FLUIDS MANAGEMENT & AUTOMATIONTotal Lubrication ControllerTLC PresentationThe TLC has been developed to control mosttypes of central lubrication systems and at thesame time monitor and guarantee the correctlubrication of critical points.Key featuresLubrication reliabilityRemote access & reportingReal time information for each pointWarning & alarm against specified thresholdsEarly warnings for predictive maintenanceAlarm & system stop for machines that don'ttolerate dry run operationfor the operator: from desktop or smartphonefor plant integration: via dry contactsor Modbus TCP/IPUser friendlyColor touch screen 4.3’’Easy configurationApplicationsCooling beds – Screw conveyors – Bucket wheel excavators– ReclaimersConcast segments – Finishing & Roughing mills – 5 Stand –Morgoil – Furnaces – Coilers – Runout tables – ShearsLevelers – AccumulatorsSpray systemsProgressive systemsANELYSIS PCC Kimonos 6, 15127 Melissia, GreeceWire section – Calandar rolls – Yankee rolls Pulpers – Agitators – Winders – Drying cylinders – Press rolls – Felt rolls –Couch rolls – Guide rollsDual-line systems 30 211 1984600 [email protected]

FLUIDS MANAGEMENT & AUTOMATIONInstallation ExampleTLCSYSTEMFlow MeterControl CapabilitiesOperating ModesMulti-line systemsContinuous (w/ or w/o monitoring)Time (w/ or w/o monitoring)Lubrication cycles countingProgressive systemsAdvanced FeaturesAutomatic reservoir refillingSingle -line systemsDual-line systemsSpray systems**Refilling pump can be used as main inemergent situationsNozzle self-cleaning and heating inspray systemsDual lubrication pump and barrel inspray systems for uninterruptedoperationShort pause for dual line systems incold environments to avoid pressureladder-like buildupAVAILABLE ON REQUESTANELYSIS PCC Kimonos 6, 15127 Melissia, Greece 30 211 1984600 [email protected]

FLUIDS MANAGEMENT & AUTOMATIONMonitoring FunctionThe TLC has also integrated Lubrication Point Monitoring capabilities. It is compatible with a wide range ofswitches / sensors, and thus can effectively monitor the proper operation of most lubrication system components.Oval GearFlow MetersDual LineDividersFL / PDIInjectorsDual LineReversing ValvesProximitySwitchesContactSwitchesANELYSIS PCC Kimonos 6, 15127 Melissia, Greece 30 211 1984600 [email protected]

FLUIDS MANAGEMENT & AUTOMATIONInterface ExamplesGraphical Progress DialsColor Coded Progress BarsError LogData Trend PresentationMonitoring of up to 32 lubricationpoints (expandable)Monitoring CapabilitiesPoints can be allocated in two groupswithout restrictions (8-8, 4-12 etc)Multiple security levels to avoidunauthorized accessWarning when a point misses itstarget valeData trend presentationAlarm and stop when (a) multiplepoints fail simultaneously or when (b)a single point fails continuouslyRemote monitoring and control viaEthernet from a PCRespsectively, (a) allows for a smallclog to pass by without stopping thesystem and (b) for non catastrophicclogs that happen in night shift to beresolved in the morningANELYSIS PCC Kimonos 6, 15127 Melissia, GreeceEvent and error historyRemote monitoring and controlfrom tablets and cell phones(requires WiFi)Interface for plant's automation viaModbus TCP/IP 30 211 1984600 [email protected]

FLUIDS MANAGEMENT & AUTOMATIONFunctionalityTypes of pumps:Types of valves:End of line switches:Two pressure switches or one differential pressure switchDistributors switches:Zone valves:Reservoir refilling pumps:Spraying systems:Connectivity:ElectricPneumaticCleaning nozzles before or after sprayingRemote screen for operator, Dry contacts, Modubs TCP/IPHow to Ordere.g. TLC1P43850e.g. TLC-SPRCODETLCP0Controller TypeTLCNumber of monitored points1: 16 points2: 32 points3: 48 pointsSystem TypeP: Progressive or Mul line or Dual LineSupply Voltage4: 400V 3 /N/PE or 3 /PE (neutral op onal)Motor Voltage3: 400VAC and 24VDC (2 outputs)Motor Amperage0: pneuma c1: 0.1-0.16A2: 0.16-0.25A3: 0.25-0.4A4: 0.4-0.63A5: 0.63-1A6: 1-1.6A7: 1.6-2.5A8: 2.5-4AValves Voltages5: 24VDC refilling pump valve, 230VAC and 24VDC (2 outputs) 4/2 valveANELYSIS PCC Kimonos 6, 15127 Melissia, Greece 30 211 1984600 [email protected]