74.502012NATIONALRENOVATION &INSURANCE REPAIRESTIMATOR edited by Jonathan RussellIncludes inside the back cover: An estimating CD with all the costs in this book, plus,An estimating program that makes it easy to use these costs,An interactive video guide to the National Estimator program,A program that converts your estimates into invoices,A program that exports your estimates to QuickBooks Pro.Quarterly price updates on the Web are free and automatic all during 2012. You’ll be prompted when it’stime to collect the next update. A connection to the Web is required.Download all of Craftsman's most popular costbooks for one low price with the Craftsman Site License.http://www.craftsmansitelicense.comTurn your estimate into a bid.Turn your bid into a Craftsman Book Company6058 Corte del Cedro / P.O. Box 6500 / Carlsbad, CA 92018 2011 Craftsman Book CompanyISBN 978-1-57218-262-2Published November 2011 for the year 2012.

National Renovation &contents12USING THIS BOOK4-12about this bookabbreviations and acknowledgementsarea modification factorscrews4-789-1112ACOUSTIC CEILINGStime & material chartsAPPLIANCESgas cook tops, ranges, ovenselectric cook tops, ranges, ovensrange hoodsmicrowavesdishwashers, garbage disposalsrefrigeratorswashing machines, dryerstrash compactorstime & material charts3AWNINGStime & material charts4BATHROOM HARDWAREtime & material charts5CABINETStime & material charts6CLEANINGtime & material charts7COLUMNStime & material charts8CONCRETErepairfootings, foundationspiers, grade beamsflatwork, stepssawing, core drillingpump truck costs, rebar, foundation coatingfoundation buttressing, compaction groutingtime & material charts9DEMOLITION & HAULINGtime & material charts10 DOORSfolding doors, bypassing doorsjamb and casing for closet doorsinterior doorsFrench doorsfull and half-louvered doorsjamb and casing for interior doorspocket doorspanel doorsbatten doors, storm doorsexterior French doors, exterior veneer 9477-7878787878-797979-8080-818283additional costs for lites in doorsDutch doorsentry doors and side litesjamb & casing for entry and exterior doorsentry door fanlites, transomscafe doorssliding patio doorspet doorsgarage doors, garage door openerstime & material charts838384-87878888898990-9191-9411 DOOR HARDWARE94-99time & material charts97-9912 DRYWALLtime & material charts13 ELECTRICALcomplete houseoutlets, switches, coverswiring runs, conduit, wirebreaker panels, electrical service, breakersdoor bellsbath fans, kitchen fans, whole-house fansintercomssound systemscheck circuitssmoke, carbon monoxide, and radon detectorsthermostats and TV antennaswall heaters, resistance heat, baseboard heaterslight fixturestime & material charts14 EXCAVATIONtime & material charts15 FEES16 FENCESboardchain linkvinylornamental iron, electric gate openerstime & material charts17 FINISH CARPENTRYbase, casingwood keys, base & head blocksoverdoor molding, architraves, door & window surroundsstool, apron, chair rail, drip cap, astragal, covehalf round, quarter round, corner beadbed mold, crown, hand railsspecialty molding, custom-milled molding, inside radiuscloset work, bookcases, mantel beams, mantelscoffered ceilings, nichesgingerbread trim and woodworkporch postsonlays, finish boards, finish plywoodtime & material -164165-167168-169169-173174174-175176-184

Insurance Repair Estimator18 FIREPLACESstandard, prefabricated, formsfire brick, chimneys, chimney repair, caps, pots, screengrates, screens, doors, clean-out doors, damperschimney pipes, gas fireplace equipmentfireplace faces and hearthstime & material charts19 FLOORINGcarpet, stone, marble, slate, tile, terrazzovinyl, linoleum, woodtime & material charts20 HAZARDOUS MATERIALStime & material charts21 HVACtime & material charts22 INSULATIONtime & material -214213-214215-218216-21823 MANUFACTURED HOUSING MINI PRICE LIST219-22824 MASKING & MOVING229-230time & material charts25 MASONRYbrick walls, brick and block walls, cavity wallsbrick veneer, other brick wall and veneer costsconcrete block, tile, gypsum tile, glass block, paversstone walls, stone veneer walls, keystones, quoinsstone veneer panelsstone door and window architraves, cut stonewall caps, wall copingrepoint brick and stone, brick and stone wall repairclean masonry, cut hole in masonry and shore, lintelstime & material 1251-254254255-257257-258258-27026 MOLD REMEDIATION271-27627 OUTBUILDINGS277-27828 PAINTING279-302time & material charts29 PANELINGtime & material charts30 PLASTER & STUCCOtime & material charts31 PLUMBINGsupply pipe, DWV pipeexterior lines, pressure valve, underground repairsrough plumbing by complete house, room, and fixturefaucets, fixtures, tub surrounds, showers, shower doorswater heaters, water softenersseptic tanks with leach fields, pumpsantique style faucets and fixturestime & material 32 RETAINING WALLStime & material charts33 ROOFINGsteep and complex roof costs, metal shinglesasphalt, roll roofing, slate, woodfiber & cement, granular coated metal, clay tilefurring strips, concrete tile, sheet fiberglass, sheet metalbuilt-up roofs, single ply membranestime & material charts34 ROUGH CARPENTRYinterior and exterior walls per lf, per sf, and per bftop plates, sill plates, headers, posts, precast piersjackposts, lally columns, glu-lam and micro-lam beamspine and oak beamspine and oak post and beam bents with truss, jointsdeck joist systems, decking, railing, stairs and landingfurring strips, joist systems per sf and bfI joists, floor trusses, hand-framed roofs and dormersroof trusses, sheathing, underlaymentinterior soffits, factory built wall panels, chimney cricketstime & material charts35 SECURITY SYSTEMStime & material charts36 SIDINGsidingfascia, soffits, gutters, downspouts, conductors, shutterstime & material charts37 STAIRSstair framing, prefabricated spiral stairs, attic stairsbalustrades, brackets, tread trim, newelstime & material 5406-411411-41238 SUSPENDED CEILINGS413-417time & material charts415-41739 SWIMMING POOLS418-41940 TEMPORARY420-421time & material charts41 TILE421422-423time & material charts42342 WALL COVERINGS424-428time & material charts426-42843 WATER EXTRACTIONtime & material charts44 WINDOWS429-430430431-447aluminum, vinyl, woodskylights, storm windowsreglazing, repairtime & material 448-469INDEX4703

National Renovation &about this bookWHAT’S NEW IN 2012nsurance repair has been one of thefew stable areas of construction asthe economy continues to struggleand a surplus of foreclosed homescontinues to dampen demand. Aseries of disasters — spring floodingand the tornadoes in 2011— helpedkeep insurance repair contractorsbusy and helped prevent repair pricesfrom falling as they have in new construction. Higher fuel costs havepushed some material costs higher,and this, coupled with several yearsin a row with high numbers of damaged roofs from hail and wind, haspushed roofing prices higher, eventhough roofing labor costs haveremained flat. The cost of raw materials, such as copper, also continuesto exert upward pressure on materialcosts. Although insurance losses continue regardless of the economy, thecompetition for those jobs is increasing, giving the advantage to the estimator who has up-to-date cost datahe can rely on. Craftsman, publisherof this book, provides free, automaticquarterly price updates. For more information, go to www.costbook.comIA TOOLhis book is a tool, and like all toolsit can be misused. It is an excellenttool for the renovation and repair professional. It is not a substitute forexperience, skill, and knowledge.Prices in this book are based onresearch of actual jobs and successfulestimates. They represent an averageof the typical conditions. Estimatorsshould compare the conditionsdescribed in this book with actual conditions on site and adjust the priceaccordingly.TUNIQUE TO RENOVATION ANDREPAIR WORKhis book is compiled specifically forthe unique problems and conditionsfound in renovation and repair work.It is not a new construction cost book.Renovation and repair work involvecompletely different circumstancesthan those found in new construction.For example, the renovation orrepair professional must work aroundexisting conditions including homecontents, access problems, out-ofplumb or out-of-square buildings, outdated materials, existing conditionsthat violate current building codes.New-construction professionalshave the luxury of placing items in alogical order, but renovation, remodel,or repair professionals must deal withconditions as they find them.This means that joists have to bereplaced in an existing floor system,paint has to be applied in a roomwhere stain-grade base and carpetingare already installed, structures mayhave to be braced, contents have tobe moved or worked around andmaterials and installation techniquesmust be matched.TTHE ART OF ESTIMATINGstimating is part art, part science.Estimators must consider many factors, including access, crew productivity, special techniques, special abilities,temperament of the owner, and howbusy the company is.A contractor who is desperate forwork will estimate much lower than acontractor who is swamped with work.All of these factors — and manyother similar ones — cannot be included in this or any other price book. Theyare part of the art of estimating.The science of estimating, whichincludes prices, typical techniques,and materials, is included in this book.This book is designed to make thescience of estimating easier, whichDETERMINING COSTSll costs in this book are based on allows you to spend much more timetypical conditions and typical prob- focusing on the art of estimating,lems found when remodeling or where your skill is crucial to the success of your company.repairing a structure.This means a door takes 10 to 15minutes longer to install than it would GENERAL VS. SPECIFICin the ideal circumstances found in t is important to note that the morenew construction.specific the estimator is, the moreStairs are more difficult to install accurate the final estimate will be.around pre-existing walls, wall framingFor example, when an estimatortakes longer when walls are typically calculates all electrical costs for a typsplicing into existing work, and so on. ical home using a square foot cost, itmay not be as accurate as if the estimator priced each fixture, outlet, andappliance hook-up.For example:Since the square foot price is basedon a typical installation, it will not beexact for a home that is atypical in any.23 is not roundedway — for example, one with special2.33 is not roundedoutdoor lighting or with an expensivecrystal fixture in the entry.23.33 is rounded to 23.30The more specific the item, the233.33 is rounded to 233.00more exact the prices. The more gen2,333.33 is rounded to 2,330.00eral an item, the more assumptions23,333.33 is rounded to 23,300.00 must be made.his book rounds hourly wage ratesand the material, labor, and equipment components of a unit price.These prices are rounded to "three significant digits." This means that pricesunder three digits (including two to theright of the decimal) are not rounded.Prices four digits and larger are roundedto the third digit from the left.4EAroundingTSome prices in this book will veryclosely match prices used in new construction. Other prices will reflect thecomplex conditions found in renovation and repair and will be dramaticallydifferent.For example, using this book’s stairbuilding prices to estimate stair work ina series of 150 tract homes will resultin an estimate that is far too high.I

Insurance Repair EstimatorTo help ensure the accuracy of yourestimates, we describe any assumptionsmade when determining general items.For example, the Rough Carpentrychapter contains a square foot pricefor estimating 2" by 4" wall framing.To help you make sure that this pricewill work for you, we describe ourassumptions: the stud centers, thenumber of openings, headers, corners, plates and so forth, that wouldtypically be found in a wall.In most cases, the square foot pricewill apply, but you will always want tocarefully consider items that are moregeneral, and if needed, adjust them tofit the conditions.In the case above, the estimatormay want to use the square foot pricefor average fixtures, then add anallowance for the crystal fixture andthe outdoor lighting.TIME AND MATERIAL CHARTSlmost all chapters include time andmaterial charts at the end. Thesetime and material charts are designedto show you the materials used, waste,labor rates, labor burden costs, andlabor productivity.When materials with a range ofsizes appear, only the small and largesize are usually listed.When materials with a range ofqualities appear, only the low and highprices are usually listed.These charts are designed to giveyou accurate detail on the exact pricesused. When prices change, this bookdoes not become obsolete. Comparecurrent prices with those used and factor accordingly.AMATERIAL COSTSational average material costs arecompiled from surveys of suppliersthroughout the country.NCosts for some materials, such asclay tile, building stone and hardwood, will vary a great deal fromregion to