketplace.We have many plans for the upcoming year.On November 4, 2013, during PROCESSExpo in Chicago, FISA will host a cocktailreception at the Chicago Yacht Club. Notethe invitation on the front page and be sure torespond with how many from your companywill be attending.Brad MyersArrow Process SystemsVice PresidentRob ClarkPerrigo Inc.Jeff HeeremaHeerema CompanyAndrew HiderAnderson Instrument Co.Jim LarsenAlfa Laval Inc.Chris LoPrestiAndron Stainless Corp.Eric PerkinsStatco EngineeringJason RyanPureServe SystemsWallace WittkoffPump Solutions GroupFISA Address:1207 Sunset DriveGreensboro, NC 27408Phone 336-274-6311Fax 336-691-1839www.fisanet.orgStella L. JonesExecutive DirectorEmail: [email protected] Joe Ellers revealed strategies to get better performance from our Sales Professionalsthrough disciplined and targeted behavior.Past FISA President Karl Girton gave us aninformal history of FISA and its predecessorsfrom inception-Thanks, Karl!Thank you to Stella Jones, our FISA ExecutiveDirector, for her work planning and executing this event. Also, thanks to the ConferenceChairs, Kevin and Barb O’Donnell. This was arecord setting year for participation at Savannah, with 238 attendees and guests. We alsoset records for sponsorship. Led by fundraisingmaster, Jim Banks, FISA sponsorship dollarsraised increased by 21%. Jim and his team haveraised the bar, and allow FISA to keep dues andconference costs in check for the membership.Thank you to our volunteer yoga instructor,Sally Hennessey, for leading co-ed morningyoga. Also, Wallace Wittkoff did a great jobwith photography. If you have Conference photos you would like to share, please email thoseto Wallace at [email protected] am pleased to announce an exclusive opportunity with 2013 Conference presenter, Dr.Al Bates. FISA will sponsor the cost of a PARsurvey to create business analysis for distributor members. Although we each have uniquelydifferent companies, we buy from similarsuppliers and provide goods and services tosimilar customers. Self analysis is an avenue todetermine where we need to improve. Thinkabout it, and let’s participate.In closing, everyone is excited as we plan ournext Annual Conference in Newport, R.I. Wepromise quality speakers and challenging eventsin a wonderful setting. For those of you whomay have missed Savannah, we look forward toseeing you in 2014!Best Regards,Robert T. Morava, Jr.Stuart W. Johnson & Company

Meet the New Board MembersNewly elected VicePresident, BradMyers, is Presidentof Arrow ProcessSystems. Brad haspreviously served onthe FISA Board andsays, “I welcome theopportunity to serveBrad Myerson the FISA Board.I believe the organization is 2nd to none inour industry. The annual conference allowsa unique opportunity to gain additionalknowledge on topics which directly affectour business along with the ability to furtherour relationship with the manufacturers andother distribution associates.”Jim Larsen is National Manager of BusinessDevelopment of Alfa Laval Inc. Jim says,“It’s an honor to serve on the FISA Boardof Directors. I see this as an opportunityto contribute to the FISA organization andultimately the industries we serve, in aunique and differentway. FISA, via itsconstituent distributor and manufacturermembers, has beena significant influJim Larsenence in maximizingsupply chain value for the customer. I lookforward to helping FISA continue on thispath.”Christopher LoPrestiChristopher LoPrestiis the General Manager at Andron Stainless Corporation.Chris said, “FISA isan organization madeup of distributorsand manufacturerswho sell throughdistribution. As aApply for UID ScholarshipFISA will once again be offering twoscholarships to the University of Industrial Distribution in Indianapolis, IN.Each scholarship covers the 995 tuitioncost for the March 9–12, 2014 UIDprogram. UID offers an annual four-dayeducational program focused on theunique needs of the industrial wholesaledistribution industry. Students selecttheir own half or full day courses eachday, with classes focused on distribution management, territory sales,marketing, negotiation skills, inventorymanagement, sales management, human resources, leadership, informationtechnologies and many more.Since 1994, UID has been knownworldwide for excellence in education.Nearly 7,000 distribution and manufacturing professionals from around theglobe have attended this program. UIDis sponsored by FISA and more than30 other leading industrial distributionprofessional associations, in cooperationmanufacturer in this industry, I want to beable to help strengthen the manufacturer/distribution network and promote furthergrowth in the industry. I have been an activemember within FISA for years and havelearned much about our industry at the conferences, as well as, had great opportunitiesfor networking. I am proud to be a memberof the FISA Board and have the opportunitywork with such great people.”Eric Perkins isPresident of StatcoEngineering. Ericcommented, “I havebeen coming to themeetings for manyyears. I can’t tell youhow excited I am tonow be on the Board.Eric PerkinsI am looking forwardto continuing on such a great organizationand making a difference for FISA.”Changing Officerswith Purdue University’s Department ofIndustrial Technology. Working together,these groups take great pride in providinga superior learning experience.Any FISA employee of a member company is eligible to apply as long as he/she has been employed in the industryfor two years. Applicants provide a letterof recommendation from a companyprincipal or manager and write a shortessay about why he/she wants to attend.Deadline for submission is November 1st.Go to, click on Member Benefits and in the drop downmenu click on Targeted Education. Theguidelines for applying and the registration form can be downloaded. If youhave questions, call the FISA office at336-274-6311.Newly elected President, Bob Morava (L),presented outgoing President, David Brink, with aplaque in recognition of David’s leadership. As pastpresident, David will continue to serve two moreyears on the FISA Board of Directors.3

Lead Your Life in Three AreasHow well did you stack up this past yearas a leader? Would you say that youhad a good year, a bad year or that youdidn’t give leadership much thought? If you’relike many people you fall into the last category.Let’s face it leadership is not something many ofus put on our “to do” lists every day. It’s not evensomething that many of us would have an easytime trying to Steve McClatchySteve McClatchy was a popularspeaker at the recent FISA AnnualConference. He also has written abook which will be published in2014. Details for ordering are below.When you hear the word “leadership” whatcomes to mind? If you are like most people youthink of a title or position, or of sports heroes orworld leaders. Leadership may be more recognized and noticeable with these people but it’sneeded on a much more abundant scale.Every day, in every event, we have an opportunityto lead in one of three key areas. With every task,conversation or decision we make we have anopportunity to lead our relationships, our business (a group) or ourselves. The importance ofleading our own lives and our relationships moreeffectively are often overlooked as components ofleadership. Yet a group leader is doomed to failif his or her own life is out of balance and theirrelationships are low in trust.Those who have staying power as group leadersunderstand the interdependence of these threekey areas. The stronger a leader is in each area themore loyal the followers and the more effective theresults produced. Here are some tips to help yoube a better leader in each of these areas.Decide!Lead YourselfFollow Steve McClatchy’sno-nonsense and practicalapproach, and you’ll soonmanage—and even lead—at your highest level ofpersonal performance.We demonstrate good self-leadership when wepursue our personal goals and spend time withwhat we value most. Our goals and values are theways we lead our lives not manage it.PRE-ORDERTHE BOOK 20.67Alleer Training & Consulting6 Rambling LaneMalvern, PA 19355Phone: 800-860-117Email: [email protected]