C-SoftSoftware ConsoleAdministrator’s Guideversion 4.000 and laterLIT000082000 Rev BApril 2007

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TableofContentsDESCRIPTION . 7Overview .7COMPUTER SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .7C-SOFT APPLICATION SOFTWARE .7CSoftDesigner Program .7CSoftRuntime Program .8INSTALLATION AND SETUP . 9Install the Software .9License Dongle Driver Installation .10Initial Volume Control Settings .11PLAYBACK VOLUMES .11RECORDING VOLUMES .11COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM DESIGN . 13Network Requirements .13BANDWIDTH .13MULTICAST .13INTERNET GROUP MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL (IGMP) 14NETWORK PERFORMANCE .14CSOFTDESIGNER PROGRAM . 15Starting the CSoftDesigner Program .15CSoftDesigner Window .15TITLE BAR .16MENU BAR .16TOOLBAR .16CONSOLE WINDOW .18STATUS BAR .18Interface Element Manipulation .19File Menu .22OPEN .22SAVE .22EXIT .23Edit Menu .24SETUP PER LINE PARAMETERS .24Line Number Field .25Line Type Drop-down Menu .25Line Name Field .25RX and TX Multicast Address Fields .25RX and TX Port Fields .25Base Radio IP Field .25TTL (Time To Live) Field .26Packet Delay Field .26TxMon Enable Check Box .26Scannable Check Box .26Echo Packets Enable Check Box .26Backup IP Setup Button .27BACKUP IP PARAMETERS WINDOW .28RX Multicast Address and Port Fields .28TX Multicast Address and Port Fields .28Base Radio IP Field .28OK Button .28Cancel Button .28Freqs Button .28Per Line Frequency Setup Window 28Enable Check Box .29Frequency Name Field .29Pair Mode Setup Check Boxes .29RX Block Lines Display Box .30Close Button .30Signal Setup Button .30SIGNALING SETUP PARAMETERS .30Per Line Console ID field .31Auto Ack Setup Group Box .31Auto Ack Type drop down menu .31Auto Ack Delay field .31Signaling Delays Group Box .31Initial Delay field .31End Delay field .31Global Group Box .31Set All Lines check box .31Single Tone Auto Ack Setup Group Box .31Frequency field .31Duration field .32Level field .32Signaling Setup Group Box .32Signaling Type drop-down menu .32Digit Duration field .32Interdigit Duration field .32

TableofContentsPause Duration field .32Preamble Duration field .32Level field .33Twist Level field .33Group Digit field .33Repeat Digit .33Call Setup Group Box .33Auto Ack field .33Emerg Resolved field .33PTT BOT field .34PTT EOT field .34Call 1 through Call 10 Format field .34Call 1 through Call 10 Label field .35AUTOFILL LINE PROPERTIES .36OK Button .36Cancel Button .36SETUP GLOBAL PARAMETERS .37DTMF Setup Group Box .37Flywheel Field .37Level Field .38Supervisor Group Box .38Timeout Field .38HB3 Serial Port Drop-down menu .38Local Console IP Address Fields .38IP Address or Name of License Server Field .38Window Controls Check Boxes .39IP Interface Spin Box .39Ring Sound Drop-down Menu .39Background Color .39Logo Fields .39Bitmap Filename Field .39Position Drop-down Menu .39Audio Routing and Muting Check Boxes .40Kill Lines on Crosspatch Check Box .40Enable Sticky ANI Check Box .40Enable Residue ANI Check Box .40Allow Freq Update Anytime Check Box .40Disable Local iDEN Tones Check Box .40Radio Ping Interval Field .40RX Block Delay Field .41Tones/DTMF Sidetone Level Field .41MIC AGC Enabled Check Box . 41Target Level Field . 41Min Active Field . 41Phone Ring Multicast and Port Fields . 41NEO-10 Update Multicast and Port Fields . 41Positional Recording Group Box . 41OK Button . 42Cancel Button . 42SETUP GLOBAL CALL PARAMETERS . 42Window Titles Group Box . 42Active Emergency Field . 42Emergency History Field . 43Per Line Call History Field . 43Call List Field . 43Manual Call List Field . 43Status List Field . 43Call Options Group Box . 43Call-to-Console Color Field . 43Change Color Button . 43Date Format Drop Down Menu . 43Display All Calls Check Box . 44Per Line Call History Window Lines Field . 44Per Line Call History Font Size Field . 44Emergency Call History Window Lines Field . 44Emergency Call History Font Size Field . 44Active Emergency Font Size Field . 44Call List Font Size Field . 44Status List Font Size Field . 44Labels on Buttons Group Box . 44ACK Field . 44Resolved Field . 44Done Field . 44Set Status Field . 45Clear Field . 45Cancel Field . 45Backspace Field . 45Digit A-F Fields . 45Labels on Column Headings andStatic Text Group Box . 45Date Field . 45Time Field . 45

TableofContentsChannel Field .45Freq Field .45Status Field .45User ID Field .45Calling ID Field .46Status ID Field .46Alias Field .46ID Type Field .46OK Button .46Cancel Button .46Defaults Button .46PAGER SETUP .47Pager Number Field .47Setup Button .47Send Sequentially Check box .