Product InformationCP 606Flexible Firestop SealantProduct description An acrylic based firestop sealant that provides movementcapability in fire rated joint applicationsAreas of application Sealing construction/expansion jointsTop-of-wall jointsMetal pipesCable bundlesHVAC penetrations*For use withVarious base materials such as masonry, concrete, metal, etc.Wall and floor assemblies rated up to 3 hoursInternationally tested and approvedExamples Where a gypsum wall assembly meets the underside ofa metal or concrete deckSealing expansion joints to impede the passage of fire,smoke and toxic fumesSealing around HVAC penetrations through fire-rated assembliesLASSIFIED C RFILL, VOID OR CAVITY MATERIALSCLASSIFIED BYUNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES, INC.FOR USE IN JOINT SYSTEMSSEE UL FIRE RESISTANCE DIRECTORY66Y7System advantages/Customer benefits PaintableMeets 500 cycle requirements (ASTM E 1399 & UL 2079)Smoke, fume and water resistantEasy clean up with waterCP 606 Flexible Firestop SealantDescriptionColorPackageContentsCP 606, tubered10.5oz (310 ml)CP 606, foilwhite(Qty 20) 20.2oz (600 ml)CP 606, foilred(Qty 20) 20.2oz (600 ml)CP 606, pailred5 gallons (19 liter)CB 200 Pl-300/310 ml Dispenser600 ml Foil Dispenser*26VolumeItem No.318 in36 in336 in31155 9For metal ducts with damper, consult damper manufacturer.Saving Lives through innovation & education Hilti Firestop Guide 2001 Hilti U.S.: 1-800-879-8000 /

Installation InstructionsCP 606Flexible Firestop SealantTechnical DataCP 606 Flexible Firestop Sealant(at 73 F (23 C) and 50% relative air humidity)Density:Approx. 1.5 g/cm3Color:Red and WhiteApplication temperature:40 F (5 C) to 77 F (25 C)Skin-forming time:Approx. 15 min.Curing rate:Approx. 1/16” in 3 daysVolume shrinkage:Less than 20%Movement capability:Approx. 10%Temperature resistance:-40 F (-40 C) to 176 F (80 C)Surface burning characteristics:Flame spread: 0(ASTM E84-96)Smoke development: 5Sound transmission classification:50(ASTM E 90-97)Product description An acrylic based firestop sealant that provides movementcapability in fire rated joint applicationsProduct features Silicone freeHalogen, asbestos and solvent freeUV-resistantTested in accordance with UL 2079ASTM E 1399UL 1479ASTM E 814ASTM E 84ApprovalsICBO Evaluation Service, Inc.California State Fire MarshalCity of New YorkReport No. ER-5614Listing no. 1452-1200:112MEA 100-99-MInstallation instructions for CP 606Joint installationFirestopSystem1. Clean opening2. Insert backingmaterial3. Apply CP 6064. Smooth CP 606Duct installation5. Fasten identificationplate (if required)FirestopSystem1. Clean opening2. Insert backingmaterial3. Apply CP 6064. Smooth CP 606Opening1. Clean the opening. Joint sides and surfaces to which CP 606 will beapplied must be sound, dry and free from dust, oil and grease.Application of firestop2. Insert fill of mineral wool or backer (as required).3. Apply firestop over backer.4. Smooth firestop sealant with a trowel before the skin forms.Once cured, CP 606 can only be removed mechanically.5. For maintenance reasons, a penetration seal could be permanentlymarked with an identification plate. In such a case mark theidentification plate and fasten it in a visible position next to the seal.Notice about approvals When using Hilti CP 606 Flexible Firestop Sealant, check that thejoint or pipe application has been sealed according to the applicabledrawing in the UL Fire Resistance Directory or Hilti Firestop Manual.5. Fasten identificationplate (if required)Not to be used On areas immersed in waterSafety precautions Keep out of reach of children Read the Material Safety Data Sheet Eyes and hands must be suitably protected Avoid contact with eyes/skin Only use in well ventilated areasStorage Store only in the original packaging in a locationprotected from moisture at a temperature of 40 F (5 C) to77 F (25 C) Observe expiration date on packageSaving Lives through innovation & education Hilti Firestop Guide 2001 Hilti U.S.: 1-800-879-8000 /

MSDS No.:Revision No.:Prep. Date:Page: Hilti (Canada) Limited267C00125 April, 20001 of 2MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETProduct identifier:CP 606 Flexible Firestop SealantProduct use:Fire resistant acrylic based sealant for use in fire rated joint applicationsSupplier:Hilti (Canada) Limited, 6790 Century Avenue, Suite #300, Mississauga, Ontario L5N 2V8OriginatorHilti, Inc., P. O. Box 21148, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 74121Emergency number:Chem-Trec: 1 800 424 9300INGREDIENTS INFORMATIONIngredientCalcium carbonateWaterIsononyl phthalatePolybuteneEthylene glycolPigmentCAS 7-21-101309-37-1% (wt.)50 - 5515 - 2010 - 1501 - 0501 - 0501 - 05LC50, (rat)N/AvN/AvN/AvN/AvN/AvN/AvLD50 (rat)N/AvN/AvN/AvN/Av4700 AN/EPHYSICAL PROPERTIESAppearance / Physical state:Red paste.Odour:Mild odour.Specific gravity (at 20ºC):1.55Odour threshold:Not determined.Vapour pressure (at 20ºC):Not applicable.Vapour density:Not applicable.Evaporation rate:Not determined.Boiling point:Not determined.Freezing point:Not determined.pH:Not determined.Coefficient of H20 / oil distrib:Not determined.Solubility in water:Miscible.FIRE AND EXPLOSION DATAFlash point / Method:Nonflammable.Flammable limits:Not applicable.Conditions of flammability:Not applicable.Auto-ignition temperature:Not applicable.Means of extinction:Not applicable. As appropriate for surrounding fire (e.g. Water, CO2, Dry Chemical, Foam).Special fire fightingprocedures:None known. A NIOSH-approved self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) should be wornwhen fighting fires involving chemicals.Hazardous combustionproducts:Not determined.Sensitivity to mechanicalimpact / static discharge:Not susceptible to mechanical impact or to a static discharge.REACTIVITY DATAStability:Stable.Incompatible materials:Conditions of reactivity:None known.Hazardous decompositionproducts:Not determined.Strong oxidizing agents.TOXICOLOGICAL PROPERTIESRoutes of exposure:Skin contactSkin absorptionEye contactInhalationIngestionExposure limits:See “Ingredients” section above.Acute effects of exposure:Eyes – Slightly alkaline material; can cause irritation but injury is unlikely. Skin - Can causeirritation with some individuals. Inhalation - No effects expected. Ingestion - Not a likelyroute of exposure. Effects of ingestion have not been determined.Chronic effects of exposure:None known.Synergistic materials:None known.HILTI is a registered trademark of Hilti Corp.

FIRST AID MEASURESEyes:Flush immediately with plenty of water. Call a physician if symptoms occur.Skin:Wash with soap and water. Seek medical attention if any effects persist.Inhalation:No ill effects expected. Should discomfort occur, move to fresh air.Ingestion:Do not induce vomiting unless large amounts are ingested. If conscious, give plenty of waterto drink. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Contact a physicianimmediately.Other:Referral to a physician is recommended if there is any question about the seriousness of theinjury/exposureCONTROL MEASURES AND PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTEngineering controls:General (natural or mechanically induced fresh air movements).Eye protection:As appropriate for the work area.Skin protection:Cloth gloves are suitable.Respiratory protection:None normally required.Other:No additional measures are normally required.PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFE HANDLING AND USEHandling procedures andequipment:For industrial use only. Keep container sealed when not in use to prevent curing of theproduct. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Practice good hygiene; i.e. wash after usingand before eating or smoking.Storage requirements:Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry area. Keep from freezing. Shelf life is oneyear from date of manufacture if stored between 40 and 77 F (5 - 25 C).Spill, leak or release:Immediately wipe away spilled material before it hardens. Place in a container for properdisposal in accordance with all applicable local, state, or federal requirements.Waste disposal:Consult with regulatory agencies or your corporate personnel for disposal methods thatcomply with local, provincial, and federal safety, health and environmental regulations.Special shipping instructions:Avoid temperature extremes. Keep from freezing.REGULATORY INFORMATIONWHMIS classification:D2BHMIS codes:Health 0, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0, PPE ATDG shipping name:Not regulated.PREPARATION INFORMATION / CONTACTSPrepared by:Hilti, Inc., Tulsa, OK USAEmergency phone number:1 800 424 9300Customer Service:Hilti (Canada) Limited, Mississauga, Ontario; 1 800 363 4458Health / Safety contacts:Hilti, Inc., Tulsa, OK USA; 1 800 879 6000 Steve Gerrard (x6309), Jerry Metcalf (x6704)Abbreviations used:N/E None Established. N/A Not Applicable. N/Av Not Available. H Hours. HMIS:Hazardous Materials Identification SystemThe information and recommendations contained herein are based upon data believed to be correct; however, no guarantee orwarranty of any kind expressed or implied is made with respect to the information provided.MSDS 267C, Page 2 of 2

Certificate of Compliance – CP 606240Saving Lives through innovation & education Hilti Firestop Guide 2001 Hilti U.S.: 1-800-879-8000 /