Advanced Polymer Technologies forAdhesives

At DSM, we use our unique skills in materials sciences to createbrighter lives for people – today and in the future. We createsolutions that nourish and protect, improving the performanceof millions of products all over the globe. At the same time,our solutions contribute to a more sustainable world. And thisis reflected in how we approach the printing and packagingindustry.Leading the wayDSM Coating ResinsAt DSM, we see sustainability as anopportunity. By exchanging ideas andcollaborating openly, we lead the way ininnovation. The important changes we initiateadd value to people’s lives, make a positivecontribution to our business, and protect theplanet.At DSM Coating Resins, we developsustainable coating solutions, with afocus on waterborne, powder and UV resintechnologies. We are the largest producer ofpolyester resins in the world and one of thelargest producers of specialty emulsions.Brightening people’s livesNew innovationsPeople around the world eat and drink foodevery day. They can do this safely thanks toour resins, which are used to print, coat, labeland seal the colorful packaging. Passportsall over the globe are printed and laminatedusing our resins, making them reliable,durable and of a quality that is not easilyimitated. Special gifts get their beautifulfinish thanks to our materials. That’s thereal beauty of DSM’s Bright Science –it brightens people’s lives.DSM for Printing & PackagingDSM Coating Resins has a dedicated Printing& Packaging division. Drawing upon ourbroad know-how and understanding of themarket and customers’ needs, we developinnovative resin solutions that deliver thebest performance in these specialist markets.Based on our intimate knowledge of themarkets and our in-depth materials scienceexpertise across a wide range of applications,our resin systems are renowned all over theglobe.From our headquarters in the Netherlands,we provide resins for coatings and graphicarts markets around the globe, supporting ourcustomers with manufacturing sites in NorthAmerica, Europe, and Asia. Our brand namesare well known internationally, and includeNeoCryl , NeoRez , NeoPacTM, NeoRadTM,HybraneTM, Uralac , UracronTM, UrathixTM, enhance peoples lives.Adhesives3

AdhesivesWe work closely with adhesive formulators to improvethe sustainability and performance of everydayproducts. Using our specialty resins for adhesives.We draw upon our broad understanding of materialsscience and applications across the full resin spectrum;from water-based acrylics, urethanes, and urethaneacrylics to solvent based polyesters, in both one andtwo-component technologies.Our collaborations have produced new innovations to enhance people’s lives. Like anadhesive for beer bottle labels which makesthem easier to recycle. Or creating a durableadhesive for identity cards so it stands upto intensive use and exposure to extremeconditions. Sustainability is a key focal areafor DSM. Working together we can help youdevelop adhesive solutions for your productsand move to more sustainable production processes to create a better future for everyone.4AdhesivesPackaging adhesivesIndustrial laminationFor packaging materials used in food andother consumer products, we have developedspecialty resins for laminating adhesives inclose partnership with leading adhesivesmanufacturers and converters. This resultedin resins to laminate different films at lowertemperatures to produce a multi-layeredpackaging closure, thereby reducing the timeand energy needed for production. In addition, we created a stronger package that offersbetter protection for computer accessoriespurchased in a store. Whether you want toimprove adhesion, reduce odor or use moreenvironemtally friendly materials, our uniqueexperience in materials science and applications for adhesive laminates can help resolveyour toughest problems.Our specialty resins for industrial laminationliterally hold the world together. They helpcreate kitchen cupboards that last longer, dayin and day out, in every ambient temperature.Credit cards laminated with adhesives basedon our specialty resins are easy to read andextremely durable, no matter how often theyare used. We work with customers across theindustrial lamination industry to develop resins for adhesive laminate systems that makepeople’s lives easier. Our unique expertise inadhesive applications and materials scienceproduces adhesive laminates that perform reliably around the globe and require less energyto apply. Together we can work to develop innovative adhesives to meet new performance,cost, production, or environmental requirements.Consumer adhesivesBy using our specialty resins, the consumeradhesive manufacturer is able to createuniversal adhesives for children that will dryas a clear film on their artwork and washes offeasily with soap and water and from clothingin a typical detergent wash. These are someof the bright ideas that have resulted from ourclose co-operation with adhesive formulatorsand manufacturers. All based on our cuttingedge understanding of resin chemistries andadhesive applications. Do you want to improveperformance, lower costs, or move to moresustainable adhesives? We have the experience and know-how in specialty resins to help.Adhesives5

Adhesives applicationsAdhesives applicationsWater-borneApplicationConsumer adhesivesSolvent-borneMain resin technologyLiquid glueKey-grade for this applicationWater-borne alkali soluble resinApplicationNeoCryl BT-9Industrial adhesivesPlastic bottle labelingWater-borne alkali soluble resinGlass bottle labelingWater-borne alkali soluble resinIndustrial LaminationWater-borne urethaneIndustrial adhesivesNeoCryl BT-9Main resin technologyKey-grade for this applicationFlexible packagingSolvent-borne polyesterHeat seal lacquerSolid acrylicsNeoRez PL-800NeoRez P-900NeoCryl B-842NeoCryl BT-207NeoCryl BT-9NeoRez R-563NeoRez R-9249NeoCryl A-2092Film laminationWater-borne acrylic emulsion& Water-borne urethaneNeoRez R-600NeoRez R-9621NeoRez R-5636AdhesivesAdhesives7

67Hard non-blocking alkaline soluble acrylic copolymer emulsion.Rheology modifier, blending resin tooincrease hardness and improve blockresistance. n/a Formulation guidelines129 n/a n/a n/a n/a Formulation guidelines2,3 Resolubility60n/a Ice water resistance45 n/aIce water resistanceNeoCryl XK-39 Water resistance n/a Heat resistanceSynthetic alternative to casein. Very highand stable viscosity profile in pH range of8.2-8.6. Good adhesion to glass, causticresolubility, hyper-condensation resistant.adhesionAlkali soluble resin, with flat pH-viscosity properties.Broad substrate10 Bond strength200 Activation temperature3PVC50 PET43 BOPPNeoCryl BT-207 Glass Metal (aluminum, steel) WoodBroad adhesion characteristics; PET, glassand paper. Flexible clear film, excellentresolubility. Suitable for bottle labeling aswell as consumer hobby adhesives.Paper / PaperboardFlexible alkaline soluble resin.General assemblyConsumer adhesives1Wood laminationBottle labeling72Main benefit(s)Film laminationTg ( C)5,5DescriptionIndustrial laminationAcid Value (mg KOH/g)15(mPas) @ 23 C40ViscosityNeoCryl BT-9Solids (%)pHWater-borne alkali soluble resinsActivation temperatureBond strengthHeat resistanceWater resistancen/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MFFTTg ( C)-15Highly flexible, modified acrylic copolymer emulsion.NeoCryl A-66240207,5 90NeoCryl A-1120556008,3 0-30High solids self-crosslinking emulsion.Very fast drying and excellent adhesion topolyolefin and polyamide films. Suitable forpaper to film wet lamination. NeoCryl A-112150908,3 0-30High solids self-crosslinking emulsion.Very fast drying and excellent adhesion topolyolefin films. Suitable for paper to filmlamination. NeoCryl A-2092483008,268Tough and flexible modified acrylic styrene copolymer dispersion.Water and grease resistant and goodwetting. Adhesion to many substrates incl.pre-treated polyolefins. Suitable for heatsealing applications. Direct food contactapproved (EU & FDA). Glass Wood laminationAdhesion to plastic substrates such as: ABS,PS and PC.Consumer adhesivesAcrylic styrene copolymer emulsion.Bottle labeling 4 ResolubilityPVC 9,8adhesionPET 30Broad substrateBOPPMetal (aluminum, steel)n/a n/aWood Paper / Paperboard General assembly Film lamination Industrial laminationn/a 37,523 C) NeoCryl A-45Adhesives High adhesion to PP, good water and solventresistance. Compatible with water basedurethanes. Blending resin.Description8 Main benefit(s)pHViscosity (mPas) @Solids (%)Water-borne acrylic emulsionsn/aAdhesives9

Bond strengthHeat resistanceWater resistanceFormulation guidelines n/a NeoRez R-563383008,2630Cosolvent free polyurethane dispersion for use in laminating adhesives.Clear, water white and light stable, excellent adhesionto a variety of substrates, particularly plastics. Heatactivatable. NeoRez R-600331008,2---Aliphatic urethane dispersion designed with excellent adhesion to a variety of plastic substrates.Excellent adhesion to a large variety of substrates,including olefinic materials. Suitable as primer for variousolefin materials. NeoRez R-924950 2005600Cosolvent free, nonionic, water-borne aromatic urethane.Heat activatable resin. High heat resistance whencrosslinked. Broad formulation compatibility. NeoRez R-9340403406,8---Non-ionic polyester urethane dispersion.High adhesion resin for plastics, including untreatedpolyester and ABS. NeoRez R-9621383008,2630Cosolvent free polyurethane dispersion for use in laminating adhesives.Clear, water white, excellent adhesion to plastics.Good green strength. 10Adhesives WoodOne component system. Good heat resistance, clear,water white and stable. Excellent adhesion to a variety ofsubstrates.23 C)Cosolvent free polyurethane dispersion, for use in contact and lamination adhesives.Solids (%)650 adhesionActivation temperature 8Broad substratePVC 350PET 35,5BOPP NeoRez R-551Glass DescriptionMain benefit(s)Metal (aluminum, steel) Paper / Paperboard General assemblyWood laminationFilm laminationIndustrial lamination Elongation (%)Consumer adhesives pHViscosity (mPas) @Water-borne (acrylic) urethanes Adhesives 11

Film laminationWood laminationGeneral assemblyPaper / PaperboardWoodMetal (aluminum, steel)GlassBOPPPETPVCIce water resistanceResolubilityCrosslinker CX-100100200Polyaziridine crosslinker.Performance improvement. n/a n/aCrosslinker CX-30050200Carbodiimide crosslinker.Performance improvement. n/a n/a12Adhesives23 C)Viscosity (mPas) @Industrial laminationSolids (%)DescriptionMain benefit(s)AdhesivesFormulation guidelinesWater resistanceHeat resistanceadhesionBroad substrateBond strengthActivation temperatureConsumer adhesivesBottle labelingAdditives/crosslinkers13

Ice water resistanceResolubilityFormulation guidelines n/a Heat resistanceadhesion Water resistancen/a Broad substratePETBond strength Activation temperaturePET PVCBOPPGlass BOPP Metal (aluminum, steel)WoodPaper / PaperboardGeneral assemblyWood laminationFlexible Packaging applications.Film lamination resin offering retortperformance and food contactcompliance.Film laminationHigh molecular weight polyester film lamination resin. Solution in Ethyl Acetate.Industrial lamination---Main benefit(s)Consumer adhesivesN/ADescriptionBottle labeling350023 C)Acid Value (mg KOH/g)50pHNeoRez P-900Viscosity (mPas) @Solids (%)Solvent-borne polyesters155High flexible BMA copolymer.Glossy resin with broadcompatibility. High adhesion tomany substrates like aluminumand polystyrene. Used in heat seallacquers on aluminum yoghurt-lids.Also used in ceramic glazing. *1) C Aromatic solvents (e.g. xylene)14Adhesives E Esters (e.g. ethylacetate) n/an/a n/an/aH Higher alcohols (e.g. butanol)Formulation guidelines 1Resolubility 1Ice water resistanceC,E,H,KWater resistance38Heat resistance100 adhesionNeoCryl B-842n/aBroad substrate Bond strength Activation temperatureHeat resistant and durable resin.Good adhesion to metal, NCcompatible.PVCBMA/MMA copolymer.Glass194Wood 1Paper / Paperboard5,5General assemblyR&BC,E,H,KWood laminationOH Value (mg KOH/g)54Film laminationAcid Value (mg KOH/g)100Industrial laminationSolubility in solvent *1NeoCryl B-723Main benefit(s)Consumer adhesivesTg ( C)DescriptionBottle labelingSolids (%)Metal (aluminum, steel)Solid acrylics K Ketons (e.g. acetone, MEK)Adhesives15

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